Forest and friends

It's amazing the way an animal can enter into our hearts and become as close as friends and family. The animals we spend our lives with grow to become our closest allies and our most loyal loved ones. They know nothing but to give love and loyalty and never let us down.  People can find ways of fooling you into feelings of loyalty but it is truly our pets that hold a monopoly on being there for us. Our cats and dogs stay at our sides through thick and thin,  while others continue to find new ways of letting us down. It's the same story , different shoes , but always the same outcome our best friends always seem to be our pets..
      Forest is the name of the animal that wiggled his little self into my life. He snuck past the gates and encroached the deepest parts of my heart. He has shown me a level of loyalty and caring that surpassed so many actors in the theater matinae that is my life.  Just over a week ago, while walking him through his favriot area, at the  park, Forest got extra excited. For he caught site of what any self respecting dog would never be able to  resist.Of course I'm talking about a glock of geese bathing by a swamp.... I was excited for him at first... I mean these were ducks., bathing  .seriously. Forest like clockwork began to charge. I yelled for my little friend     "Forest!!! Forest!!  STOP" But it was to no avail, for he had spotted the fleet and was already in a interception trajectory towards the swamp. This was a big fleet of these guys too ,these birds must of been at duck mecca because they were gathered in numbers. THE aquatic birds bathed by a small swamp  at the bottom of this hill and there was no catching Forest once he leaped into strike.  Like a flash of lighting,  my Forest , bolted like lightning from Zeus finger the exact same manner a first responders respond to the scene of a accident, my forest charged towards the duck danger with a fearless reprieve and gracefness of ballerina on opening night. Determination coarsed through his  body like lava bursting out of the top of a hawain volcano. An explosion of chihuahua and action. Now at speeds rarely seen through the eyes of tge smaller breeds ,  my brave Forest, could not focus on anything else but duck... not my cries, not his leash, not the tiny sink hole that lied before him.  IT was like a baptism of broken dreams and tradegy.. for his leg was destined to clip the edge of this small but truly deadly trap of mother nature desig . His speed dictated just clipping the edge of the hole would be desatourous to not only my dogs little leg, but also to my ability to support a recovery from an injury of such caliber. Im not at all exaggerating when I tell you that his sprint had got to speeds that are Olympic like on momentum. I couldnt help but such my eyes in anxious anticipation... I said a short prayer and hoped for the best. Unfortunetly my prayer was drowned out by the sounds of whimpering pain.. a feeling that I believe only that only the  Vetrens of foreign wars mY be able to relate to, I could  understand  now understand how trauma  lingers after such episodes of extreme levels of fear. where my heart and mind went at this moment was no place that I ever want to return to in my life.. I understood that time would act as the determining differance between life and death. So I took a deep breath...for it was my turn to spring into action.. It was now on me to be there for my most loyal friend..I knew I would never be as brave as him , but i figured ,that maybe just maybe, I could be as tactful .. Mistakes would be as damaging as chocolate bars to Forest at this moment so he needed the best version of myself. NO room for panic here, just skill and bravery.  I took the reigns of a wild horse they now call destiny and took charge of the situation. Using only my wit and my first aid skills I picked up in girl scouts, I navigated through a fog of wild feathers and geese. They no longer bathed peacefully, at this moment now was a LA riot. Just not as quacky of course. In this  state of chaos, overcoming a state of panick and fear, I finally reached  the injured body of my brave Forest. . Standing at his side at did my best to asses the situation.. He layed still whimpering now in a voice that almost could of been mistaken as an Angel crying in prayer over the loss of his majestic wings. His fitting tone was his call to me for help. My amazing situation assessment skills indicated to me that his rear left leg had been badly damaged by the fall. I cottled the pup in swaddling linens l,wrapping him like a infant baby in his mother's arms. I brought him to the vet.
    Emergency animal hospital would be our next location change. His leg was almost as badly broken as the traffic laws  that I had massacred on the way there. Nothing but the best truama care for my pets hurt leg. I needed to know that md's would be skilled enough to handle my Forest. I waited,what seemed to be a lifetime went by, but I continued to wait. Anxiety crept into the room like a burglar looking into the home of his victims. I feared,for my best friend, for I understood that an athlete  legs are there world. The need for his leg to be perfectly attuned for his high impact high action lifestyle. Unfortunately , when the doctors returned , the  news  they  had  diagnosis was a desatorpiece. His knee will need reconstructive surgery. The knee lies completely unattached to his left hind leg, leaving the  leg unrigged for any impact. It swims alone like Nemo, the heroic fish of legend from the movies.
       I ask you today,  friends, neighbors and fellow countrymen of this truly exceptional nation of heroes. I ask you today  that you hear my plea. I ask if one could now take the reigns as the hero in this tragic tale. The story now needs you to help give it the ending that an epic of this caliber deserves. I ask that you take the role as the hero and help fund my best friend and of course  role model's surgery.  Forest's knee replacement is far to expensive for my friends and family to afford. So, we are coming to ask for the help of kind strangers and animal lovers to give this tale a positive  twist. The story doesn't have an ending yet and  we hope the generosity of the caring people  reading this will write in the  happiest ending that this  story needs. Thank you so much for reading our post and hopefully this chihuahua will get what he wants too,  his own sequel. Thank you so much  and we truly are grateful for you attention reading Again and God bless. Please repost on social media and tell the story to like minds and help us get the word out on this GoFundMe.

Thank You again,
Jessica T
and friends and family
of my dog Forest


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Jessica Tannian 
Lynn, MA
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