Education for Diana

Meet Diana! She's lovely! And she's now 14! And she's from Kenya! And she's lovely! Did I mention that she's lovely?! I met Diana (and her family) ten years ago, in 2007, when I was a little insane and backpacked to Africa all alone, right out of University. I settled into a little village, specifically a house made of mud without electricity or water which just happened to make me her neighbour. Her mother was only 15 when she was born and they could barely feed themselves. Her mother helped me for a small sum by hand washing my clothing during my 8 months there and I promised myself that one day I would return her kindness. I got my first (real) job about a year later and decided to pay for Diana's school fees. She was in Grade 1 by that time. On my own, I've managed to educate her right up to the 8th grade and I am pretty proud of that accomplishment. She's also become a part of my (now) family and a 'big sister' to my daughters, too. She visits us during her school breaks (April, August and December) as we currently live in Nairobi ourselves. Diana needs to go to a decent boarding school as of next January in order to secure any decent future for herself. Her school fee needs will drastically increase with boarding school and so, I'm asking for your help! Help me finish educating Diana! I cannot say exactly how much her fees will cost right now and I know that I have likely overestimated. That being said, once she is accepted to a boarding school and I know exactly what her fee structure entails, any extra will simply be carried forth for 10th grade in 2019. If you'd like to help me change a bright young girls future, I would be forever grateful! Yours, Amanda
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