South Suburban Diversity Dinners

Dear Friends of Diversity DInners:

The South Suburban Diversity Dinners committee wishes to thank you for your generous support in the past. We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Diversity DInners will be held on Saturday, April 21st at Rich South High School in Richton Park.

The  theme is “The State of Diversity in the South Suburbs: Have We Progressed?”  A new and exciting format is being used that is informative, unifying, and empowering and will make for engaging conversations to build stronger and more vibrant communities.

Your support is needed now more than ever to continue this important work started by the founding members 21 years ago. Please consider making a donation to the South Suburban Diversity Dinners.

Sponsorship Levels:
Bronze: $1 - $99 Silver: $100 - $249 Gold: $250 - $499 Platinum: $500+

For additional ways to get involved this year or for more information, visit

Additonal Details:

The program will feature an address by Troy Cicero, President of MulticultuReal Communications, and small group discussion facilitated by trained volunteers over dinner.

Troy Cicero, with his firm MulticultuReal Communications, specializes in consulting, training, facilitating, and speaking for groups, using a methodology that emphasizes engaging in real conversations, with real respect, building real relationships, for real results.

With the expertise and guidance Troy brings, we aim to deliver an event that will invoke meaningful, informed, and inspiring conversations between community members. This year, we will hold a more comprehensive facilitator training, with the goal of creating a highly productive group environment in which all participants feel comfortable discussing their thoughts and experiences.

Our mission is straightforward: building positive relationships through cross-cultural communications, while acknowledging our similarities and appreciating our differences. It is imperative that neighbors are given a platform to discuss tough issues such as diversity and learn through one another. We cannot do it alone. So, we are inviting individuals, businesses and organizations to help sponsor this year’s event by contributing at any of the levels listed. 

Your contribution will help fund this event, allowing us to bring in such inspirational speakers, and offer a more rigorus facilitator training, making sure that our attendees leave having had meaningful & transofmitive conversations that they can share with their neighbors.


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