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It lives in the cramped spaces between shadows, in the rear right side of my brain, just behind my ear. It wanders, relentlessly scratching along the pink, fleshy walls of my mind with its unkempt fingernails, shouting obscenities at other thoughts as they skitter across lobes and cortexes. It vomits poison and corrupts my mind with whispers of death. It reminds me how his blood felt running down the back of my hands. How my knuckles tore as they raked across his cheekbones. How his tooth cracked loose from his gums and the muffled gargle as he choked on it. It laughs and calls me a coward for running away.

The wind rustles through the pines, dances into my ears, and carries the vile voice away.

It's quiet now. My thoughts are my own.

                                    -- Excerpt from Shade

Shade Synopsis

Clendon Kiernan wanders through the halls of his high school and streets of his small hometown of Ellis like a ghost "“ hated, rejected, cold, alone. Feared. But Ellis is right to fear him. Clen is a Shade, and a shadow is growing inside him, eclipsing his soul.

Clen is soon hunted by both sides of a war that's raged for thousands of years. A war that will consume Ellis. Then consume the world. Now he must peel away the layers of secrecy, uncover his long forgotten history, and discover why he is the key to saving the future.

Can Clen quell the darkness consuming his soul and save the people who have rejected him his entire life? Or will they need to be saved from him?

Help Make Shade a Success

I've always dreamed of a career as a full-time writer. To free myself from the nine to five routine. To fund my life doing what I love. To have creativity be my business. To let the characters running wild in my head pay the bills. Recently, I've come one step closer to realizing that dream! My debut novel, Shade, will be released as an e-book on 9/30/2014.

Shade is becoming a reality, but the work of making it a success begins right now! To truly reach the audience I want to reach, to launch Shade into bestsellerdom and me toward my dream of full-time writerhood, I need to launch an engaging, energetic, multimedia marketing campaign that will get people as excited to read Shade as I was to write it. And I need your help to do it! 

Shade Marketing Campaign

My goal is to launch a dynamic and effectic campaign that will put Shade on e-readers everywhere. My marketing strategies include:

I. Preview Digital Comic Book
This free, 6-page digital comic will provide readers a window into the world of Shade before the book is released via an extremely popular medium with an ever expanding market. Diamond Comic Distributors sold an estimated 84.51 million copies of its top 300 comic books for a total of $308.71 million in 2013!

Professional Artist for pencils, inks, and lettering: $330
Professional Artist for colors: $210
Professional Comic Book editor: $100

II. Cinematic Book Trailer
"Cinematic book trailers create the opportunity to squeeze in more than you can with a blurb or a jacket synopsis. Through film we offer the chance to spread the idea of your book in a way that's engaging to readers and expresses the plot and tone of your book without compromising the reading experience."

"They're a hybrid of film, music and advertising. The typical "book trailer" fails because it fails to be permanent. It barely succeeds in being relevant. That's mostly due to poor quality standards. Slideshows. Still frames. Cinematic Book Trailers remain with the book as long as the book is out there. They're stand-alone works of art, and we create them with the idea of giving the viewer just a taste of the book: the tone, the pacing, the details, enough to create an interest in the book and its author."

                                      --From the website of Red 14 Films

Red 14 films produce amazing Book Trailers with great passion and creativity. They've worked with authors like Anthony Swofford (Jarhead) and their production crew has worked on major feature films like Angels and Demons and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.

Cinematic Book Trailer from Red 14 Films: $3000 

III. Book Launch Party

According to Writer's Digest, "an outstanding book launch party can attract publicity, engage readers, and drive sales." It is a celebration, but also a way to announce the arrival of something years in the making. I plan to use my launch party as an opportunity to engage my community and drive local sales of Shade in the early days of its release, creating momentum for its drive to bestsellerdom. Local media will be invited to help spread the word.

Refreshments: $400
Promotional Materials: $500
Venue: $400
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