Father Lost To Free Diving Accident

Erick Llamas Herrera was a caring, loving, energetic, happy, and amazing son, father, soul-mate, and friend.

On July 9, 2017, at only 29 years old, we tragically lost him in a spearfishing accident (I will explain how it happened shortly).

He leaves behind two amazing children, our son Jayden and daughter Zayla, ages 6 and 2.
[Zayla & Jayden]

As you can imagine, this sudden accident has left us all not only heartbroken but with unexpected expenses as well. So we initiated this GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of hospital bills, GoFundMe fees, and Erick's funeral expenses.

The accident:

On July 9, 2017 Erick went out spearfishing with his friend Andrew Pulido and his brother Kevin Llamas. It was a beautiful, sunny California day. He was happy to be out doing what he loved.

[Snapchat Video The Day Of Accident]

Two hours into their spearfishing trip, tragedy struck. At the last moments Andrew suggested that they should head back as the water was starting to get murky and it was getting harder and harder to see the bottom.

Erick agreed, but after one last dive…

Unfortunately, it was the dive that would take his life. Andrew remembers Erick going in for the dive but was soon alarmed that he was taking longer than usual to come back up.

Andrew decided to investigate to make sure Erick was ok and not in need of help.

To his disbelief, as he dove down to check, he discovered Erick franticly struggling to swim up. Andrew dove roughly 20 feet to Erick to find that he was tangled in seaweed.

Erick at the moment was still conscious and struggling to set himself free.

In what was seconds but seemed like hours, Andrew helped free Erick from the seaweed, grabbed ahold of him and began swimming up.

With only feet left to reach the surface he felt Erick’s body give out as he became unconscious…

As Andrew reached the surface with Erick’s lifeless body Erick suddenly regained consciousness and tried to swim back.

Andrew told Erick to stop trying to swim and he would take him back to shore. At this point they were roughly 20 meters away from shore. Andrew started screaming for help to people standing nearby.

As Andrew tried to make the swim back with Erick on hand, waves kept taking them under. That’s when Erick fell unconscious again.

With Erick still embraced, Andrew made it close enough to reach and grab a ring buoy a bystander threw into the water. They were both reeled into shore and Andrew began CPR until Sheriffs arrived and took over the efforts.

Erick was Airlifted to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, CA where he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. Erick had years of experience free diving and spearfishing in these waters. This was just a very unfortunate accident.

About Erick:

Erick graduated from Torrance High School in Torrance California. He grew up in a loving family of life-long experienced painters. He began working at the age of 17 with his father and brothers up until he decided to become an entrepreneur at the age of 25.

[Father and Erick]

Erick would study day and night for the next few years until he successfully acquired his General Contractors license in 2016.

He then began his own business in 2017 and named it Bayside Coatings.

Erick was a hard worker, man of faith, loving father, beloved son, brother, cousin, uncle and friend to everyone he met.


[Brother Ricardo, Father & Erick][Family & Brother-in Law]

[Erick & Cousin]

[Erick, Brother Son & Friends]

[Erick & Friends]

[Erick & Friends]

Everyone that stepped into his walk of life loved his electrifying personality and energizing laugh. There was never a dull moment with him.

Other passions he had were hanging out with his buds on weekend truck club meets, riding dunes, and fishing.

He was a man that never hesitated to help a friend in need and would never expect anything in return. All he wanted was your company, a beer, and to see you happy. And for that, he is LOVED by many.

As we prepare to send Erick home to be with the Lord, our family would like to sincerely thank all those who reached out to provide assistance to us.

As a family with our own financial struggles, we understand money is tight and we would never want to burden you. No amount you share with us is too small. We genuinely appreciate your support and thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers!

We hope you never find yourself in our shoes, but if the time of need comes in your life where you need support, we will definitely reciprocate.

Please share your love and stories with us to help keep Erick’s memory alive.

He will truly be missed.

This is the last picture he took hours before his accident.

We would also like to thank Andrew Pulido for trying his hardest to be his hero that day and not giving up. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing him home.

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