Will you please help Joan?

My name is Joan. I’m seeking some financial assistance. We currently are having trouble paying bills.

We are $5,000 in debt. It is all medical bills. I have had quite a year so far as far as health goes. I'm hoping if we can pay off  this debt, it will  be easier to pay our monthly bills.

I bet you are thinking, “Why should I help her?” We need your help because we have fallen prey to the old saying, “Bad things can happen to good people.” And we are good people. We have just had a string of bad times.

I've had two surgeries this year, but not even that is the biggest part of our debt.

The biggest part of our debt is a medical loan I was "bullied" into taking out.

 I am still questioning how that was handled. I had been having terrible pain in my left shoulder and neck for several months. I had gone to an ortho and he told me to get an MRI so he could see more. I got to the hospital that day planning on an MRI of my shoulder and was ambushed immediately.  I was told I could not get the MRI until I paid off my bill. I was somewhat confused.  When I said I could not pay it all off at that time, I was escorted to the finance director's  office. Again, I felt quite overwhelmed.  I was told that I had to pay off my bill, or I would not be able to get the MRI. I was in a lot of pain and really wanted the MRI so I could find out what was causing that pain. Then I was told that I had to take out a loan to pay my bill so that I could get the service. By that time I was over 1/2 hour late for my appointment and that worried me. I asked why this had not been handled before my appointment. The reply was that somebody she had been out of the office the previous day and the day I was checking in was the soonest it could be handled.  Again, I was confused, scared, nervous, in pain, overwhelmed, and alone. I feel that I was forced to take out that loan. My question then and still is, “If I have been paying $75 to $100 dollars a month on my bill, why am I being asked to completely pay it off right away?”  The bill wasn’t that old, it had been from January, and I was making payments on it. (this was in May)

Another point that bothers both my husband and me: 
Why wasn’t he there? Why wasn’t he asked to come to the hospital that day? Why didn’t he have to sign loan papers? Our opinion is by him not being there, it was easier to bully me into taking out the loan. So much of this loan experience sounds off color. It really doesn’t seem right.

Currently my husband is waiting for the school year to begin, so right now he doesn't have an income.  He is a para professional.  Last summer his employment was whack-a-doodle. We used savings to pay bills then and now  we have no savings to pay bills.  I’m 53 years old. I have MS and live on a fixed income. 

I taught school for 14 years before I had to resign because of my MS.  I have diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, major depression, and about 4 bulging discs in my spine, to name a few.  All of these cost. Even with insurance, it's still expensive.

And now, even though we were making payments, we were forced to take out a loan to pay the hospital bill. Now we are paying interest on top of the bill. 

Please, if you can help, we will really really appreciate it.

Thank you and God bless

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Joan Craig 
Elsie, NE