Donations to Help Travis Waters

I am asking for help for my son Travis Waters to help cover his bills and expences for the next few months. 

He will be out of work due to a vehicle accident.  T

This is one week after the surgery on his major ring area, (hip and pelvis area) they are telling me this morning they are concerned he may actually have a spinal injury as well. They are looking into that this morning.

He has already gotten a severe infection in the surgery incision and they are having to pack it.

And the therapy team here at UK came in and have been trying to do transfers with him, so far they have to use a hoyer lift to get him in and out of bed.

The left leg can only have the weight of an egg on it. Which means to NOT crush an egg. And the right leg is completely immoble ATM. They are trying to figure out why.

The bones they say will heal within 6-8 weeks...the nerve damage may actually take as much as a year to repair themselves.

In the meantime he feels the pain from the nerves but is unable to use or move his right leg at all.

He is terrified he will be disabled for life. He knows as of this morning it isn't going to be the "quick" healing he thought he would have.

It's going to be a long painful process. And he isn't going to be able to work during this healing process.

We do not know the full time it will take to recover, but anything anyone can give will help.

This is NOT for a new truck, as some have speculated. 

At this  point he doesn't even know if or when he will ever be able to drive again.

It's to help pay for his expenses and bills while he is down.

We found out yesterday, that his vehicle insurance will only pay up to $10,000.00 on his Life Flight, (the helicopter ride to the UK Hospital in Lexington KY the night of the wreck.)

The only other insurance he had is Well Care and it will only cover so much of his medical bills.

It will not cover the the expenses and bills he has and it will not cover his time off for work.

Which WILL take months.  Anything you can send will be helpful. Even if it's just $5.00-$10.00 each. It will help. Thank you

For those who dont know me. My name is Audrey Waters and Travis Waters is my son.

             *The night of the accident.*
No parent ever wants to get a call that their child has been in an accident. On , Oct. 26, 2019 in the early hrs of the morning...I got that terrifying call.

You always hear about stuff like this on TV, but never think it will happen to you or someone you love.

It was late at night and raining hard. And it was chilly outside...around 50 degrees that night.

My son says the last thing he remembers is that he was upset when he left the house that night due to a stupid argument with his girlfriend.

His truck hydroplaned on the wet roads and he lost control. The truck went into such a hard severe spinout that some how threw him out of the side glass of his truck.

No,he wasn't wearing a seat belt said he wasn't going far only a couple miles down there road.

He said when he woke up, he had been thrown over the hill somehow and he drug himself back to his truck in the rain.

He knew he had to get to his phone to call for help, but the truck was still in gear and it has Auto lock doors so he couldn't drag himself back into the truck to get help or to get out of the weather.

He had no choice but to lay there. Hoping someone would find him. He lives on a backwoods road and knew the chances of that would be minimal if it would happen at all. He didn't know how bad his injuries actually were. 

His girlfriend got worried and called 911 to go find him around 1:45 am...I got the phone call from the sheriff (his second cousin) at 4:00 am.

He told me Travis had been in a bad accident and was being transported to Somerset Hospital by ambulance.

Which terrified me bc anyone that knows Travis knows he doesn't go to the doctors office, let alone the hospital! And sure not by ambulance! So I knew it was serious.

I called family to get to him bc, being a trucker I was in SC with a load on the truck headed to FL. I had a long trip back home to get to him.

I waited for someone to tell me how bad it was and soon I got word he had Hypothermia and Shock and they were trying to get his core temp to stabilize.

(He had been alone out in the cold rain with no way to get out of it for hrs, before the deputies actually found him.

So his girlfriend literally saved his life when she called for him. (I thank God she listened to  that soft voice that told her if she went on to bed and waited til morning to call...that it would be to late.)

I also found out they were Life Flighting him on to UK Hospital in  Lexington KY for his injuries and I knew then it was severely bad and possibly even life threatening.

He had broken his pelvic and hips in 6 places. The major ring in his midsection. 

His right leg had been damaged and the knee had been dislocated and we we're were told that his ligiments were torn loose from top of his leg to the bottom of the foot.

He had artery damage in the main artery in his right leg that the docs were watching as well. 

They put his right side in traction to keep artery from being slivered in two and to try to stabilize his hip and pelvic area until they could operate. 

They had originally said they would be doing emergency surgery as soon as he arrived in Lexington, but they ran a bunch of tests on him and had to wait for the results to come back.

They did CT scans, MRIs, every kind of blood work possible on him. They finally operated on him Tuesday.

The artery had healed itself enough that it didn't need to be operated on Thank God, and his knee went back in place without surgery as well...also Thank God!

We were looking at a separate surgery for it in the beginning, but it meant longer to heal time this was good news!!!

The only thing they had to do was screw his hips and pelvis back together and reattached the right side back to his spine area. 

The left side as well...right side had been torn completely loose and the left side had been tore loose a little bit. 

They did the surgery four days ago...and he is healing. Praise God! I realize it could have been so much worse!

In any case, many people were asking for a location and place to send the donations for him and I had to set him up a separate account at the bank that the funds from everyone would go straight into it for him. I was finally able to do that yesterday. 

Anyone who wants to donate directly to him by the bank the account is at the United Cumberland Bank in McCreary County KY.

It's name is Travis Waters GoFundMe account # 7051911, just make sure to tell them the GoFundMe account for him and give the account number...bc they are concerned about others setting up accounts that he may not actually just make sure you donate to the right account. 

Thank you in advance, for everyone that has already been donating and helping!

He is going to need all the help he can get, bc it's going to take 6-8 weeks of intense physical therapy and half of that time will be in a rehab in Corbin Baptist Hospital...when they finally release him from here at UK.

He is going to be off work for a long time and definitely will need the help to pay his bills and to be able to get the things he needs that insurance doesn't cover. 

The  biggest thing right now is to get him healed and it looks like it may be a long road to recovery for him.

Again, thank you for your help and that you for your donations.


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