Financial assistance for Sai's medical needs

Hello Everyone,

We friends Srinivas Sanduri, Sushanth Reddy Pabbathi, Harshavardhan Reddy Bollam, Abhijeet Hoshing, Hema Rachmale, Sughanda Tijoriwala, and Harish Kolasani are fundraising on behalf of Sai and his parents.

Sai Akash Reddy Sanduri (Age:23) is a student of Oklahoma Christian University, recently completed his Master's degree waiting on his graduation, recently received his OPT, and looking for job opportunities. According to the university, he doesn’t have medical insurance on file. He might have forgotten to extend it as it expired recently (i.e. 7/31/2022). He is currently out of insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, Sai was involved in a traumatic, life-threatening car accident on 09/19/2022 and has been hospitalized since that date. He has been transported to hospital immediately, he almost died in the crash, thankfully doctors were able to revive his heartbeat after 10 minutes of continuous CPR.
He was admitted as a Level 1 trauma patient due to the severity of his injuries and loss of blood. Currently, admitted to the Trauma Intensive Care Unit in critical condition.
A few of his injuries include:
  • a traumatic brain injury
  • Multiple fractures in both legs

According to the doctors, due to the seriousness of his injuries and surgeries, a discharge date is undetermined at this time and it is unclear when he will be released from inpatient care.

He underwent multiple surgeries just to name a few, the removal of a piece of intestine, and a pipe installation in place of the damaged artery of the right leg, and more surgeries will be scheduled depending on his recovery. According to the doctors, his condition is very critical. He has broken tissue in his brain, which caused bleeding within the brain. Currently, he is under sedation and staying unconscious. Doctors are continuously monitoring and evaluating the situation and providing appropriate medical treatment. He must remain hospitalized for months to recover from the injuries, He may not get back to everyday life due to the traumatic brain injury. The situation may worsen if he does not respond to the decreased sedation. Doctors anticipate that he may not talk and/or recognize the people even if he recovers.

Sai is a very friendly and caring person who would go the extra mile to help his friends or anyone who is in need. This fundraiser page has been created for those interested in assisting Sai’s medical expenses in his long journey of recovery and his parent’s arrival to the USA.

So we friends request you to please support us in raising funds to help Sai and his parents. They would be grateful to you for your generous support.

Sai's parents have ER visa appointment scheduled for Monday 9/26. They would be traveling to Oklahoma as soon as they get their visa stamped. These funds will be handed over to Sai's father Linga Reddy Sanduri and used towards hospital bills and medical purposes. They may use a small portion of money towards their travel and accommodation as the recovery period of Sai would be very very long including several months of hospitalization.

Thank you!

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