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If I were you, I would doubt the story I'm about to tell because it's too uncommon. I'm uncertain if I'd believe myself so I've collected a ton of things for you to look at upfront. It might be best to follow the link(s) before you even read further. I've heard most of the content on my site is somehow invisible so I also add a link to my new podcast. 

Since 2004, I've been stalked by someone the German police suggested is either from organized crime or a spy. I'm a US citizen who lived in Germany as an immigrant.

In 2011, I fled with just one suitcase, already out of money and I also lost my fully paid apartment. Most importantly, I had to change my name and break all contact with friends. 

Going public is a very painful process for me, but the higher goal of not just saving myself, but also (and you will see how this statement is less hysterical than it sounds) saving the world from a big evil.

You will learn more about the stalking details and crimes if you support this cause. It's too much to put in an introductory text. 

More relevant than the criminal actions I suffered in the past are the evidence, leads, and links I found recently to actual severe crime. I need your help to continue finding what the most dangerous criminal in the world is up to. 

The police in Germany forwarded the case to the German FBI because it appears a police person was involved. They found a ton of crime, but they couldn't link it to a person. 

I named my ex-boyfriend, Marc Veith (the Exi I), as the stalker, but I was wrong. The real stalker was framing him perfectly, including the use of deepfakes and fake voices already 18 years ago, when this technology was highly uncommon and unknown to "regular" people, such as myself.

I also went to the police in the United States several times because the stalker had me after less than 24 hours. The Lake County Sheriffs tried to help, and they also sent me to the FBI in Chicago. You learn much more about all of this, it's hundreds of stories.

Later, I went to the Fox Lake police, and I told them that I don't have concrete new evidence. I asked if they can kindly just click on the profile of the Exi I. I know he knows who clicks on his profiles. 

Every time I went to the police, something changed. It gave like a short breather, but it also became increasingly difficult to get any concrete evidence. 

The times when I receive a death threat in the form of an eerie fairy tale (that I and my brother (likely the Exi I) will vanish) are long gone. My visit to the FBI was in 2011. 

I was sitting at the river ever since. 

In March 2020, a YouTuber named Onision (legal name unknown, he pretends to be from the United States, but I can already make believable that he's from Germany, or at least German is his first language) told me that he was stalking me since 2004 and that it was originally about getting to the Exi I. 

While I am normally a realatively honest and straightforward person, this stalker had already taken out 1/3 of my life. My mother, too, has been targeted with electronic weapons. "Because she was not a good mother."

The Exi I back in 2004 had an extended streak of back luck that began with an acid burn that got him nearly four weeks of intensive care, police calls, break-ins, surveillance, and whatnot. 

Only after I exchanged a few emails with him (the Exi I) back in 2006, has Onision started watching me and surveilling me 24/7 as well. 

So, I said, blackmailed by the critical health condition of my old mother in Germany (she went nearly deaf from "sound she cannot record" ... I assume Infrasound, and she could hardly walk from the pain the doctors don't find the reason for (in my mind, a microwave weapon)), I texted Onision that I agree to marry him. 

I was waiting for 10 years, to get to the stalker. This isn't a threat of violence, but a threat of aura. The stalker is a cellar troll with sophisticated electronic weapons and Vanguard money. He's not scary in person. ln person, he's scared. 

I set conditions, that made my acceptance obsolete from the beginning. Onision said, the only thing he was responsible for is a fake police call (another psychopathic story you will learn more about) and then re-routing my calls to three police stations so that I cannot report it. 

My conditions were
  • The name he told me must be his legal name (I already knew it wasn't.)
  • He can never commit any act of stalking against me going forward (under 24/7 surveillance, he's deleting my emails, stealing payments I receive, taking over profiles on social media, and much, much more.)
  • He must give me evidence so that I could go to the police successfully if I wanted. (We have a seriously uncommon, perhaps unknown to the US technology to discuss through that, and we know the reason why so far nobody could find him.)

You will see the level of intrusion that led to this crime still being unreported.  Technically, I offered an opportunity with conditions that were broken, to begin with. 

But, again, it's electronics and psycho-terror. The person is hidden in a cellar in Milwaukee. I'll share info on how to find him too, and there are Wireshark protocols, memory dumps, partition copies, and much more. 

How do I know he's in Milwaukee? 

I assume the police (like, high-level, not local cops) are looking for him for a very long time. When he wanted to marry me in April 2020, he came to Milwaukee, and someone was trying to get him. 

So, they messed up my chance, didn't catch him, and I believe he's still here. 

I nearly died then. You might have heard of the worldwide phenomenon of "gang" stalking (you'll learn a lot about how people are purposefully misled about the agenda and number of involved players later on). I'm under the impression it's led by Onision. 

I also ended up in a homeless shelter for about six weeks. No phone, no laptop - just surveillance. My (German, not US) papers were taken there. The original of my birth certificate was taken later, in 2022.

In 2022, he had me again stalked out of money, and opportunities. He realized that "someone" (you'll find out later, he is going after a few elites, too) was looking, and tried to deflect from what he did in 2020. 

After weeks of psycho terror with electronic weapons, he got me into a 6-day street death hunt, and we have leads to look into. Tons of traces. I was also kidnapped. I nearly died at least 5 times. 

I found the identities of the three main actors, and two other identities of people who were likely involved. 

They didn't do that for the first, tenth, or possibly 100th time. They are serial killers, and we now have a lot of information. 

A nerd person from German organized crime kills people around the world, and blames the American government, claiming it's a CIA-funded hunt, even though top officials, and CIA agents, too, have been on the receiving end. 

Here are what crimes I already found:
  • Identities of some kiwifarms stalkers (the most dangerous, in my mind Onision-led stalking community outside the dark web).
  • Massive Ring camera (and likely other security firms) intrusions and abuse.
  • Three black cops involved in the death hunt on me. They cannot be cops going forward.
  • Links to likely fraudulent medical health billing, and connections of gang stalking to low-income housing (so that victims land in "prepared" stalking houses, and much more.
  • Possible connection of "elite" kiwifarms, Ligue de lol (influential in media in Europe).
  • Tons of other "minor" frauds, such as love scams, SSI scams, likely BLM scams, financial scams, unemploment money scams.
  • High number of black folks involved in several crimes, posing as females on social media.
  • Three dirty black cops in Milwaukee who tried to kill me / get me locked up as mental, thanks to drugs, and electronics weapons.
  • The poster of this was purposefully misled, not crazy:
  • Information how "gang" stalking works.
  • Links to potential medical billing fraud in the United States of America and Germany.
  • Links to what looks like straw firms (or missing people?) and organized crime in Germany.
  • Links to "fake" (run by taken-over identities of missing people) companies that also work with our Big Pharma, Big Tech, Finance industry, and even our government. In Germany, India, England, and the United States (so far)
  • Tons, and tons, and tons, and tons of missing people whose identity has been stolen, and they have not been declared dead. Also identities of dead people that are used to "run" companies.
  • A - Z story of stalking through Amazon customer service (not an opinion, a fact. Onision doesn't want the laptop shipped hacked back, and, yes, I have receipts, not just opinions).
  • Evidence of untrustworthy software companies, such as VPN, cloud software, password manager, etc.
  • Pointers that the whole backstory of Onision is a lie, and that there are at least 20 people who met him in person or digitally missing and/or replaced by bots.
  • Pointers of election manipulation, yes, even Donald Trump has been targeted massively by kiwifarms, even though they took down most of the content after a pretense of "refusal of service" by (in my mind) Onision-led or infiltrated Cloudflare. 
  • Massive ad fraud in high 2 digits of Google's total ad revenue.
  • Manipulation of several Google tools, including YouTube, and search engines.
  • Spamming of popular social media sites with bots.
  • Amazon book frauds.
  • Manipulation of Social Media Sites.
  • Even a potentially missing former FBI agent.
  • Possible infiltration of several influential US companies'  customer service and IT.
  • Blackmail... but I'd respect everyone's interest in staying anonymous. The more you learn, the more you can guess. Just shhhh.

I need help in several ways. You can help, even if you cannot give money. Contact me through the website, in that case. There are several ways to help that don't cost a cent. You could ask people, or perhaps you offer a service that comes in useful. Also, you can help spread the word, and I'm happy to give you premium access just for that.

I need money for 
  • A car
  • I couldn't see a doctor in over 12 years, and I need to see doctors
  • Continuing this investigation
  • Supporting myself while it's literally impossible to work
  • Lawyers
  • Replacing basic items I keep losing through stalking and death hunts
  • Electronics, such as a laptop, phone, etc
  • Searching for my mom, they said they meanwhile killed (Wesley Aaron Marks, aka Wes Moast, and then 40 identities)
Asking people for donations, when I'd be perfectly capable of taking care of myself without stalking, is very hard for me. 

However, I indeed seem to have an excellent hand in finding the crimes of the person the world is searching for for a long time. 

I also built a few traps for him, which we can follow up on - or the law enforcement. So far, I wasn't even able to get any information through to Project Veritas or the (real) FBI. Project Veritas uses untrustworthy Protonmail, and I'm not even sure it was really Project Veritas staff responding (James O'Keefe referred me to one of his colleagues.) The former FBI agent, I was talking to, is likely missing. In the best case, his profile on LinkedIn has been taken over. 

If you want to do me a favor, don't make my "artist name" (I used it since I moved to the United States and I use it for providing my Emotional Intelligence Training) rank for this, so that just my legal name gets "spoiled", if any. I'm not looking for any form of attention, public gratitude, or similar.

I want to lead a simple, peaceful life.

I will go back as soon as I can to providing emotional intelligence training and leave the "survivor" role behind. I do not wish to identify as a "survivor." 

My advice to "drama YouTubers" and other brain cancer is to stay away from this investigation with high visibility (even though it's unreported.) The stalker also targeted my LinkedIn connections and even former clients.

Here's what your donation supports:
  • I can survive to continue the investigation and find evidence and crime people are searching for for the longest time
  • The end of falsely declaring victims mental and perhaps also people who landed in jail through framing with electronic weapons
  • Cleaning up the good name of our government and its institutions of the false, fast-growing "conspiracy theory" that our FBI and CIA fund death hunts world-wide
  • Cleaning the name of China and Russia from crimes that were not committed by them ... that's an effortless side-effect, and only means that they're being framed for some things. 
  • Stopping a nerd mafia.
  • Gaining back control over our media.
  • Helping to get the most dangerous Vanguard, I mean criminal, brought to justice.
  • Exposing the real COVID scam, and likely the reason for some violent events/riots.
  • Fixing the parts of our food system that are due to blackmailed elites (no kidding).
  • Ending "gang" stalking with electronic weapons, such as microwave technology.
  • Gaining back control over our elections. 
  • Ridding the minds of our citizens of the idea of a "deep state" (a government hostile towards its citizens) as described by McAfee, in my mind also a misled victim of "gang" stalking (see his videos with a Faraday protection and soundproofed)
  • Maybe even finding a pedophile or two (going by intuition, no concrete evidence yet)
  • The most surprising aspect: we even help clean up the names of local Chicago gangs, the real death hunters blame, such as the Black Disciples, and Brick Squad. Most black folks involved, appear to be former victims, not mafia or street.
  • And much, much more. 
  • Like, really, much, much more.

Sounds too big? Then you haven't looked here:

Please help me help the world.

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