Fight the BigTech Matrix with the SohoStar Queb

We have been silenced
In early February 2019, SohoStar launched "The Red Pill", an Internet device to enable secure VoIP, Video, and Data for Small Offices, Home Offices, telecommuters and residential use. SohoStar setup the online store with secure merchant services. We had 25,000 contacts through 5 Internet Influencers. We have friends and family spread across the US. <Crickets>

We began making contacts and discovered that our posts, advertisements, tweets, and even our domains we're not being seen, not reachable, or warned as malware or un-trusted sites. I filed reports with Symantec, Google, and Yahoo to verify our domains and IP addresses. We contacted ISPs across the country where friends said they we're being told the sites don't exist. How Can this be? We shifted domain services to GoDaddy with no effect. Mid-February, Project Veritas released the video from a former Facebook employee about censorship using keywords "RED PILL.." Go to 11 minutes into the video below.

Project Veritas Facebook whistleblower 11:00 marker 

In less than 14 days, Our bank loan applications, despite a nearly 800 credit score and no corporate debt, were suddenly rejected. Symantec refused (even to this day) to review our sites with approvals. We had become casualties of a Cyber War against the American Dream, experiencing DNS cache Poisoning, deboosted posts and unseen advertisements, Denial of Service attacks, etc. Our goal of crowdfunding final engineering, prototypes, and manufacturing was lying nearly dead, aborted during birth.

We have developed a product that competes with the Social Media giants. They have blocked, censored and throttled our messaging across the world because if we succeed, they will no longer be able to have access and control of your personal information. This translates to huge losses of revenue for them. The news today is filled with their censorship, gaslighting, and disinformation. This is what we're fighting against.

When we registered The Red Pill® in 2018, we knew what we we're saying, just like the movie trilogy "The Matrix", we were proposing a product that helped people to escape the MATRIX. Our product enabled privacy and security and to enable people to rise up without crony business's foot upon their neck. Although a good marketing name, we renamed the product this past summer to the Queb™ (pronounced "CUBE").

Whether a single mom, a released felon, someone of the "wrong" color, ethnicity, gender, or preference, the Queb™ enables people to escape the biases of society. It provides the tools to hold sources who spew toxic news and disinformation accountable. It enables individuals to rise to their God given gifts. This has been the mission statement for the last 30 years of engineering invested into the company and products.

During the spring of 2019, Facebook trolls attacked, declaring the device as the "DARK WEB" and illegal, or that it was protection for pedophiles and terrorists. First it is not the DARK WEB, it does not use TOR, it uses encrypted connections no different than openVPN and similar tools which are standard for business. Let me suggest that terrorists or those doing illegal activities don't openly publish their activities and have been using encryption long before 9/11/2001.   Any VPN or encrypted link can provide cover for illegal activities. The Queb™ uses it to protect your children from pedophiles who often scan Facebook and the Web for geotagged pictures of your children at schools and playgrounds.  The tools (described below) available in the Queb™ were designed to keep information out of the hands of others, whether Internet hackers, identity thieves, domestic or foreign enemy surveillance, or malicious data miners.

We need financial support to cover initial production because what should have been supplied with crowdfunding, has come out of our own pocket and delays in getting this to market. With anti-trust and violation of rights accusations against Google, Twitter, and Facebook, We hope that truth will not be suppressed, that critical information will not be hidden, or that we'd face a drastic change to our individual rights by a totalitarian government.

Other Sources of Funding?

We've had many overtures from venture funds who require majority control of the company. Most of those with the money see the Queb™ as a threat and don't want us to succeed.  SohoStar is close to going live with our Fifth app, which looks and feels like a combination of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media applications. Through that site, and strictly under our control, people that we trust, people who have helped us, will be invited to test drive the system. Through Fifth, we can securely stay in contact AND as the Queb™ gets to production, smoothly shift to a distributed social network away from malicious prying eyes.

Why Buy a Product when I can use Social Media for Free?

This is simple; computer hosting, and bandwidth for millions of users is not free. Advertising might provide revenue, but when it's for free, then YOU and YOUR INFORMATION are the product for sale to the highest bidder. Importantly, the Queb™ provides many more services besides security in communications. The Queb™ supports, Audio, Video, and Text data types, as should be delivered in less than a second, less than a minute, less than an hour, or whenever - which covers every digital application in use today and some available only with the Queb™. There are no monthly fees, and it doesn't depend on any sites.

What is the QUEB?

In a nutshell, the Queb is a 6" cube shaped computer that lives in the DMZ of your network. From the DMZ, the Queb appears outside your firewall while being able to do  direct communications to other Internet devices and is technically inside your private network - it is a battery backed up gateway to the outside world. It is ALWAYs on, always connected, always available. The Queb provides VoIP, messaging, video and audio streaming. It includes Unified messaging, Integrated Services, and web based applications - think of it as your home or small business Internet answering machine. It provides cybersecurity and mechanisms to avoid phishing, spoofing, and redirection to malware sites. It provides internal applications that eliminates the need for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more and without tracking, tracing, or censorship, and THAT is why they tried to kill the project.

Why we all need to fight

We offer a new, hardware based, private Social Media Application complete with a New Secure Operating System (and a lot more) for your protection, so that you can regain control of your digital lives. Think about this: Now is the time to step up and invest in the future of a free America. Be a part of the solution. If we do not do this now, the problem of censoring, throttling and wholesale dismissal and spying will never change. It will only get worse. Please enable us to get the word out with advertising that cannot be silenced.

We Need Your Help

Our Goal begins at $10,000. Being aware that there is a solution to censorship is a big part of our goals. We also know that launching a new product costs a lot more than $10k, and the big cost is the software which is already written and is currently in test, but every penny helps. Read below to find out more.

You can help move this forward by sharing this campaign, or donating a little or lot. It's not a question of IF IT WILL MAKE IT TO MARKET  but WHEN IT WILL MAKE IT TO MARKET, and we need it now, today more than ever. Please donate today.


Want to Know More/ Meet The Red Pill® Queb™ by SohoStar below.

Now there is a choice! SohoStar designed the Queb™ to help you escape the gaslighting of the deepstate matrix and into a whole new digital experience.

Complete Communications

The Queb™ is a full communication server which supports VoIP, Video, and data. It is exactly what you need for distance learning, working from home, and a less expensive life. The set of products in design includes rural radio modems, cell phones, video streamers, IOT and home automation, without monthly fees.

Queb™ comes with a New, Secure Social Media Platform Called Fifth™

Queb's private Social Media app is called Fifth™...for the Fifth Estate - We the People. Fifth contains all of the characteristics you have come to expect in a social media platform in your own cyber-security protected device. Through Fifth™, you can work from home, control blogs, chat, email, review voicemail, manage contacts and communications and other advanced features.

Completely Private
Allows you to group your contacts into trust levels -which makes your social hive more secure

No Back Doors
Has Unified Messaging which groups all your email, chat, voice mail, picture sharing, etc. in one place protected in your home or office,

Highest encryption possible
Everything is supported by cyber-security, connected to your social hive by encrypted networking and stored in your home network rather than 3rd party servers.

Peer-to-Peer Communications
You control who sees what.

Gateway to the World
Because the Queb™ is your own personal communications server you only need one for the whole family. It plugs into your network and becomes your secure gateway to the world. Most importantly, there are no monthly fees, unless you're storing a published work.

Ten Reasons You Need The Red Pill® Queb™ by SohoStar

 * New, private Social Media Application housed in your device not on someone else's server.
* Enables you to create and sell content so you can generate an income for yourself through VoirDire
* Has a digital wallet to keep your digital earnings safe
* It has a SCIF which is not accessible from the Internet and can be used to store your keys, your records, passwords, digital wallet, personal information, medical records, content keys, and lots more!
* It puts an end to "gas-lighting", censorship, blocking, and “jailing” and gives you back control because it allows you to choose who sees what. Your information can no longer be stolen and sold.
* Allows you to choose to keep everything local – and not in the “Cloud”. Provides for local storage of all your content in the Queb™, in your home network and at your business.
* Protects you from malicious communications
* Provides authentication of all incoming information and communication so you never have to fear you are getting something other than what you requested. (Petname aliases and rewriting)
* Learns alternate paths to other Quebs in the event of outages, blockages or changing IP addresses.
* More secure than software solutions

We Really need your help

Word of mouth through social media didn't work a year ago, and since then blatant censorship, shadow banning, and BigTech filtering of posts that buck the narrative is at an all time high. At some point soon, homeschool, naturopathy, conservative, anti-vax, and anti-lockdown posts and groups who have thousands of members, will be wiped clear of BigTech's regulated Internet and social media.

So Please, share this campaign on your social media. Tell your employer, your friends, your neighbors, your groups and consider donating. Visit Sales will begin again in November (early adopter discounts to under $200).

We will be grateful for helping us fight back. Thank You


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