Driving Miss Daisey is Driving Me Crazy

Driving Miss Daisey Is Driving Me Crazy 
 Vicki Needs New Wheels and Found Very Good Deals 
Yes, I’m called Miss Daisey, I have to have people drive me around.  My name is Vicki, so why am I here asking help for a vehicle? This story is actually a true-life love story, a fairy tale come true.  I live in a small town in Indiana with my mom and dad, older sister, younger brother.  When I was in the 3rd grade, we had a new boy move into the neighborhood, he was in the 4th grade, he was blonde haired and blue eyed, he was funny and always had a smile on his face.  We became pretty good friends and hung out and rode bikes and played the neighborhood games, like kick the can, baseball at the top of the hill, frisbee, of course we went to school together and road the same bus. As the year's past we became pretty close, I was about 12 or 13 then, he was exciting, and fun to be with, my feelings for him began to grow, we hung out more, he would help my dad in the garden and do-little jobs for him and my mom would have him stay for dinner.  Now were a few years down the road and this is when you start having feelings for the boy next door.  I really liked him, and he liked me too, we didn’t want either one of us to see any other boys or girls, so we decided to go steady.  This was such an exciting time in my life, I loved being able to see him in the morning on the bus and at school, and after school he would always come down to my house.  His mom was a single mother who was raising him by herself and worked full time, so he had to finish his chores before he could come over, same with me, I had chores to do and if I had homework to do, I had to do it first then I could have fun.  Years went on and going steady days were over, I guess I was about 15 or 16 now, he was only a year and a half older than me, we still spent time with each other after school but I had other boyfriends and he had other girlfriends, which I was very jealous of.  Sure, I liked other boys but he was always on my mind, he was like my best friend, we got along perfect never fought.  He was taller then me,  and when  he would look down in my eyes with his big blue eyes,  I got butterflies in my stomach.  He touched my heart like no one else.   Now it was time for him to graduate high school, it was sad that he wouldn’t be in school to see him.  Then his mother decided to move to another town, close but out of the neighborhood. Things weren't the same after that, we had the same friends and seen each other out and about, he would call me up and ask me if I wanted to go with him to see him mom, I really liked her, I use to visit her when he wasn’t home and we’d talk while she ironed or did the dishes, a very wonderful woman.  I met someone else at 18 and got pregnant and my parents made me marry him, to do the right thing? So, I got married and he knew my husband and was at my wedding, it was a sad day for me, I loved someone else and had to go with this stranger I guess to me then. When the reception was over, I walked up the steps to leave, then turned around watching him help put up chairs, I had tears in my eyes, I wanted to be with him, I loved him!  Since he knew my husband, he would come over to our house, sometimes with his girlfriend, so awkward.  I had a beautiful baby girl.  Unfortunately, my marriage didn't last long, just 3 years, which was too long, when your husband is abusive and cheats on you.  So now I'm on my own raising a little girl by myself, I was 21 then. I didn’t see him too much over the years, his cousin lived down the block from where I was living, so I got to see him from time to time.  He moved to Tennesse where his other family was from.  My mother had to have open heart surgery and we took her to Texas, I called him in Tennesse, and told him we were coming thru there and we wanted to stop and see him on our way,  my parents really liked him a lot, we had dinner and we spent time with each other, we still had strong feelings for each other. Then the next day we left for Texas, he wanted us to stop back thru and pick him up to bring him back to Indiana with us. We came back thru and brought him back with us, I took him to his mother's house, he acted funny the night we got in like something was on his mind, I didn’t ask, wish I would of!   So, we Didn’t get together then. The next time we seen each other, it was a few years later, he called and asked if I wanted to get pizza, we went out and had a really fun time, but at the time I was in the process of breaking up with the man I was seeing, bad timing again! He moved to Florida for years and Texas to, I went on to go to college for a better job raising my daughter on my own and no support.  Years past then and I just dated once in a while never found anyone worthwhile, I guess.  I called his mom one day to see how she was doing because she had cancer and it went into remission, she said it was back and he was back in town, I told her to have him call me but I didn’t hear from him. So, one day I decided to call him and his girlfriend answered the phone, he couldn’t talk then, but I called again another day and he answered the phone, we talked for a while and I told him to come and visit me.  His mom passed away shortly after that, and I didn’t make it to the funeral, so I called and invited him over, his high school friend came for the funeral and his girlfriend came with him also.  It was so nice to see him again it was a long time this time, I was 36 then, my daughter was 16, all the years in between always thinking about him wondering where and how he was.  I was remodeling my house then and hiring different ones to work on it, one day he and his friend came by right after they came over that night, he was looking at what I was doing to my house and he worked construction and said he could help me. A week later he came back over with his friend again, and wanted to help me out, I was happy to get good help and to see him again. When he came back over, we took a walk and had a nice long talk, I told him he was my first love, the love of my life and that I still loved him.  I couldn’t believe I finally told him, he told me I was his first love, and he’s always loved me and still loves me!  I of course could not believe it, finally, he told me how he felt, I knew he cared but I never knew how much, so I was shocked to finally hear it, he bent down and looked in my eyes and I got butterflies in my stomach, then he kissed me. It was my dream come true, I was so happy I couldn’t believe it was finally happening, after I basically gave up on him.   I was concerned because he had a girlfriend, but it didn’t take long for him to go back and tell her about us, in fact, the next day.  I waited for years and gave up on love, I compared everyone with him and never found anyone to measure up, I guess the same with him because he never married. He proposed to me just after a short period of time. Back when I was in high school, I planned my wedding and I would practice writing my name with his last name. We were so happy to be together finally after years, it was truly a dream come true, we got along so good and so much love for each other, the feeling was so incredible. My daughter had two boys and he and I were grandparents, best thing ever, he never had kids, so this was new to him, he loved the boys like his own, we always had the kids, we went to all their soccer games, school functions, they loved staying the night, we always made it game night and spent quality time with them.  My daughter and son-in-law and the kids, all wanted to move to South Carolina, where my brother lives, so in 2009 we picked up and moved.  So beautiful there, we were very happy, life was so good. Then not long after we got down there, we found out he had cancer, I was devastated to say the least. Now it was trips to the hospital for radiation, then other complications from the radiation, he kept getting worse, then they put him in hospice.  The first week he was concise, then he went into a coma state, they kept telling me to call the family in but he still hung on, they did that a few times, they asked me if he was waiting for something, I told them I talked to him and said I would be ok, it was now the 5th week, they asked me again what he was waiting for, I told them he just does not want to leave me, he fought so hard to live, he didn’t want to die, he had so much to live for.   He passed away on a Sunday morning, my heart felt pain that it never felt before, I felt like I died that day too. Never, have I ever felt so lost and scared of what I was going to do without him in my life. I was unable to work a few years back and qualified for disability, he received social security when he got cancer. We were renting a house when we were living there, I didn’t have the money for rent, the landlord evicted me right away.  No money for a funeral, you get $255.00 from Social Security.  I had to put my stuff in storage, I had 4 cats, my daughter said no cats, my brother had no room. I layed on the floor in my empty house, crying and not knowing where I was going to go, the cats were older and they were just like my kids, I couldn’t get rid of them. I placed an ad on craigs list a couple days before and I checked it that night and a woman answered my ad for a place to stay with my cats, she w anted to meet the next day, she was a wonderful woman, loved cats, she told me to go get my things and come on over.  The family wanted to move back to Indiana, I wanted to stay with my brother but I couldn’t leave my grandkids.  I didn’t have enough money to rent a Uhall truck, my daughter let me keep my bed and dressers and that was about it, I lost everything I owned.   We got back to Indiana, I got a low-income apartment.  For the past 9 years I have suffered severe depression, I sleep all the time, have more health issues and just found out I have a rare form of blood cancer.  I had a 92 Ford Aerostar minivan for years, but it stopped working, I saved for years and got a 99 Jeep, now having major problems with it, I need something dependable to last me, this is why I need your help.  I’ve been checking around and it's in the range of 7-9 thousand for something good that would last awhile.  I really appreciate you taking the time to read my story, and I would really appreciate any help I can get.  Thank you everyone!
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