Fresh new start for Victoria

As you guys may have heard, Venezuela has been going through rough times with economical, social and political problems leading to protests and riots that have costed the lives of over 125 people and injured many more. This situation has worsened the past weekend when illegal elections took place that will allow the government to replace the National Assembly and re-write the constitution, giving them the power to make new laws. To make matters worse, there is proof of the results being manipulated, which marks the end of democracy in the country and officially declares it a dictatorship. Multiple countries have decided to not recognize the "win" and the US even went as far as sanctioning government members—including the President himself—by freezing any assets they have in American land, a hard measure given to dictators and high-profile criminals such as cartel leaders. These results have worsened protests, taking at least 10 other lives just on Sunday, and it doesn't look like it will get better anytime soon.

Our friend Victoria (@caebllo) has been planning to move out of Venezuela with her family for a while now, but she needs financial help to do it quickly, as things have gotten a lot worse in the past few days. That’s why we have decided (Hannah - @mijacabello97 and Aurora - @CabellosEffect), to make this campaign, so she can buy the plane tickets as soon as possible.

To give you guys a backstory, Victoria’s dad is already in the US, so her family already has a place to stay there. Since they’ve been planning to leave for a while, in the past months they already got US tourist Visas, a requirement to enter the country. As you can see in the picture, our goal is to buy 3 tickets (to Victoria, her mother and her little sister) so they can go from Valencia (Venezuela) to Aruba, then from Aruba to Miami as well as the flights back.

We find it important to say that we’re taking this very seriously and we have the assistance of an American lawyer so we make sure we’re only asking for money if we know it’s really going to be used as intended. Victoria herself has also been planning this carefully to make sure things go smoothly at the Miami airport, as she’ll have a hotel booking confirmation, a good amount of dollars to spend in Miami and other documents proving they’re entering the country as tourists.

Vic has been an active member of the fandom since the start and she’s been a very vocal supporter of Camila throughout her entire journey as an artist, especially during the times Camila needed it the most. We know it’s an ambitious goal, but we ask you to please help however you can. Any amount is greatly appreciated. We hope we can reach our goal to get her, her mom and sister out of Venezuela safely and give them a fresh new start in Miami and this campaign can be a small payback to all the good things she’s done in this fandom.

We hope we can count with your help,
Hannah (@mijacabello97) and Aurora (@CabellosEffect)
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