Funeral for Gloria Monterrosa-Coria

On August 18, 2017 our beloved Gloria Monterrosa-Coria passed away. She was a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunty, and above all, a friend.

Many ask themselves how is this possible... This is as real as it gets. I'll explain a little:
Early this year, Gloria was involved in a car accident and a 2nd one soon after. After rest and care and few weeks later Gloria returned to work but continued feeling uncomfortable. There was something diffrent- after 2 ER visits, lab work, 3rd ER visit an ultrasound was done and there and then it was said she had a mass in her liver (This was back in May 2017). Biopsy followed and on May 22nd Gloria was told this mass was Stage 4 Cancer. The news hit home hard yet Gloria was optemistic and hopeful and determined to fight this with her all.  Chemo was schedule and first session went well. Second session came and Gloria had an allergic reation to chemo. They tried to treat it and after 4 attempts they decided to try again which resulted in a fail. Gloria then needed and had 2 blood transfusions. Further testing was done and soon enough after PET scan and 2nd biopsy they found and determined source of cancer was in the gallblader. Drs then decided to change the treatment and attempt chemo again. It was scheduled for 8/7/17 but by then Gloria had had a downfall and was hospitalized for 1 week due to intestinal infection and acute vomiting. Gloria was very determined to try chemo and she kept pushing pass the discomfort and pain to be seen.  Gloria was released from the hospital only to be home for less than 24 hours. She actually got to celebrate her 46th bday with some of her boys and hubby.  Upon them leaving her house Gloria became very ill and vomiting was controlled and was rushed to ER. Gloria was then adminted for the 2nd time- this was 8/4/17. Gloria spend 1 whole week in the hospital. Family and friends came by and stood by her side. Gloria showed a contagious spirit and smile and even inspired others with her encouraging words and strength. This week was full of unexpected surprises and ups and downs. We went from sudden news that Gloria's cancer was spreading quickly. This saturday we made calls and as a family along with her decided to try City of Hope. The waiting begun... hours didnt pass fast enough for Monday to come. Suddenly we are told we have to go through authorization and a process. Family gathered to plan this out, check her options, pray, seek health counseling. On Wednesday 8/16/17, I Veronica her baby sister met with Case Mgr, Social Worker and Specialist and i was informed that Glorias cancer had now moved to terminal.. I was then told nothing else can be done. I was given complete information regarding her case and also given a time frame of expected life time remaining.  Upon entering the room... I waited for Gloria's return from a procedure and Gloria quickly upon entering room wanted to know how meeting went. My sister sat there and over and over asked for me to please tell her and dont hold back anything. She sat there eating her dinner and i actually had to tell her the news. She wanted to know all except how long she had left. Things quickly downshifted from there.... 

Through out her last week she asked for me to pray with her and for her.. she made peace with everyone.. she also got closer to God. Praise music was her relaxation and strength supply. She was visited not only by family but also nurses fell in love with my sister. 

Can I share with you something- Gloria's last week she spoked about taking a road trip. Having to go home to pack. Having to go check that her twins stuff (her babies) was in order and ready for them. Often she said - "No sis, you not coming with me". Friday morning she woke up telling me a vehicle had arrived for her but that there were "some" who didnt want her to get on it. I kept telling her ambulance was gonna pick us up at noon and take us to Asuza to our home. Gloria was like, "no sister- you not coming with me. This car is for me." This seems unreal but Gloria definitely showed me and helped me understand death. I know God sent for her pick up. Gloria was in peace. Starting at 4ish in the morning as i sat not being able to sleep because Gloria was uncomfortable in bed, recliner, and chair and moved around to them to find comfort; i was chatting with my hubby and i asked him to pray. Gloria asked me who i was chatting with and when she knew it was Candy she asked I make the call. Gloria called several people from 4is on to 7 am to say her last words and tell them she loved them. Gloria at about 12 noon asked me to cancel ambulance and discharged and asked to pass in hospital. She knew her time was coming and that family was on the way. Gloria asked nurse staff to get her clean and ready for her guest. They cleaned her up good and upon sitting in the chair while they clean her bed she asked me to get closer... Gloria gave me then the biggest and tight hug ever. She said i love you repeatedly and thank you over and over again.. She asked me to kiss her head. Drew me closer to her and said -"Goodbye, see you there" this is when it hit me and i begun to cry. My sister remained in peace and just held me close and asked me to continue reading the book of Psalms we had been reading. Family begun to arrive and at 2:33 pm Friday 8/18/17 my pretty Sister Gloria Monterrosa-Coria took her last breath of life. 

She didn't lose this battle, she put up a good fight and now it is time for her to Rest and leave that burden behind. My sister is now reunited with her daughter Ali who had passed away at only 3 months old 30 years ago when Gloria was 16 years old.  

Gloria was kind hearted, her laugh consumed us all with happiness. Her presence was a pleasure to have around.

In need of all your love and prayers. Gloria left with her family a request on how to celebrate her life. We ask for any bit to help support the Monterrosa-Coria family in honoring her request.

Thank you in advance.
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