Education Reform: Action Plan!!

Before we faced a global pandemic, our education board recognized we were in need of a reform. Our generations social demands exceed the regulations that were original founded. 

The innovation required is priceless, and there isn't a dollar mark up in the world that will make this change possible. It's going to take the leaders of each trade profession to come together and give our people the evolutionary reform we desperately need.  


For the first time in my life, I have absolutely nothing and everything at the same time. Fleeing domestic violence has left my three children and I homeless, and a loss of income. However, due to the life experiences over the years in my fight to escape domestic violence, I learned to maneuver through any obstacle that challenged me. 

Over the last two months, instead of taking my general course of action to run for the hills and devise a business strategy to take my life back, I decided I was strategically prepared to take a stand for myself. I utilized my time to research every legal sector of protection I needed to evade child protective services conniving tactics, my employment rights against the employer violations I received under his slave labor, landlord eviction rights, DMV protection rights from a medical suspension. I researched non-profit organizations in support services that are available, and returned the exact result I did 7-years ago when the abuse first began, except this time I gave it my full effort to try and receive help and gained nothing. 

All of the research I installed in my little brain made me truly recognize, our nation is in serious need of help! For 7-years, I was afraid of the legal system because it taught me they'll take my children for it, or they'll just look the other way. I realized it wasn't our legal system that's broken, because I found the exact pieces of information I used to believe would save me, and because I took the effort to find the answers myself... I was protected.

I found the legal statutes that are regulating the funds used as donations, and there is NOT a huge standard of funds that are required to be distributed to the donors in need. 

I immediately wanted to devise a plan to provide more support to those who are need, especially the struggling single parents, and the victims who have no choice but to spin the drain because that's the only solution they've got. I wanted to create a school system that can actually teach our people how to really navigate through the business challenges. 

But, I had to send my butt back to reality and realize that I am capable of doing all that I am in an business because I put my heart and soul into strategizing and executing my mission. Then somewhere down the line, I bring on a team to continue scale and growth. It isn't feasible for me to accomplish the reform we need on my own, and all at once.
The other night, I popped open my past CRMs that I developed for my businesses and was trying to analyze which start-up model I should replicate in order to regain my financial stability, and it still didn't completely sit well with me. All of my business models have the ability to regain a net profit of at least $10,000 per month without any starting capital, so it wasn't about the money. 

And then, it hit me! I am the ticking time ball that carries the knowledge to execute any business model as a one-man show. 

But what if... instead of devising a structure that could support a full operation on my own, I could bring the changes that I stand for?

This idea in my hand would bring jobs back to the American people, reform the education demand, and give me the financial tools I needed to support the people who truly need it!

The charity system set in place to assist our people in need is sticking a Band-Aid over a gushing wound, and I found the cure to the untapped solution.

Our education system is teaching our youth short term memorization skills to retain a letter on a piece of paper, when they need a system that actually matters and allows them to gain knowledge. We're also limiting hard working talent by excluding learning options to those who are restricted with life challenges (like me).



I'm going to put together the leaders of each trade together on a mission to define the new business standard in developing the education system within this organization.

The skills I learned over the years were based on trial and error, with an emphasis on error. They don't teach you what I know in the classroom, I would know.. I went there. 

When I earned my degree in software development, I graduated with material teaching me my ABCs when I already taught myself how to write story book novels. 

Business talent is no longer defined by education and employer notation.

I plan to develop a strategic plan of action in a multi-business launch plan in multiple sectors as a method to refine a talent search based on quality as opposed to the standard, and within this model I will implement the new standard of educational training.

I've already researched what it takes to become an accredited school and sketched out the blueprint of the steps required to accomplish the pre-launch model.

Now, I need the team, and any form of funds contributes anyone out there is willing to provide. 

What I do know is that I've built successful business organizations without a dime in my pocket. In the beginning, I did it because I had to.. there wasn't any room for failure, my children needed me. But this time, I plan on doing it big, and making a difference. I think it's time we all had the chance to remember.. this is the place where we should be able to achieve the American Dream again. 

I'm willing to hold my breath through a challenge once again and retire my Jill-of-all-Trade's Uniform if I can leave the world a better place. 



Option 1: Immediately.. we need funds for incorporation. 

Shooting to run this cause low budget to avoid the burden. I also intend on executing the pre-launch phase as quickly as possible so I can financially breathe again.

Option 2: Volunteers! I need volunteers. ((There WILL be employment after pre-launch, but this cause is about doing something good. I'm looking for innovators who want to be apart of an organization that could completely change our nation. I want a team that wants to be BOLD.))

If you want to be a volunteer, please send me send a message on our Facebook page, attached below:

FYI, the page is empty for now. This is the set-up phase. 

Volunteers Needed:

- Writers: I ramble (as shown here) .. this is the immediate need

- Research Specialists

- Market Specialists

- Analysts

- Brand Specialists

- Social Influencers

- Software Developers in Ionic, & Firebase

- Graphic Designers: UI, UX

- Teachers

- Acquisition Team

** If any of these titles sound Egyptian, don't get scared off. Accepting any form of volunteer work. I can just about guarantee there is a position for everything. 

Option 3: Share us! 

Option 4: Follow us! This operation will be completing a detailed research diagnostic of our impact, and we will be publishing data driven information on how we can give it all we've got.

** As we further develop.. we'll be adding job posts into our Facebook page, and as soon as our education program is live, we will announce it as well. 



#1 - Set Up: 1 Week ETA (( Current Phase ))

#2 - Base Foundation Structure: 1 - 3 Weeks ETA

#3 - Pre Launch Development: 4-8 Weeks ETA
-----> Submitting grants to education board, government sources, and initiating intent to achieving early accreditation acceptance.

#4 - Launch Deployment
-----> Job Openings
-----> Report economic findings and release our relief plan projection.

#5 - School Program Development: 4-8 Weeks ETA

#6 - School Program Launch Deployment: 4-8 Weeks ETA


All jobs and volunteer work will be COVID-19 geared. From home, on your own time. It's a killer plan, stay tuned!


If you'd like to support our family in our time of need, click here
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