Family emergency - help with housing and funds

I’m reaching out to all my family and friends for help. I currently find myself in an embarrassing and humiliating situation, that I never thought I would be in. As a strong woman we will try every last avenue to solve an issue until you have to humble yourself and realize that you have to ask for help because it’s what’s best for your kids. My apartment complex of more than 10 years provided me with a 30 day notice to vacate my apartment. I have until August 20th to move out. The property manager will not renew my lease because of me consistently being late on my rent.  I have tried to make arrangements with both the leasing office and the Corporate office with no results. I have been unemployed since the middle of February due to both my kids being sick and my husband in the hospital. My husband had his left foot amputated due to his on going diabetic issues. Therefore, since my kids were needing medical care as well as my husband being hospitalized and he being the sole care giver for my kids I had to stop working. As many of you know my 4 year old daughter has been going thru medical issues for almost two years. She has an auto immune disorder, which has affected her colon function. Also due to this issue she has been hospitalized twice. This auto immune issue along with the stress of her colon issue, which is still on going, has caused her to have alopecia(hair loss). Yes, I have a beautiful little bald princess with no hair, eye lashes or eyebrows. My 14yo son started to have stomach issue since the start of the school year that just got worse at the beginning of 2020. He missed several days of school due to bleeding polyps and ulcers. Medical bills, medicine, and household bills caused me to struggle with rent. However, I always managed to pay my rent and late fees incurred, with the approval from the leasing office. I have already exhausted my savings along with my retirement. This Covid pandemic added more strain to my financial hardship. I’ve been making ends meet by doing odd jobs here and there. I’v been blessed by some family, friends, and neighbors that helped me out these past few months but they are also struggling.
My delima and fear now is that I have no job therefore no income coming in. I dont have the means to move out to pay for deposits to get an apartment or for that matter even pay the pro-rated rent they are asking for. I know there will be moving costs, deposits, application fees, etc. Not only that but finding an apartment that will take me and my family with no income. I have talked to a couple of lawyers from legal aid but they advised legally the property has the right to not renew my lease. Therefore, I’m not protected and subject to be evicted. I have filed for unemployment almost a month ago but they are backed logged and my application is still pending to be reviewed. I’ve applied for jobs and done interviews but nothing yet. My kids currently have no medical insurance and have been struggling to obtain government health coverage(Medicaid, Chip, etc.). So, yes I’m running out of resources.
I’m asking at this time for any blessings that you can give to my family to allow me to move out and avoid being evicted. As advised by legal aid the property can lock me out at any time if I don’t pay my prorated rent for the month of August. At this time the property can move forward to file for an early eviction. I would still need to wait for a court date and have a judge rule for an eviction. Don’t have many to lean on that aren’t already struggling, reason I’m setting up this GoFundMe account for my family. God bless for taking the time to read this and ask that everyone stay safe.

Familia y amigos estoy tratando de pedir ayuda para mi familia, espero que ustedes me puedan ayudar. Los apartamentos donde he vivido por mas de diez años me dieron aviso de 30 días para salirme del apartamento el 20 de Agosto. La propiedad no quiere renovar mi contrato por estar constantemente tarde en la renta.  En Febrero deje de trabajar por que mis dos hijos estaban malos. Al mismo tiempo mi esposo por complicaciones de su diabetes estaba en el hospital,  le amputaron su pie izquierdo. Debido a estas situaciones medicas tuve que quedarme en casa para cuidar de mi familia. Como muchos de ustedes saben mi hija ha tenido problemas medicas debido a una enfermeda autoinmune que le afecta su colon.  Fue admitida dos veces al hospital estos últimos dos años y todavía tiene problemas. La pobre por el impacto emocional de su enfermedad ha perdido su cabello. Tiene alopecia, o’ perdida de cabello en su cuerpo; no tiene cabello en su cabeza, cejas, o’ pestañas. Mi hijo de 14 años tuvo problemas intestinales al principio de la escuela y empeoraron al empezar el año.  Sufre de pólipos intestinal y úlceras que causan que sangré. El tiempo del virus causo mas problemas económicas para mi familia. Ya use mis ahorros igual que tuve que usar mi retiro para sobrevivir los costos medicos, cuentas de la casa, y la renta. He aplicado para desempleo pero todavía esta en proceso. No tengo ninguna entrada de dinero al momento. Mi familia ha sobrevivido por los pocos trabajos que he encontrado igual que a la generosidad de la comunida con la ayuda de despensas de comida. Igual estoy esperando ayuda del gobierno para obtener ayuda medica(Medicaid/Chip) para mis hijos para su atención medica. Es vergonzoso y humillante pero una madre hace todo lo posible para su familia. Les pido ayuda para colectar los fondos necesario para moverme y rentar un apartamento o’ lugar que me acepten vivir con la situación económica que tengo antes de que me desalojen del apartamento el 20 de Agosto. Cualquier ayuda seria una bendición para mi y mi familia. Gracias a todos por su atención y que Dios los bendiga. Por favor protéjanse.



Rosa Rivera
Irving, TX

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