I am writing to each of you today in hopes to gain enough support that this is to be heard in front of the U.S. Supreme Court as I have already exhausted each of my legislators in my current state and was given no support (pictures below)  as well as filed with the U.S. Supreme Court once and have been denied ( Possibly due to clerical issues on my behalf as I am no lawyer).

Here goes nothing-

Why didn’t anyone help us? We were just kids! 

My childhood is not a topic I discuss often. In fact, I do not know anyone other than my siblings who know the truth. Even still we do not discuss it amongst each other. My life growing up was not easy. I guess you could say it was a pretty stereo typical situation of a sad country song. Abusive home, father that was never around because he would be more interested finding the next best thing, but never understanding why he did not have the ability to see that in any of us. That did not mean we would ever stop trying to get him to choose us over the countless women he brought in and out of our lives.

I was lucky though, for whatever reason he chose me out of all the kids to be his favorite. I remember it like it was yesterday. He pulled up to the house after weeks of not knowing if he was ever coming back. No electricity or water, eating ketchup crackers for lunch and bologna/cream cheese rollups for dinner and told me to “jump in”. My sister Katelyn and I excitedly started running to his car, but he was not talking to her and ordered her to go back inside with my mom.  I still remember her face at the screen door yelling at my dad “please don’t take my sister”

 I am not going to lie, I jumped in that car faster than my dad could have driven away. It felt good to be the “chosen one”, but that feeling only lasted so long before I realized the real reason, he chose me over the rest of my siblings. I was the youngest of 5, which meant I was the “cute puppy dog” all the girls at the park wanted to come up to pet and would be how my dad would meet his 18yr old girlfriends that could have been better at playing barbies with me than  to be any potential mother figure. When I realized that I served more of a purpose, rather than a place in my dad’s life is when I stopped feeling so special. This had absolutely nothing to do with me at all.

I roll my eyes remembering all of the awkward “hi sweetie, my name is” that it became more of an annoyance and by the 5th “dinner date” that I was looking down scraping my fork across my plate would I stop trying to engage in conversation or remember any of their names. What was the point? They were not there for me and would be gone in a week anyways? I think this is when I really began resenting my father and wishing I were back home with my mom and siblings living in poverty.

Looking back, life was hard but not nearly as hard for the rest of my siblings. My sister Katelyn would be permanently scarred from the day my dad chose me over her. So much that our relationship permanently changed as a result. We began to pick fun at her as a child that she was the “milk man's baby” nobody wanted. Only later to find out my dad had accused my mom of such accusations and left Katelyn questioning it her entire life. What an absurd accusation! My mom lived the life more of a slave than she ever would have lived some privileged housewife. The day she married my dad would be the last day she would ever have  any say in her life or how she would live it. She couldn’t eat, shit or sleep unless my dad gave her permission. And If she did…. man, would she pay for it!

Going to sleep in one house and waking up in another. “SURPRISE, we moved!” No, we just got evicted and had to sneak out through the night to avoid facing the police slamming the sticker on our door in the morning. But with each move it wouldn’t be like anything would ever get better…In fact, it kept getting worse… 

And by that I mean for my brother Kevin and sister Danielle. To this day there are still things I do not know about their childhood that they have kept from me for a reason. My sister Danielle would have been raped at 2yrs old by the babysitter, and nothing was ever done about that. I guess in the 80’s those things weren’t such a concern as they are today. I know she has been diagnosed with several chemical imbalances as time grew as a result of her traumatic life experiences, but these things would never be considered as she became an adult.

My brother on the other hand… man, he was like a sealed envelope! He never spoke about what he endured as a child and still chooses not to. In fact, when Child protective services was involved, we all would’ve gotten psychologically tested from my parents divorce. Can you believe they actually found him to be perfectly fine? No signs of trauma. “A happy healthy kid”. No, it was just that he knew at an early age to lie to the therapist because by telling the truth, he knew it would result in him being taken away. My brother and sister had already been in foster care as kids, so I don’t blame him for holding on to his emotions!


But, this would only begin to explain a failed system, where by a child telling the truth meant they would be taken away and withholding it would only set the path to each of their failed futures. Either path chosen would never lead to help!

The sound of smashing glass and breaking furniture was about as common as hearing a washing machine run on a Sunday afternoon. I can remember the countless times I would hear my mom screaming and crying hysterically from the other room for help, while my older brother and sister would just smile and try to entertain us as if none of it was happening. Knowing that if they did try to help her, what that outcome would turn into. Nothing like a good ol’ leather belt buckle, knuckle side up to teach a kid to mind their own business when it came to adults. And trust me, they would’ve experienced that and plenty worse.
I can remember my dad flicking a cigarette butt directly in my mom’s face for it to land in her beautiful curly hair and then watch it catch fire and I just remember my dad's face laughing at her instead of offering help.
I never understood that, not even to this day. 
My mom “falling” down a flight of stairs while 8 months pregnant with my sister Lindsay who would not have survived the impact of that fall and now rests peacefully in our hometown of Weymouth, MA. I often smile wondering what she would have looked like or all the things she would have done with her life had she had that choice.
Then I quickly think how lucky she is to not have had to endure what any of us had to. Sometimes I wished it were me in my mother's womb that day. How much easier my  life would have been

My childhood was not all bad memories though, there were times we were truly fortunate. Like the times we would go through the neighbors trash the day after Christmas feeling like we had hit a gold mine with all the old toys that parents were throwing away.
I just always thought “Santa” left them there for us because we didn’t have a Christmas tree.

Then there was the time my brother dressed up as the Easter bunny at our local church and little ol’ me walking around just making sure that everyone knew that MY BROTHER was chosen to be the Easter bunny. Not your brother, but mine! How lucky was he!

But, one of my fondest memories as a child would have been one Christmas eve. It was my deceased sister's birthday. We had no electricity, no presents to come the next day, no Christmas tree or milk and cookies for Santa, but we had our mother who no matter what she went through behind closed doors would always try to make sure we were not affected by our circumstances. She lit some candles and began to sing. She sang “Silent night” repeatedly in the living room with us all curled around her until we fell asleep. I will never forget her voice singing that to us or that moment for as long as I live!

At that very moment, she had taught me the most valuable lesson of my life. She taught us humility. A life skill that cannot be taught through speech but only through life’s hardest moments can you deeply appreciate the meaning of it. I just never knew it would be a crucial asset to the next few chapters of my life.


I will save myself

Growing up I wanted to be nothing like what I came from. I was determined! I worked hard. I applied myself. I was a good kid who prided myself on my grades.  Until about 8th grade. I had a teacher who in the previous years taught my siblings. They were not the greatest, but considering what they came from but they wouldn’t know any better.


I will never forget that teacher. Mrs. McGraw, I walked in the first day and immediately she said “oh you must be the McGarry girl”, I looked at her confused as she rolled her eyes and said “I know you are going to be a problem in my class. Let’s just see how long it takes before you get kicked out of here”. I was livid! I worked so hard to go down a different path than my siblings and she didn’t even give me a fighting chance! She was awful to me that entire year. Going as far as purposely failing me on assignments that I would drastically start losing interest with school and questioning myself daily about what I even wanted to do with my life. I was 13 years old at the time. She really screwed my head up.
I dropped out at 10th grade, I knew I never was never going to have a fair chance. I really started to believe that I would overcome my upbringing. So, I stopped trying. Instead I started working my ass off. Got a job at 14 and never looked back!


A few years later my mom and stepdad would have split. I was 16 yrs old and we kinda got left to figure life out for ourselves. I think she was having a midlife crisis and now that we were older she could let go of all the trauma she had stored away all those years so we wouldn’t be affected. Thanks to our childhood, struggle was nothing new to us. If we knew how to do one thing at all it was how to survive with the bare minimum. I worked 2 jobs, was living on my own and decided to take the leap and get married at 19yrs old. One of the biggest mistakes and blessings of my life. I was too young, but I just wanted to know what it was like to come home to a family. A REAL FAMILY, So I started my own. I was too desperate though. The only example I had of a husband was my father and well…. I married an exact replica of my father. Abusive, toxic, addictions that would then lead me down the path of my own opiate addiction thanks to the whole pill mill epidemic..

Whew, Those days were dark! That addiction is real. I don’t think people can utterly understand it. The easiest way I can explain it is that I was drawing in water, but could see life going on normally around me. Screaming for help, but in a fishbowl and no one could hear me. I ended up putting  a 22  in my mouth and pulled the trigger once just because I was dope sick. I couldn’t tolerate the withdrawal. Something I still can’t believe I did to this day and how lucky I was the chamber jammed. I didn’t wanna die, I just never knew those pills would have such an aggressive affect on me. I don’t remember that being written in on the side effects!

That would be the chapter of my life I never want to relive. What it did do was give me a tremendous amount of sympathy to anyone addicted to opiates. Who are treated like “junkies”, but you truly have no idea. You don’t have a say in your life after that. You become a slave to it and you will never be able to grasp that unless going through it first hand!

January of 2010, I found out I would be expecting in the fall. So, I dropped everything cold turkey and never touched another pill since. My addiction was mine and mine alone. My daughter was not going to go through the same things my father put me through, and I never looked back.

She saved my life and finally I had a real purpose to live.. There is no question that I would be dead if it weren’t for her. And, the only way I could repay her was to give her someone she could look up to and be proud of.

2010- 2013 I would raise my daughter in the same broken home I was raised in as a child. My ex-husband never quit using drugs, which eventually went from swallowing a pill to injecting with a needle. But trying to get him help was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There was no help for opioid addiction. Not unless you could afford $20,000 a month for a  private rehab. Otherwise you were thrown on some list for a bed to be available. The problem was the epidemic had grown so much there would never be a bed available for you before you would just overdose and die or continue to find ways to feed your addiction and you landed yourself a life sentence in prison.


2013- I filed for divorce. But the amount of trauma that went into that marriage I still have not fully healed from and neither has he. He would only have gotten worse and go to prison several times. The addiction never addressed! That is when things took a drastic change. I was living with his parents more than I was living in my own home to protect my daughter, but I knew he needed help so I stayed around until I could not anymore. I took my daughter's belongings, some furniture and left.

I don't even think I saw my daughter the first 2 years of her life because I worked so much to get us out of that situation. It was not as easy to call mom in a time of stress. I had no support system. My family for the most part had all followed the same path as their statistic would encourage them to. It paid off though I worked at a fine dining restaurant making $70,000 as a server and  life was good.

I May not have had that college degree, but I didn’t give up and was making more money than most 9-5 jobs. It came with a price though. I never saw my daughter. EVER- I worked nights, she was in school during the day and I was just doing what we had to until I would finally transition into the medical field. At the very bottom, due to not having a degree. That was okay though, I saw it as a challenge! I went from Receptionist, to admin assistant to medical assistant to director of medical weight loss program to owning my own wellness center all in 5 years. I made my own path and I never asked for help! I overcame the statistics!

Then, it would all start over again. Bringing me right back to my childhood…

Part III:
The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services

November 2018 - I could finally start enjoying the fruits of my labor after all these years I put in. Bought my 2nd car and was starting to focus on my credit to purchase my first home. That was until I realized how selfish I had been to make sure my life was secure I did not even realize how bad the rest of my family had gotten. My older brother and sister were slaves to their addiction and in so deep that death was going to be the only outcome. It was not a matter of if anymore, but a matter of when. 
Danielle and the kids had been evicted and were now living house to house with my nieces and nephews. Ages 17,15,5,1. Everything they owned was lost in storage and what they did own was thrown over their shoulder in a black garbage bag. The things those kids have endured would change how you look at human life entirely. 
The situation would only get worse the day I called Child Protective Services thinking it would help my sister get off drugs and back to her kids!. The same people put in place by the government to have the ability to fix the broken pieces of our past and bring our family back together again would end up being the same people that destroyed my entire family in a matter of 2 years.

To my sister…I FAILED YOU, I'M SORRY!
August 25, 2020


The first caseworker, Claudia would be the one who received my report and concern from the abuse hotline and go out to investigate your situation. I cried to her, sis! I told her what a good mom you were! I told her everything you had been through as a kid and how you got to the place you were at! I told her you needed help! Sis, I TOLD HER EVERYTHING! But, She did not listen.


Instead, She went out to investigate your crisis ONE time, she had a total of 60 days to help you, but she chose to close your case instead. She would text me the day she was closing your case, asking me if I had any additional concerns before she closed it. And I pleaded with her and told her you had gotten worse.

She never responded back to that text. I actually had to reach out to her 4 times before she responded back to help you! 

She could have spoken up! She could have tried to help you! Instead she chose to close your case even after I begged her not to! So out of desperation to help you, I sent her photos of you under the influence, I’m not proud of it, but I knew it would be the only way to really open her eyes that this was serious! You and the kids were in danger! But that didn’t work, sis.

She told me because there were no children in that photo, that it would not be enough to remove your kids and help you. She treated you and the babies life as if it were a sales call she was rerouting. She even told me her hands were tied and I would need to make another report, that sometimes it takes multiple calls to address issues.

I don’t know what classified someone to be in immediate danger of themselves or children who had a traumatic background as bad as you did to send her a photo of you with a pipe in one hand and crack in the other, 60lbs underweight and your face hollowed out.

She told me that someone should have called 911 to assist you. But refused to help! She only referred me to the same hotline I called the 1st time. But, look how that turned out.


How could I make a call when they already failed to help you the first time? You began to hate me, thinking I was just trying to get your kids taken away. It’s okay, I know one day you will be able to see I was only trying to save you, sis. I promise you, I won’t give up!

Sis, I fought hard! I stormed right into the DCF headquarters on my lunch break demanding answers. I wanted to see their policies and procedures. I wanted to speak to Claudia's supervisor and Claudia's supervisors, supervisor! There was no way this was the outcome of making one of the hardest calls I would ever make In my entire life!

And I got that opportunity, but was smacked right in the face within minutes. Sis, I told her supervisor how she didn’t check the fridge, if she did, she would have seen you had no food for you or the babies! I told her supervisor that she did not speak to anyone living in the home that was willing to confirm you needed help! She told me I was lying. So I went as far as showing her supervisor the photo of you that I sent Claudia and asked her to look at that picture and tell me to my face that my sister didn’t look like she was dying!

Sis, she told me you looked perfectly healthy and her supervisor would agree with her. And that’s when I lost it! I threatened them with every news station I could think of in the 3 seconds it took to kick me out of their office, but my fight did not end there. I brought them into your life, I was gonna make sure they were going to help you!

So I went straight down to the Sheriff's office and filed a formal complaint against the entire agency, but they stood behind that agency and found nothing to support my complaint.I couldn’t understand how I was fighting for you and your kids more than the people put in place by the government was.


It would have taken me about 9 reports and your living situation to get so bad you were now living in a storage unit with your two youngest. I will never forget the last report I made that the kids were in danger by living in these conditions and they turned around and threatened to take me to jail for making false reports on you. Sis, I wasn’t making false reports. I was trying to save you and the babies! But, Nobody was listening. Nobody cared.


But it wouldn’t be because of my reports why your kids get removed 2 yrs. later. You mustered up the confidence and called 211 out of desperation of having nowhere to go with your babies that night and the sun was going down soon. They sent someone out to your location to help, but all they did was take your kids hand them over to me and Kt and tell you they were sorry they had nothing to offer you. From that day forward. Your life would never be the same.

Since that day, neither your life nor mine has ever been the same. Your kids were all you lived for. You were not a bad mom, but they already knew that, sis. You were a mother that needed help. A mother that struggled from her own traumatic childhood and needed saving right along with your kids. They knew that, sis! They knew this all along! From living in that storage unit to now living on the streets. To turning to heroin and Fentanyl, trying to kill yourself and now you’re homeless. I wish I never called them for help! What have I done? I was only trying to save you, sis. I couldn’t stand to see you or those babies sad faces anymore! But instead they took away the one thing you lived for. They terminated your rights as a mother and shipped your kids off in different directions. They never tried to help you or your kids. Not once!
What they did was give you a death sentence, because without your kids you were nothing and they knew that, sis! They knew all of this and did nothing at all!


Don’t worry, sis! I wasn’t giving up and I kept fighting. I couldn’t afford an attorney, so I spent every chance I had educating myself on the statutes and laws in place to protect us. So much that it took all my attention and focus.

Why was I fighting a system put in place to protect children and families? Where was the help? Why did I care more about your children than the 20 caseworkers put in place by the government to care about your children?

January,  2020

As if nothing else could go wrong that month my landlord didn’t like the kids living there as I would find this out very quickly the  day she came by to do a maintenance repair and my 16 yr old nephew at the time answered the door and she threatened me with breach of contract for an unlawful tenant living with me!I asked the agency for proof of custody to prevent her from retaliating and they told me they couldn’t until it was signed off by the judge.
So I had nothing to back up what I was saying and  in a panic I told my mom to take the younger  kids and go stay somewhere for a few days and my nephew who had been staying with me since November to stay at a friends house because I knew she was leaning towards evicting me. Then I would lose everything.
 3 days later…
I was dealing with so much to keep the kids in our family i couldn't immediately respond to the court, but I knew it was bogus and wouldn’t stick so my focus was restoring my family by supporting my mom while she got the babies registered for school while fighting every step of the way because the agency couldn’t provide us with anything that showed we had custody so every school, dr appt would all be denied and we were on a  time schedule or they would take them back into foster care. My mother had the physical custody and I was the financial support so they lived with me and we essentially both had some form of custody over all 3 kids.

Jan 22th, 2019

The little guy below was born with drug dependency and was a hyperactive little ninja always looking to explore something.  The department of Children and Families were WELL aware of this as all 9 of the reports would include a concern of him being able to disassemble just about anything and get out of the house. Found wandering.  I truly believe that the reaction he would get when caught he began to think of it as a game or something because his mom would come running frantically. It was happening constantly. He was a real Houdini! But the agency was fully aware and well documented in court paper of his

capabilities to unlock anything.

  When my mom did as I asked her to and stayed with a mutual friend out of desperation for a few days to avoid being wrongfully evicted.The amount of times we were threatened with removal if a paper wasn’t turned in. There was no WAY i was telling that agency I needed them to leave for a few days because I couldn’t legally prove to her ANYTHING. This morning my nephew woke up before just as the sun was rising and a neighbor called in as he was found at the end of the street while everyone in the house was just about waking up to start the day.

No! If they would have just given me the damn damn paper of custody of my nephew they would be home with me!

My mother was charged with child neglect that morning and the kids taken into state custody for not calling and telling them she was “moving” and neglectful saying she must have been on drugs or something. She was sleeping at 6:45 am like everybody.

That evening the caseworker showed up at about 8pm to my house and told me I had to be at the emergency hearing the next morning  because now it was down to me.  I was the only person qualified to take the kids after my mom was permanently disqualified and is to this day!! My boss wasn’t too happy with her having to fill in for me that morning  because I had a full schedule of patients.. I tried to explain this was out of my hands and being it was children I guess I didn’t take her frustrations all that seriously. Due to the constant interference of  getting the kids situated I guess I was causing her too much of an inconvenience because in just a few short weeks  she will have fired me. . But what she never understood was I wasn’t given the opportunity to schedule these erratic demands from the state.. I was told what to do and each task had about  3-4 hours of heads up or a window to have it done by the end of day and if it wasn’t they threatened to  take the kids and put them BACK into state custody. 

That  following morning I was granted custody of all 3 of the children by a judge at the shelter hearing! But it would have cost me everything-
. I'll never forget kneeling down and telling my niece the judge approved everything! You're coming home with me. To later that day be denied by a vindictive supervisor for no legitimate reason other than I was not well liked in that agency after I filed a formal complaint against them. She even went to the extent of scribbling her own notes over the court approved home study and only gave me custody of my oldest nephew. The babies were shipped off to foster care and they would not even let me talk to them so they understood why they would not be coming home with me that day.


There are no words for the depression I endured after losing that battle. Problem was I never wanted any of this. I just wanted them to help my sister and bring her back to her family. The things those babies went through in the foster care system are disgusting. My niece was left at school the first day in foster care and was not picked up till 10 pm due to the fact I was the emergency contact on her school record they called me to come pick her up. I could not believe it. They called me at 6pm Child protective services did not show up until 10 pm. I could not even leave with her or I would have been arrested for kidnapping.

They ruined my life.   I would be wrongfully evicted because DCFS could not provide me documentation of having legal custody of my nephew and boy did my landlord have me evicted in a matter of 3 weeks for having an unlawful tenant living in my home. I fought it in court, but I was too late. I filed for unemployment because if I did not have income, they would have taken my nephew into foster as well. It was his senior year. and there was no way I would let them do that. but I quickly lost that battle and got an opportunity to open my own business. Life was finally turning around, and I was not giving up on those kids. That was until my partner swept my business under my feet illegally and left me with a few boxes of the blood sweat and tears I put into opening it. 

Why was this all happening to me? You cannot explain that type of depression. I did not get out of bed for 2 months. I gave up. I tried to commit suicide and took me months to get back in a better place. By then it was too late. I was a few months behind on my car payment, but I finally crawled out of the dark web of depression and got a job bartending. I was starting all over again, but that was okay. I did it once, I will do it again! I got hired at the end of February and COVID shut us down March 18th…. I filed for unemployment not because I wanted to but because I had no choice. But little did I know I would be the one who did everything correct on my application and fell through the cracks. There was a technical error from the first claim I made when I lost the kids. One that still has not been corrected to this day. I have called, I have spoken to supervisors who promised things were corrected just be patient and give it time.

I was patient and I did give it time. 5 months and still counting to be exact. But now I have completely lost my car, my home and just about everything I spent the first half of my life working for. I had to send my daughter to live with her father because I could not afford to care for her until my unemployment was corrected. My lease was up sept 1st 2020 and I am now homeless with nowhere to go, no vehicle to get there and no money to put down on a house.  My landlord would have broken into my home, illegally cut cords, damaged county property and when i called to file a report was told it was a civil matter and because it was her house she could do as she pleased. I mentioned the harassment with my daughter residing in my home and was cut off abruptly and reminded again that it was her property only if she assaulted me could I call them to come out and file a report…. What world was I living in? This was like a horrible dream I couldn't escape. No one will listen, no one cares. This is exactly why our community is the way it is. I lost a total of $20,000 in personal property. No idea what to do next So i wrote my state legislator even included the photos of DCF, told her I was homeless and even told her how depressed I was thinking she could get this corrected before I lost everything  and what a smack in the face I would get…. I was no bottom feeder nor did I ever ask for help. But the day I lost those kids and everyone taunted me how it was my fault I never imagined the amount of depression that took over. I had to save my family, but everyone would just call me crazy. How was I crazy when in the same hand you would beat me over the head how its my fault everything that happened to those babies….so I wrote Mrs. Nunez and this is the response i get

Medlock, Patricia <[email redacted]>

Fri, Sep 18, 1:26 PM

to me

Dear Ms. McGarry:


Thank you for your email on September 5, 2020, to Lt. Governor Nunez.  Lt. Governor Nunez asked me to respond on her behalf.


First, thank you for sharing your heartfelt account of your experience and I’m sorry you feel the system has failed you and your family.  I can only imagine how difficult it was for you to make the decision to send your child to live with their father during this challenging financial time; you should be commended for putting the best interest of your child ahead of your desire to keep your child with you.


We did not have a way to reach you outside of email, however I want to offer you to call us directly at any time so we can assist in connecting you to services and resources or we can call you if you can provide means to reach you.  We truly are here to provide you assistance. 


The safety and permanency of Florida’s children are the top priority of the Department of Children and Families and our contracted Community-Based Care providers which are tasked with the care and supervision of all Dependency cases.  The department and our contracted Community-Based Care providers are bound by Florida Statutes which outline steps in the Dependency process and timeframes for achieving permanency to prevent children remaining in the child welfare system for unnecessary extended periods of time.  I’ve asked Brooke Bass, Statewide CPI Practice and Policy Manager, to review your Dependency case information.  You can contact her at 850-717-4643 if you have any questions regarding how your Dependency case was handled or decide to reach out so we can connect you to assistance. 


We wanted to ensure we provided you with resources in case we are unable to speak with you directly and encourage you to please reach out.  You matter and there is help. 


Your email mentions having considered suicide.  If you are having thoughts of committing suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.  You can also visit https://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/samh/get-help.shtml to find counselors and providers in your local area.


In regard to your unemployment claims, you will need to continue working with the Department of Economic Opportunity to resolve any issues concerning reemployment insurance.  The reemployment assistance claims website is http://floridajobs.org/Reemployment-Assistance-Service-Center/reemployment-assistance/claimants.


Since you are currently unemployed and homeless, you may want to apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly called Food Stamps) and Medicaid by visiting https://www.myflorida.com/accessflorida/ to see what benefits for which you may qualify.  In addition, homelessness resources are available via https://www.myflfamilies.com/service-programs/homelessness/local-providers.shtml.  You may also want to call 2-1-1 or 1-866-728-8445 to see what services and programs are available in your local area to help you during this tough time.


Once again, thank you for making that loving decision to send your child to live with their father during this difficult time and for reaching out to let us know your concerns regarding your Dependency case so we can learn and improve our system of care.  





Patricia Medlock

Assistant Secretary for Child Welfare

Florida Department of Children and Families

[email redacted]



All because people of power have more of a say about my life, children’s life and addicts who need help than I ever will. But remember at one time… what a difference it would have made if someone helped my father with his trauma that then became our trauma and handed down to our kids…. The cycle can stop. But someone has to actually step up and utilize the funds in place to fix these broken homes. Someone has to step up and do their DUE DILIGENCE for these children!
Will You #RiseUpForHumanity? You can with just a click of a button by signing my petition and forcing the U.S. Supreme Court to hear it and change the system so no one ever has to endure this again!



Just imagine If someone would have stepped in and assisted my father with his childhood trauma. That would’ve put an end to all of ours. Imagine if one person would’ve helped us as children, we wouldn’t be in this predicament today.
Childhood trauma, drug addiction, abuse it all stems from our life experiences. There are organizations and funds in place that we pay with our tax dollars to assist with all of these issues. Why are they not being utilized?
They report annually that they are using these funds to serve and help victims of domestic violence, child-abuse, etc., but my family is a prime example of the little effort the government agencies have and are continuing to not put in to stop the cycle. Instead, they rip your kids away and plow through your family till there is nothing left. So my bigger question is, if all these funds are available to assist broken families where was it for my sister? Where was it for me and my siblings as children? Where was it for my dad? Where?!

I am speaking today on behalf of myself, my family, and many other concerned citizens not just in the state of Florida but all over the U.S. who have been stripped of their basic civil rights and forced to sit in silence or risk their livelihoods while these state agencies “the good ol boys” play by their own rules. Using our tax dollars to enforce inhumanely, injustice acts for financial profit. (video below)

As I can only speak for myself and family, I hope it will encourage many to be brave enough to come forward until this is taken seriously and the proper legal action is taken to pursue our right to a full investigation of these departments.  I have a great deal of concern about the current policies and procedures in place that are NOT being acknowledged, followed, or even considered. Resulting in illegal decision-making on behalf of children, families, and individuals alike giving permission to local law enforcement and state agencies when having no legal grounds to do so. Pursuing the law in such a way that holds them not only in breach of contract but subject to criminal charges as well.

The Department of Children and Families, Eckerd Connects, Lutheran Services of Florida has not only denied, but refused refused any effort to assisting my family. Specifically, my sister’s mental health, drug dependency or assistance in maintaining stability. My sister who cannot be with me today to express her concerns due to having gone missing over 3 months ago when Lutheran Services of Florida would have illegally terminated her parental rights, violated her civil and constitutional rights, intentionally withheld state funding that was entitled to her and on behalf of her as well as her children, withheld partial funds to their contract with Bright Futures Florida’s scholarship program to allow children a full ride into college. Falsified documents to their advantage, fabricated allegations under oath in order to derail her of her reunification. Purposely added obstacles to prevent reunification as well as placed private bets amongst each other in their departments on the expectancy of a parent failing their set parenting plan that was put in place intentionally with obstacles in order to regain custody of the child to the states hands.

Local law enforcement making no attempts to keep the peace or defend our civil rights and allowing said agency to continue such behavior. Also, would be found in breach of contract with the state of Florida Department of Legal Affairs, as well as state agencies committing perjury multiple times on record and under oath at the judicial hearings- which alone should be justifiable grounds for a full investigation followed by a class-action lawsuit.

The State of Florida for knowingly and willfully profiting off the damages due to the opioid epidemic, but never granting those funds to the community to assist the victims of a nationwide epidemic to sustain rehabilitation and recovery by offering programs or solutions as which they agreed to do. Resulting in multiple audits that can be found on 


Ignoring the ample number of attempts and concerns of informal and formal complaints made against such agencies to PCSO to prevent the situation from getting any worse and was quickly shut down as they found nothing to support my allegations against the agencies behavior.

Making NO efforts to locate, assist attempt to reunify my sister with her family resulting in her unknown whereabouts today while currently having open cases with  2 of her children at this present moment. Illegally pursuing the law above their jurisdiction as well as multiple counts of harassment, intimidation, abandonment, and child neglect after leaving my niece unattended and forgotten about on her first day of school as well as the first day in state custody. Did not make any attempts of concern as they showed up to pick her up 4 hours later. Depriving her of food, drinks or a place to use the rest as I was called at 6 pm as the emergency contact and was told I would be arrested for kidnapping if I was to leave with her. Which was reported to local law enforcement and the news as you will see in the video above, but never investigated? Lutheran Services Florida granting foster parents the rights to all decision making allowing them to manipulate and intimidate parents as well as make false accusations of their character that would later damage the likelihood of future reunification.

Fully allowing Pinellas County agencies to terminate parental rights and awarding the children into Foster care to obtain financial incentives that were to be paid through unknown wire transfers and hidden in plain sight. Also found the on the states website or www. Floridahastheriggttoknow.com Not complying with the FL Statutes of fulfilling their grant-funded contracts. I speak based solely on my own experience with these agencies and my knowledge to the best of my ability as they are doing the exact same thing to my brother's children attempting to foster them out in the next few weeks. 

The Department of Economics for knowingly and willfully withholding reemployment benefits disregarding the multiple complaints and concerns filed within the department to prevent further damages of the possibility of homelessness. Resulting in just that. Who would then go on national television admitting the system would be put in place with “roadblocks” to intentionally discourage a claimant to exhaust attempts of collecting was would rightfully be theirs. Local law enforcement blatantly ignoring the landlord-tenant rights during a pandemic when calling in to report concerns that would only allow the landlord to pursue actions resulting in breaking and entering, vandalism, harassment, and wrongful eviction by falsifying documentation and totaling in a loss of $20,000 in personal property.

 As a direct result of such said behavior, the continued negligence of the above-mentioned agencies and state representatives that stand behind them would only result in the continued growth of poverty, drug dependency and government assistance that we are finding ourselves so reliant on and the inability to overcome the major difficulty’s we are facing today as a nation. The approach is entirely counterproductive that the likelihood of any form of self-sufficiency, independence the possibility of lowering the cost of state and government funding will be next to impossible pursuing our course of action in this manner. Unless we change the approach entirely and restore the faith in humanity that in my opinion is rightfully GONE no thanks to a failed system looking to solely gain profit off the vulnerable and weak there is no question whether the economy will continue to diminish until there is absolutely nothing left.

I will include in the update section of this petition more documentation to support my allegations towards these agencies. For now here's more than enough reasons why you should sign this petition and put an end to broken families and poverty alike!

Enjoy my FREE e-book explaining multiple generations the system has failed! This is my life, my story and the reason behind my mission: 

These are things I came across after researching the laws to fight back against these agencies. I don't know how i stumbled upon most of them, but i guess I can thank the agencies for not doing their jobs which forced me to take a deeper look at the statutes because some of these things are concerning! 

Even more findings of hidden funds, incentives and audits left unexplained! Please take notice to the odd language used in selling government property, the way these agencies are being paid for their incentives via hidden wire transfers? 


How Can I Help? 

1. Sign our petition

2. contact your state legislatures and share this unfortunate tragedy to get more involved! Every voice counts, so there are no right or wrong ways of going about this.

To find your local representative, click here: https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative
Enter your zip code, and when your representative appears click on the mail icon to immediately be directed to them.

3. #Riseup4humanity in your post to truly make this a movement that will not go amiss 

4. Comment any personal experiences or recommendations our legislatures can put into action to restore our community!

There is no right or wrong way to go about this. I will be starting my telewellness for mental health in the next coming days as I just finished the legal documents to become a Non-profit and will begin to donate my services to the full funding behind ending this for our community, our kids, our future! I am a statistic, I didn't come from much, but I am here to support you and show you the way that your circumstances WILL not be your future. Not with me by your side! 

Thanks, Kristina McGarry

Due to the nature of this information viewer discretion is advised. 

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