Dental Implants:To Correct Speech & Alleviate Pain

When I was a teen, I had very crooked teeth. My loving parents, paid for me to have braces, and when they came off, I had beautiful  teeth. Due to my health around the age of 25, my teeth started becoming brittle, and I lacked the enamel needed to aid in preventing cavities, and among other health issues, one of them being Gerd, and having to take various other medications, this aided in causing numerous dental issues.
One by one, each tooth began to fall apart. I've never experienced  such extreme, and excruciating pain! I never knew when the next tooth would fall apart. I spent money, and along with insurance, paid for multiple root canals, and crowns to try, and save my teeth. As they would fall apart, food would get stuck deep inside the cracks and under the gum line, to where every time I ate, I would have to use a metal dental pick to gently clean out the hole, sometimes I'd accidentally hit the nerve of a tooth, and I would feel a deep agonizing sharp pain that hurt so badly I had once actually passed out, because it was so, severe! There were even 3-4 times, the pain sent me to the ER, and I would have to beg them for a doctor that could do a dental block with injections.
I've gone through countless Orajel, Ambesol tubes, and other products just to somehow stop the pain. I felt like I kept those companies in buisness! I used tooth temporary filling repair kits, oral rinses, prescription numbing rinse, heat packs, cold packs, heating pads, ibuprofen, water bottles, natural remedies, name it, I've used it! Due to such breakage, the majority, were unable to be saved. The xray photo I added to my profile, is from last year. I currently only have 2 front teeth, and 1 molar on the top right side of my mouth. I have cavities in two of those, and due to the grinding of how I chew now, compensating for lost teeth, the front two are ground down, and not their normal length. I have several missing from the bottom.
The lack of enamel, has also caused discoloration (although I was diagnosed with gerd, so it may also, be due to that).
When you remove teeth, your teeth shift to compensate for chewing. Along with loosing my teeth, the lack of having teeth, causes bone loss in that area. As a result, I now have a speech impediment which affects  my abilities to sing, or just speak clearly! I now have a lisp as well. It has also, caused a very bad underbite, causing me to have trouble eating normally. It's awkward, and very difficult to bite, and chew food. It causes pain, and soreness when I chew, making my TMJ even worse! I had paid, to get regular dentures, due to cost, and I felt that it would have allowed me to eat normally again, however, after taking pictures, xrays, and so forth, all of the experts such as Periodontist, Endodontist, Oral Surgeons, and specialists all agree, that dentures would not be stable enough to remain in my mouth. They would fall out due to the underbite, and current bone structure.
Although, best case would be a whole set of implants, that would be way to expensive. They are trying to also, save what natural teeth I have left, to prevent even more bone loss, along with getting the least amount of implants. The only other alternative to try, and fix my underbite, is jaw surgery, where the bone would be shaved down, and realigned along with dental implants.
I have found 2 specialists, that feel they can come very close to getting my bite to match properly to regain the function to eat normally, and it's through the use of fixed dentures. It would impliment using 4-6 implants total, I believe, and removing more teeth.
The two doctors have different ideas on the process, but both agree on how much it may cost. 
This is all very frustrating, because I love to do photography /videography, and was in the midst of creating new things. I find I'm unable to interact with people in front of the camera, or with other artist, due to not being able to be understood clearly, or I'm very self conscious, as not to smile, and I no longer enjoy being on video, or in front of the camera to interview people, or do the  things I normally would.
It's been hard as a family of 5 to afford dental work for myself. Due to my other health issues, I have been a stay at home mom. Although, I feel I have very good dental insurance, unfortunately, the insurance companies see this as cosmetic in their industry, although to me, or anyone else in my situation, it is clearly a medical necessity! The doctors all agree it is as well, but they are not able to get medical insurance to pay for it. This is also frustrating, due to me also, having what I feel to be good health insurance benefits, as well. I would appreciate any comments about knowledge on getting the medical insurance cover my dental implant needs, if anyone has any suggestions, please leave me a note! 

I am asking for help in raising money for Dental Implants so I can function normally every day. I want to eat, and speak normally again, and to simply feel like I can smile, and eat normally again, without judgement, or stares. I'm tired of the pain, infection, and missing out on life! I want to be happy, and smile again!

Thank you, for taking the time to read about me. God bless, and keep, you all.


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Mrs Morante 
Irving, TX
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