Legal Fund-for (Co-Parenting) Court

Alost 4 years ago my Husband and his now ex wife spilt up.
I don't know but only his story. Her story is different but to be honest I don't care. Every story has 3 sides.
His, hers and the truth.
I've heard his. But again who cares!!!

He and I have been married for now 1.5 years been together for 3 and have 4 children between us.
My 2 boys ages 13 and 10 we get to see everyother day 50/50, with no problems and no court.

On the other side... not so much...
My husband gets to see his children 32 awake hours a month.
Thats including non school days as well. If he can make it to eat lunch with them at school on his off days he does. He tries to make all field trips and tries to talk to them everynight.
It is however a fight to be involved like he wants.
He wants to have 50/50 time with them. He is a Police Officer here in the County and has the perfect schedule to do so.
He wants to be involved with their school but the other side doesn't help and the teachers are not helping, we've had to go over their head already.
We have not rec'vd any copies or art work, certificates from the last few years unless we beg the teachers for one or two.
Doctors and Dentists are usually told after or during. It's rare that he gets to attend an appt or even knew about it.
We have pages and pages of contempt of court issues on the other side.
Why have we not done anything you ask???
2 reasons.
1. We have been hoping to resolve without court. We ask and ask and ask but get no response. Even just a little more time. Every now and then he might get an hour or 2.
You see the children are jaded enough and didn't want to put them through anything more. Now that they are older they might be asked to get involved and we don't want that for them even though it would better our case.
2. And the other reason... well with a police officers salery, and even myself working 3 jobs;
paying child support, insurance for a family of 6, morgage, car payment, bills we don't have the 2000.00 that is needed for a lawyer.

The state of NC has passed the bill for 50/50 custody and the lawyer we want has agreed and has gaurenteeded that our case is a no brianer. But we just need our day in court.
The fight right now for dad's-good dad's is awful. Trying to get the rights shifted is almost impossible. But it is happening... we just need your help.
Can you help us?
32 awake hours!!! Can you imagine??
That's all he gets with his babies.
Her boyfriend whom won't even talk to him gets more time with his own kids then he does.
His kids spend more nights sleeping at their grandparents on her side then he gets to see them. His own children.
His parents only get to see them on his days which take away from him.

I've seen him cry on the friday he drops them off because it is another 7 days before he sees them again.
They are 5 and 7 and are both in school full time.

Both amazing kids that need BOTH parents in their lifes. They love both their mom and dad, but their mom is the only thing keeping them from him.
Why they split had nothing to do with the children. And keeping them apart is only hurting them.
Please help my husband have his day in court. Just one day and it will change his life and the life of these 2 beautiful babies.

I'm sure you'll hear story after story if they get a hold of this. And that is ok.
Its about the children and their Dad. Not about other family members. Not even me. :(
I love them like they are my own and would do anything for them but my husband is the one who cries everynight and prays that things will change.

Please help him have his day in court.
Let's change the rules. One Dad at a time.
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