Maverick - The Sweetest Boy

This is our sweet boy, Maverick. In March of 2017, we found out that Maverick (formerly named Menace) was being surrendered by his current the age of 10. We jumped at the opportunity to give him a loving home with a brother (Chester) and a sister (Riley). When he was dropped off at our house, all he had was a leash and a collar. No toys of his own, not even a bowl. Over the next few months, Maverick quickly stole our hearts and everyone's that he met. We found out that he LOVES ropes, shark and alligator toys, barking (especially at birds), snuggling, booty bumping, and CAR RIDES!!!

Unfortunately, roughly six months later a bump started to develop on his left hip. We took him to get it tested, and the results came back with no clear indication of what it might be. We monitored the bump and even watched it nearly disappear. Then out of nowhere it began to grow again at a rapid rate. We took him to get it tested again, the results from aspirating the bump made it clear to our vet that it was in fact a mast cell tumor.

Maverick also has a heart murmur that our veterinarian discovered the first time we took him to get his shots and basic health check. Because we had no prior medical records  on him at all we do not know if this is a condition he has lived with his entire life or developed over time.

We thought that Maverick's heart condition would be the only health issue we would be faced with, but unfortunatley we were wrong. Maverick could not be cleared for surgery until his heart was deemed healthy enough to handle anesthesia. During the time spent doing tests and deliberating over the risks associated with anesthesia, the mast cell grew rapidly and aggressively. For our local vet, surgery was longer an option due to its size.

Today, Maverick is on heart medications to keep his heart stable. He is on several medications to try and keep the tumor from growing, and he has just started on his third type of chemotherapy. We have been to the Vet, Oncologist, and the emergency clinic. The tumor has ulcerated twice, he has been sick from the chemo, he's struggled with stairs, lost his appetite and had nearly unquenchable thirst. Despite all these tribulations, he bounces back each time and his infectious smile has not faded the slightest bit. He continues to be the same old Maverick. Happy. 

We have tried everything in our power, but the financial burden is growing heavier and heavier. Maverick has been an absolute trooper, and we are not going to give up on him. His blood tests all look perfect and his heart sounds healthy and strong despite the murmur. Until he shows signs of slowing down, then we have no reason to stop - but admittedly we need help.

With around nine daily medications, regular vet and oncologist visits, and one ridiculous emergency clinic visit, our finances are seriously strained. Regardless, we are going to continue with his treatments, and WHEN the tumor is more managable we will have it removed and follow up with radiation therapy. Even though it is hard for us to ask this of our friends and family, anything helps to get our boy healthy. Whether it be monetary or just general good wishes, we  would greatly appreciate your support and consideration. Maverick has never failed us, and we cannot and will not fail him.

After all, Maverick and Chester are the same age and would love to grow old together.
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