Freedom by Science Project

I started this GFM campaign after listening to Naval Ravikant on the JRE .  He created a spark that I hope to turn into a fire, and I need your help to fan the flames.  

I’m Johnny, 45-year-old single father of a 13 year old daughter, born and raised in Sarasota, FL.  My goal is to create a brand that makes science and intelligence cool again, that encourages people to care, support, and learn about science, and motivate this and the next generation to choose the STEM academics.  (Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics) 

That is why I've created the Freedom by Science Project

Every aspect of freedom < freedom from disease, freedom from poverty, freedom from climate change, freedom of speech, etc > is brought to us by those that invent, develop, and create.

My concept is simple, and it will not change the world, but it is a small branch of tree that needs to be grown. I hope it will influence people to learn, support, and work in STEM.

I have an entrepreneur’s mind and spirit and I have developed startups from an independent record label to a visual media marketing company.  Naval has inspired me to take my knowledge, skill-set, and passion, and to do something good with it.

My passions include traveling, photography, marketing, all types of visual media, mountain biking, scuba diving, hiking, camping, and learning everything I can about the Quantum World to the Cosmos.   Carl Sagan inspired my interest in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, which is the basis of everything we know and love.  It is far more difficult to inspire the current generation the way past generation was inspired by Sagan or the Apollo missions for example.  Tech is taken for granted.  

I am seeking  support for Phase 1 of this project: Making science cool and fashionable, with the intention of getting people, particularly the next generation interested in STEM for the good of Humanity. 

The following phases will consist of expanding on the ways the message can be distributed and seen, generating paths and funding for education in the sciences.   Getting people interested and educated in the STEM academics will ensure the success of the planet, and the species.  Science also needs support from the artists, musicians, poets, media, and government.  As we all know, that is clearly not being done today.

I want parents to want their children to be Chemists and Engineers they way they want them to become “Doctors & Lawyers”. 

I am going to start this project with the good old fashioned and iconic T-Shirt.  You're asking, "You're going to motivate people to study science in order to benefit humanity with T-Shirts?'  The answer is A. yes and B. baby steps.  I can only do what I know and what I am good at.  And I want to use my passion and skills to create and guide this positive and necessary influence.  Products will eventually be everything from T-Shirts to prints on various materials and everything in between.  The art will reflect peoples passions and adventures of life, and will be real photographic pictures, stylized and artistic.  I realize there are already tons of t-shirts with ‘science stuff’ on them, what makes mine different is the original themed art and photography and the connection to a theory, equation, definition, or fact. 

Most people work all week to get to the weekend, so they can do what? Typically skate, ski, surf, paddle, ride, run, hike, climb, race, etc….doing cool stuff, physical things, fun things.  These passions will be mostly of what my artwork consists of.  I will relate gravity to mountain biking, momentum to surfing, and photosynthesis to nature.

Young kids care about riding their bike, skating, sports, this is what they live for, not math.  So my shirts will be 'cool' to wear, fashionable and informational. The examples will speak for themselves; the ideas are endless.  Again, I want to make science cool and fashionable, and by having this brand take off, and worn by  well known people that support the cause it will put the power of suggestion into effect.  CAUSE = EFFECT 

Power of Suggestion --- "If you expect something to happen—if someone or something suggests to you a specific outcome—your expectations of that outcome play a major role in its occurrence. The expectation or suggestion alone, often unconsciously, changes your behavior and your responses to help bring into reality the outcome you are expecting."

Thought:  Kid rolls up into the convenience store on his skateboard, wearing a shirt with one of the examples below.  You're standing behind him, of course you read the back of his shirt.  Maybe its a fact or idea you learned in high school or never knew, it will get you thinking.  The shirt is the seed that will plant the idea and create the support and motivation.   Awareness. 

 Funding will be used for:

·         Website – Top design with integrated store and STEM info/resources

·         Manufacturing – Printing and materials to be sold on website and promotional locations

·         Marketing – Social Media and Google Promotions

I am reaching out to several influential figures that have been pushing and promoting similar agendas vigorously through their social media and other platforms.  A podcast by each and everyone of them has inspired me. I intend on them helping to promote the products and mission.  Failure is not an option.  I, like them, believe that the sciences are what will give us the cures to diseases, limitless clean energy, resolving hunger and poverty around the world, dealing with climate change, the environment, and everything in between until the day the sun dies and the future of the species depends on us leaving this planet for next.

I am reaching out to the following people (and more) for their interest and support of logic and the sciences:

·         Neil Degrasse Tyson

·         Brian Cox

·         Seth McFarlane

·         Penn & Teller


·         Leonardo DiCaprio

·         Brian May

·         Elon Musk

·         Naval Ravikant

·         Jack Black (cause of his interests in science , and he wears cool T-Shirts)

art example

Front of T-Shirt Example
Back of T-Shirt Example

Art Example
T-Shirt Example
T-Shirt Example
I am open to ideas, collaborations, partnerships, etc.
  Reach out to me.  Let's work together.  I do want to create a better life for me and my daughter, but for everyone else as well.  Being fully funded will allow me to hit the ground running and start Phase 2 sooner which will expand on the products, marketing, and possibilities. I am not looking to do this alone, and intend on collaborating with the best minds on the subject.

We need people to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow.  There's only on Elon Musk right now, imagine if we had 100s or 1000s of him.  

More info, ideas, and examples are on my website.  

Click this link for more info on me and art -  My Website  

Thank you. 


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Johnny Louis 
Bradenton, FL
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