Debby's Dental Nightmare

Hi I'm Gayle O'Connor and I'm starting this GoFundMe page for my dear friend Debby (Desjardins) Evinger. If you know Deb I don't need to tell you she has the biggest heart and is one of the most caring, selfless people you'll ever meet. Proud and stubborn also describes her well...but we'll get to that!

Debby has been dealing with dental issues her entire life and has been able to "do what needed to be done" which included multiple extractions do to soft teeth and a congenital condition that caused bone loss in her jaw precipitating additional tooth loss. Deb got to a point where eating the most basic of foods became difficult if not impossible.

In October of 2014 she knew she needed dental implants and couldn't put it off any longer so when she relocated to Texas she started searching out specialists. The first set of specialists came up with a treatment plan but after the initial surgery it was discovered through 3D X-Rays that Deb didn't have enough bone for even the smallest of implants to work! Over the next year she searched for and found the right oral surgeon and Dental Design Specialist. They did the first grafting surgery in May of 2015, grafting of lower and upper jaw...after waiting 6 months it was discovered that she needed more grafting! Next surgery was in February of 2017 (involved Sinus augmentation and bone marrow aspiration, grafting was done using cow and cadaver bone as well) and though they thought it went well, they still weren't sure they could do what she needed...kept brain storming and have come up with the latest plan. It will take 2 more surgeries to get more grafting and implants placed.

Deb never thought it would take this long but with all the pain and healing required between surgeries it has. Through the initial 3 surgeries she has accumulated $34,861 of debt and has been waiting on the next surgery to pay down the debt already incurred. The problem is she can't wait too long because grafting will not be successful unless you put an implant in to hold it in place. The next two surgeries will cost another $33,165 with the denture being made and permanently implanted. Deb's stress level has been high and constant regarding actually going through the surgeries and also how she would be able to finance the cost. Dental insurance won't cover any it!

She didn't want everybody to know the depths and struggles of her nightmare. So for much of the past 3 years she has mostly kept it to herself. However she recently wrote me the following: "I am not one to ask people for help...I am the "I got this, I'll do it myself" person! It's very hard for me to ask for any kind of assistance but at this point and time I don't know what else to do!! I have heard a lot of comments i.e. "Do you really need to spend so much in order to have a nice smile?" This is not for vanity, I just want to be able to eat and chew food...some will never know what it feels like to be so very hungry and not be able to eat, it's horrible trust me! And then there's..."stop worrying it will be okay", huh? What? What do you mean don't worry? I am so very far in debt I am sick about it! There is a lot to worry about, and I am!"

I don't want Deb to face all of this alone. I'm asking you to consider helping. Please consider what you're willing to contribute for this selfless friend who's facing more surgery and what most would consider insurmountable debt.

Debby will be the only beneficiary listed on this funds account, so any funds raised will go directly to her. Thank you so much!
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