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Hi, my name is Chelsea Bordonaro, and I am a parent of two children at Lenox Children's Center.
Unfortunately, several events over the last year have caused the school to look into relocating from the building they have occupied since the 1980s. The LCC did everything they could to communicate their needs and maintain their current lease, but given the lack of communication and reassurance they have received from key players in the ordeal, they have decided to move forward with a more advantageous space in the Lenox Commons. This new space will need approximately $200,000 in renovations to get it up to code and student-ready over the next few months.
On 4/20/22, the LCC had a meeting with the majority of the LCC parents. The consensus was there were too many uncertainties and unanswered questions for the school to stay in the current building with no clear schedule for repairs and without knowing the cost of the necessary repairs. Those in attendance unanimously felt we should move to Lenox Commons.
On 4/21/22, the LCC informed their landlord of their intent to leave the building. Their goal is to stay in operation until the end of August at their present site, close for five days for moving and resettling, and reopen on September 1 at Lenox Commons. The parents and the administration feel this arrangement would be the least disruptive.
In conclusion, the LCC is a non-profit, relying on tuition payments from parents to pay for the daily costs and they hope to receive community support and donations in order to defray this move's substantial and unexpected cost. Thank you for your consideration and support of this incredible preschool community we consider family.


Organizer and beneficiary

Chelsea Bordonaro 
Stockbridge, MA
Marianne Vallee