FBI Targets Trans Activist Aria DiMezzo

This is a fundraiser for Aria DiMezzo, trans activist, civil rights activist, BLM activist, freedom activist, and cryptocurrency activist, primarily for her legal defense. Excess will go to the legal defense of the others, at Crypto Six . This is a serious case, and will affect the worlds of freedom and trans people for decades to come. With all that said, here are some words from Aria herself:

Hey there. I'm Aria DiMezzo. Yeah, the one who ran for sheriff on the "f*** the police" platform in a campaign that drew international media coverage. You may be wondering what I've been up to lately.

On March 16, 2021, the FBI rammed in my door, pointed guns at me while I was naked, and threatened to open fire if I did not stop moving. I was wearing a blanket and a pair of underwear when told to put my hands in the air--a command with which I refused to comply. I'm not a modest person, so it's strange to me that I wouldn't disrobe for them, but I understand why I did it. They could have killed me, tackled me, ripped the blanket off me, or done almost anything they wanted. But one thing they couldn't do... was intimidate me into giving up my own dignity. In the end, they had an officer handcuff me in a way that the blanket did not fall.

Then I was arrested and presented with a federal indictment against me. What are the charges? To put aside all the legalese, (you can check out the legal documents on Pacer if you really want to), the charges are basically...operating an unlicensed business.

You didn't read that incorrectly.

Putting aside the case itself, just stew on that for a moment. It's a charge of operating an unlicensed business-- probably the whitest of all white collar charges--and, for this, the federal government saw fit to kick in my door at 6:00 in the morning, point guns at me, and even threaten to shoot me. I don't know about you, but it seems like this whole thing could have been settled if, you know, they simply showed up at a decent hour and knocked. Their behavior seems a bit... disproportional to the charges, wouldn't you agree?

Internationally renowned trans activist, anti-police activist, pro-peace activist and anarchist Satanist...has her door kicked in, is held at gunpoint, is threatened to be shot at 6 a.m., for, according to the indictment, operating an unlicensed business.

There couldn't possibly be an ulterior reason for the level of hostility displayed, could there? It couldn't possibly be that I made international headlines six months ago, could it?

From my house, I was taken--in the most uncomfortable way possible-- to Merrimack County Jail, where they put me in medical. I have no medical issues, but... they didn't know what to do with me, according to my attorney. Despite answering consistently at every interval that I am a woman, Merrimack County Jail saw fit to list my sex as "Unknown" and to hold me in medical. Additionally, someone in the United States government was so hellbent on not calling me "her" that they literally scratched out "her" on my bail terms and wrote "their" instead.

If you care about trans rights, equality, being able to demand police accountability without retaliation, being able to speak freely without retaliation, and/or being able to transact freely in money that isn't inflated so that bombs can be dropped around the world on largely-defensive countries, then I need your help.

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