Cancer Sucks

Cancer.  It's the kind of word that captures people's attention in ways you could never imagine.  It's a word that makes positivity run in the other direction.  You never expect it to hit you or your loved ones.  You never expect it to hit so close to home that it physically hurts you personally in every way possible.  In March of 2017, we were given the news that everyone dreads.  My mom, the warrior that she is, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  This just happened to be on her 12 year anniversary of being in remission from breast cancer.  That right there is why she is a warrior.  She has fought this before.  And she has won.  Like a fricken champ.  

This cancer has presented us with a lot more challenges.  Including the spot on her lung, there were also spots on her brain, liver, and spine.  The doctor told her that she could have had this for the last 5 years without knowing.  Lung cancer is a silent killer in many and extremely hard to detect.  There are virtually no symptoms to warn you.  All my mom had was a terrible cough for a little longer than normal. When she went into the doctor for the second time, they found it.  That "C" word.  The one that no one wants to hear and the thing that no one should have to go through.  Twice.

My mom began radiation right away for the spots on her brain.  She then went into her first batch of chemo for the last few months.  This time around, her dosage was much higher, much more aggressive, and much more challenging to handle.  As she began to lose her hair for the second time, I realized just how much she represents the meaning of the word "fighter".  My mom doesn't just put up a fight.  She kicks cancer's ass with all her might.  There are no words to describe how much I admire her strength and courage to have to fight this for a second time.  

With all that said, I should mention something about her biggest support, and most humble person I have ever had the pleasure to know.  My dad has been with her through it all.  From every time she's sick, to making sure she has the correct medicine, to shaving her head when it all began to fall out.  He is my mom's guardian angel and the most hardworking man I will ever meet.  When I watch him take care of my mom, I am in awe by how caring and loving he is to her.  It may not be something he predicted in his life and it sure as hell is not something he asked for, but he's there for every step of the way.  He is the man I will always admire and always look up to.  If I can be half of what he is someday, I will have succeeded in life.

Our story is no different than anyone else who is going through something like this.  I don't pretend to think that this is the worse than someone else's experience.  I do know that in order to fight cancer, you need a community.  It is not a solo experience.  It is not one of those things you can "tough" your way through.  Through the emotional and financial impact, it can literally drag you through the mud.  I am reaching out in more ways than one.  Yes, GoFundMe is a website to raise money, but I am also looking to build our community.  My mom needs an army behind her.  My mom's faith is what got her through the first time and will get us all through the second.  If you feel the call to pray, pray hard.  And with all your might. 

All I'm looking to do is help in a way that will relieve some of the roadblocks in their lives.  With the increasing medical bills and other stressors occuring from this experience, I ask that you read this story with an open heart and an open mind.  If you are unable to donate, THAT'S OKAY.  I am only looking for support and love.  My mom is a champion, a warrior, and will fight this thing.  I thank you in advance for the support and love as we build up an army for her.
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