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Rebekah and I met in Driver's Ed years ago, and we have been best friends ever since. This campaign was created to help her recovery from systemic disease . After 13 years of an overwhelming laundry list of serious disorders/ infections/ and serious pain, she was only feeling worse and worse with the meds she was on (narcotic, amphetamines, and benzos). She got off of them completely, and chose to spend (with the help of you all) wisely with out of pocket Integrative specialists to help uncover root issues and also provide relief and direction along the way. She ran in circles with some of them, as well, until she finally received a diagnosis at Duke Rheumatology that explained the ROOT cause, encompassing all of her diagnoses. Rebekah has severe fibromyalgia, and Central Sensitization Syndrome. This is a disregulation of the nervous system that effects all functioning of mind and body. The doctors advise that drugs would be more of a risk than an benefit at this point. They said that she did the right thing by going holistic, modifying her diet, and doing what she has been to balance her life and cope. They want her to continue massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustments, along with pain management and physical therapy, maintaining her modified ketogenic diet (which helps to cure the root of almost all underlying disease). 

Rebekah has hit a wall financially and is in need of support to continue with treatments that play such a large role in her recovery. 
She is not yet ready for work and is encouraged by doctors to focus on healing. Her natural passion for nutrition, health and holistic healing has inspired her to start up health coaching again. She has over 10 years experience of not only helping others, but now her own unique journey/ experience and much gained knowledge on health as a whole. Her doctors want her to focus on getting her treatments and getting better, and to continue to make connections/ stay involved/ naturally grow in the health field. She hopes to continue to improve and pursue further education. She is glad to help any who reach out. 


Below is the original update, made before the final diagnosis that explained so much (CSS). Rebekah is having a very hard time, balancing and trying to figure out what to do financially. Please continue to stick with her during her journey and read the latest updates. She is a brave fighter and deals with more pain and issues on a constant basis than most of us will ever understand. 


She is excited to help others with their health concerns and make suggestions based on science, experience, and proven studies/ research. She wishes to give hope and help others who have also experienced feeling hopeless, and are tired of fighting. She is overcoming and surviving systemic disease - and now can help others do so.  

Please keep her in your prayers and continue to share, support, and encourage! Rebekah will do her best with all she has and will not give up. 

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11


Original story/ more background of her journey/ Medical diagnoses:

Med health: ADHD, PTSD, OCD, insomnia, narcolepsy, IBS, leaky gut (with chronic diarrhea/ constipation, bloody stools), TMJ, osteoporosis, scoliosis, chronic pain, arthralgia, firbromyalgia, chronic inflammation, stage 3 chronic adrenal fatigue,  chronic fatigue syndrome, Raynauds syndrome, Osseous hyperplasia, HHV, EPV, mycoplasma infection, ANA positive, tremors, disorder of sulfer bearing amino acid metabolism, Scleroderma, costcochondrotis, chronic hyponatremia, low serum IgA and IgG, low FSH, low LH, Low natural killer cell count determined by flow cytometry, multiple strains parasites (roundworms, threadworms, flukes). Parasite cysts likely in lungs, chances of cysticercosis (muscles and brain.)  , Lyme's For more understanding on parasites and Lymes, a simple Google search will provide a plethora of understanding. Navigating is extremely crucial. Moving forward in the right direction is crucial. Please see latest updates**  This is for one of my best friends, Rebekah Farmer. We met in driver's ed and have been loyal buddies ever since. She has a compromised immune system, and has been actively fighting chronic infectious disease longer than 4 years. This past summer, she made a personal decision to get off of opiod, narcotic, and benzopadine medications that traditional doctors prescribed for 11 years - these compromised and exaccerbated underlying issues for years longer than we are aware of at this point. Getting off of them was not easy and I'm so proud of her for making that decision. She was recently in the hospital for a month and put on some healthy weight, and has made dietary changes to help since being out - working with and being monitored by dieticians. These underlying infections make a lot of common foods intolerable and present another set of struggles to work through (poor appetite and digestive upset (IBS), compromised metabolism, acid reflux , gallstones, bloody stools. She's following the careful advice and recommendations of her providers to minimize problems, but sensitivities are growing as the diseases are. While in the hospital, none of these underlying issues were addressed. Now she is playing catch up for that time lost.  Rebekah is being diligent with her doctors. She is investing her own money on supplements and treatments to help carry her through this and the out of pocket expenses, and has finally  gotten results from those tests that have been a long time coming. The doctor she is working is specializes in these cases. We're thankful for some answers and clear direction, and now needs provision for the tests and treatments to recover. They have discovered 3 different autoimmune infections with reference ranges that should be at >18 tops. Hers are in 600's. They are reactivated and acute. She also just received news of another infection flaring up at a level that is now a cause for immediate concern and is requiring additional testing/ imaging. This particular type of infection is precancerous and she has tests lined up for screenings. She has a second site in the lung that is precancerous. The now second precancerous site is due to an uncurable virus, the type known to cause respiratory papillomatosis, which causes tumors. She is still in need of more testing for this and has not been able to keep up with it. All of them together directly effect her reproductive, respiratory health (lungs), musckuloskeletal, and neurological health. She is also suffering from painful cysts on her body and face, and forming on her lips.  She has spoken with both traditional and integrative medicine doctors regarding treatment. In traditional medicine, they are only able to prescribe what is enough for typical infections. With a compromised immune system and long standing issues that are systemic, they are no longer able to provide solutions that address the cause at it's root. They can only offer antibiotics that could, in their own words, "modify symptoms".  They have confirmed that cannot offer a cure. This is no longer an option. The way to identify the cellular level of toxicity and cause at it's root is with DNA testing. These tests are very expensive and not covered by insurance. This would be the first test to do.  She has been investing in these tests because the doctors have actually dug up answers and have proven to be helpful. She has chronic pain and en excessive growth of scar tissue that is painful and difficult to breakdown constantly. Suffering from blurry vision, frequent migranes, muscle spasms, peripheral neuropathy (pain, numbness and burning) and TMJ as a result of these issues. Symptoms similar to those of Lymes disease, systemic lupus, and scleroderma. These came back negative with basic lab procedures. After being present for long enough, many will not show up in labs. She's being tested this upcoming week for fibromyalgia (again). She's facing poor muscle development, little to no sleep, diagnosed adrenal and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as coritsol at harmful levels. Her hormones are effected and very imbalanced. She's desperate to reclaim vitality and have joy again. She is trying to keep a positive attitude. Regular devotion, prayer, and fellowship are priorities. She is getting regular therapy. She is currently unable to do her regular strengthening exercises and is advised to stick to walking and light stretches until she can start to recover. She wants to live God's will for life by serving, loving, and giving to others. She is starting up a new job as an Inside Sales Assosciate and is excited to be blessing others and serving, though nervous about the pressure and her actual ability to keep up. Thankfully the team sounds awesome and very supportive of the health aspect as she was completely honest with them, and they have agreed to start her at minimum hours and allow her to work from home. She also is getting in touch with the Boys and Girls Club of Wake Forest to volunteer with younger girls, and needs to get well enough to be able to do these things on a regular basis. She is striving to heal and help others, but must address these problems ASAP. I'm sure a lot of people out there understand that taking care of health in it of itself is like a full time job. She needs a strong support right now. She greatly desires to be self-sufficient, and strives towards that in every way she can. The total cost of DNA test, another that identifies what triggers the flare ups, and the treatments could add up to hundreds of thousands depending on her diagnoses, and how long treatments are needed. She is not believing that she will need to go away to a treatment center yet (however her doctor said that this might be the best option for her recovery, depending on results of the tests) . The tests and treatments done locally,  that need to be run based on her current diagnoses will cost thousands, and again will add up depending on how long it is all needed. Recovering is a long journey and she still has a ways to go, and she needs as much help and support as possible. She is spending her savings faster than she is able to supplement. She is doing all that she can. I desperately want to help by raising enough money to do what it takes to take care of her health and address these problems that are now threatening to take her life (God forbid). The urgency of these issues is great. These diseases are continuing to grow systemically and create  more problems at a rapid and destructive pace. Other ways to help are friendly phone calls and notes, encouraging words.  I'm setting this up for her because she deserves it and needs it. If you know Rebekah, you know she's a fighter and I'm sure that your heart will go out as mine does. She's trustworthy, sincere, loyal, and beautiful in so many ways. I hope and pray for her healing and a quick recovery and a happy, healthy PAIN FREE life.  Right now, she needs help.  We love you Rebekah!! Med health: ADHD, PTSD, OCD, insomnia, narcolepsy, IBS, leaky gut (with chronic diarrhea/ constipation, bloody stools), TMJ, osteoporosis, scoliosis, Raynaud's Syndrome, chronic pain, chronic inflammation, stage 3 chronic adrenal fatigue,  chronic fatigue syndrome, Scleroderma, costcochondrotis, Multiple strains parasites (roundworms, threadworms, flukes). Parasite cysts in lungs. , Lyme's, osseous hyperplasia, HHV, EPV, mycoplasma chronic infection, testing for fibromyalgia, cystic and pulmonary fibrosis, Lupus. The list goes on.


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Rebekah Farmer 
Raleigh, NC
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