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Legal Fund for Stephen Fray

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Jamaica Gleaner/Stephen Fray
In April 2009, Stephen Fray suffered a severe mental breakdown. Acting as a prisioner of his own mental disturbances, he illegally boarded an airplane and forever changed the lives of many. Since then, he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. It's unfortunate that many times it takes something extreme to happen for us to realize when problems exist. Mental illness is a disease we need to acknowledge. Locking one away in a prison, to live under deplorable conditions and not receive the medical attention they need is not the way to fix the problem; it makes it worse. We hope you will be able to find it in your hearts to donate to this young man's well being. To give him a chance to be removed from his current confines and be placed in an institution where he may have an opportunity to get proper medical help. Any monetary donations you can afford to assist in Stephen's legal fees would be well appreciated. Thank you for all your support.


Shanna Fray

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