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Ebenezer Home Boarding School Inc. ‘Stone of Help’, is a privately own entity designed to minister to troubled children and young people, providing them a safe Christian home. We operate an Alternative school which is designed to empower, educate and facilitate at risk, maladjusted young people in obtaining a High school diploma or its equivalency.

For the past seven years, Ebenezer Home has been helping teens learn to take responsibility for their choices and develop a positive self-concept, enabling them to learn, to hope, dream, and work toward a happy, meaningful, and successful life. The goal of the program is to identify children and youth who are going through a turbulent transition to adulthood and offer positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives.

Ebenezer Home’s ministry continues to grow through your consistent support and monetary contributions. We are currently raising funds to purchase a fifteen seat minivan to assist in transporting our students to their daily activities. We again solicit your support in making this project a reality.


My name is Daisy. I am one of the many children born to my mother. Our family was not like any other family. My mom was an alcoholic, Satanist, drug addict, gang member, and prostitute which led to each of her children to have a different father. I was raised in a gang. I got taught everything at a very young age. From using guns and knives, to being able to fight with my own hands. Violence surrounded my family. Not only did violence surround my life but the demonic spirits and the substances we call drugs and alcohol. My mother was beyond falling off the edge. She was selfish, maybe that is why she used her children for her needs. My mother who was supposed to love and care for me turned our home into my personal brothel. I became a prostitute just like my mom. I got beaten till I was bloody, black, and blue. I was messed up. Every day for seven years the day would go the same. Every knock on the door would be another client. Men and women would come for their own sexual pleasure. They would take advantage of someone as helpless as I was. Sometimes they would even bring other children to experiment and bask in their desires. This life became normal for me. Once the abuse was done the money was passed to my mother and the next person would take their turn. This process left me not only broken physically but emotionally. I grew up like this thinking it was how everyone lived their lives. I was abused sexually, physically, emotionally. My life was chaos. My siblings were getting killed, running away, and getting locked up. I lived with the demons my mom introduced me to. I had no idea who my father was but my step dad was no better than my mom. He physically abused me and left me without food or water. I had to survive. This led me to drink and eat things that I could never imagine doing now. My family and my gang family turned me into that heartless cold person.

When I turned seven my step father due to DNA results found out I was not his. Because of this he brought me to the state’s office with the promise of picking me up in 6 months. This made me feel lost and like I was no one. I was then placed in foster homes, an orphanage, and then a mental hospital. I was violent and did things that people questioned. I then went to my last foster home which I stayed in for 2 ½ years. If I wasn't the devil’s child, I don't know who or what I was.  At the age of 10 I finally got adopted. This point in my life consisted of rage. I was angry and promised to make my new family's life a living hell. And that is exactly what I did. I fought this family’s love. I had my own plan. I hut them physically and emotionally. I got violent and even sent my mother to the hospital causing her to have health problems. At just the age of 10, I would sneak out at night and search for people that had the same life as those that raised me. Not long later I found a dangerous group. I now choose for myself to do drugs, drink, sleep around, and be involved in a gang. My adoptive parents had a clue, but they were oblivious to what I was actually doing. As I continued life, life burned me. Abuse followed me everywhere, I was in pain, and my relationships were horrible with both friends and guys. I allowed myself to release my guard and fell in love with a guy that did not turn out good.

Eventually I got sent to a rehab called teen challenge. There I played the system and did my dirt. I even told lies on my adoptive parents that would have gotten them behind bars. I ended up sexually acting out and got kicked out after 2 years. I got sent to another teen challenge and stayed for 8 months before I left. I got sent away to an island that I had never heard of by the name of St. Lucia. I came into Ebenezer Home Boarding School bitter and cold. Not really changing from my other programs, I continued to beat the system, fight staff and my parents. I had illegal encounters and played on dangerous grounds and was held accountable for them. My goal was to be behind bars or dead by my violent activities. As time went by staff started really working with me, seeing a plan for me in the future. They were trying to give me opportunities to change but I was so stubborn. It wasn't until I was excluded from the house that I started doing something. This is when I had to face myself and look at the ugly and dirty parts of me. I eventually, with the help of staff, my parent, sponsors, and God realized what I was doing. I made up my mind to stop fighting and accept the help to change me and my life. I made the decision to change.

Since choosing to yield to the process I have gained relationships with the staff and the director, Miss Alexis, that no one would have ever seen happening. I am even on a rebuilding path with the relationship with my parents. I am allowing myself to heal and deal with the issues of the past. I accepted God into my heart and gave him my life. Though I still struggle with him, God still works with me. I would say this I am at the best point of my life. I feel peaceful and hopeful. My life is finally looking bright with an amazing plan set out before me. I am proving all those people who said I couldn't do it, wrong. And mostly I am proving myself wrong. I feel safe at Ebenezer Home and no longer have to cover my back. I have been given the opportunity and privilege to be a leader in the house and I am moving up by the grace of God. No longer am I living by my past but striving for success. I will be finishing high school by April with a 4.0 GPA. I also hope to successfully complete my SATS. My goal is to enroll in the Military Marines by the end of 2018 and get in by 2019.

I thank God for Miss Alexis, the staff, and my parents. My journey is not over but it has just begun in the path of becoming a mature young lady.

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