Daniel Dorsett's medical expenses

(Daniel Dorsett with his sisters Erin and Brittany)

Hello, we are the Dorsett’s of Valdosta, GA. My name is Wayne and I’ve been a Baptist Pastor for almost 40 years. My wife Joy has been a Registered Physical Therapist since 1976. We would like to tell you about Daniel, our 38-year-old son and his ongoing bout with cancer.

Initial Diagnosis
In November of 2016, Daniel was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Soon after diagnosis, he underwent successful surgery to remove the tumor. Subsequently, however, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to his stomach and lymph nodes in his abdomen. He immediately began a long and difficult period of treatment, including both chemotherapy and radiation, which successfully removed all but one tumor, located in his lower abdomen. 

This abdominal tumor began to significantly affect Daniel’s health. Before his diagnosis, Daniel worked out daily and was extremely fit. But when the cancer came it caused terrible nausea and vomiting that prevented him from eating very much at all. He had unbearable pain in his abdominal area that wouldn’t let him sleep or get comfortable. He lost 35 lbs. He became weak and looked emaciated. It was a terrible ordeal that lasted almost 8 months.

On July 19, 2017, he underwent another more extensive surgery at Augusta University in Augusta, GA to remove the abdominal tumor. This tumor was very aggressive and by that time had grown to encase his left ureter, muscle tissue in his back and other lymph nodes. The surgery resulted in the removal of this tumor weighing almost one pound along with the ureter and kidney, as well as muscle tissue from his back and a number of lymph nodes. 

Miraculously, the pathology revealed the tumor to actually be "dead tissue" and after an extensive hospital stay, Daniel was declared cancer free.

(Daniel recovering from surgery at Augusta University)
Return of the Cancer
However, in September 2017 a follow up PET scan revealed that the cancer had returned, this time in his liver. So, the ordeal begins again...

Plans at this time are for him to return to Augusta University to undergo more intensive chemotherapy, followed by stem cell replacement therapy. The chemo will require him to be hospitalized in Augusta for at least one week on two separate occasions. After that, he will be hospitalized for 3 full weeks (most likely through the Christmas holidays) for the stem cell treatment.

(Our family Christmas 2016)

A serious and immediate need for funds.
1.  Daniel has incurred steep medical costs related to lab work, doctor visits and medication, which are not covered by insurance or financial assistance programs.
2.  Daniel lives in Thomasville, GA. However, all of his treatments will take place in Augusta, GA, a four-hour drive from Thomasville.
3.  The upcoming chemotherapy treatments in Augusta will require that he stay in a local hotel. 
4.  Transportation and food costs will be required for each hotel stay.
5.  A parent or family member will need to accompany Daniel on his chemotherapy visits, as well as be there during his extended hospital stay. This will require transportation, hotel and food costs for them as well.
6.  Daniel will have ongoing expenses for meds, lab work and follow up doctor visits after his hospital stay. 

Daniel’s personal costs have already exceeded $2,000, and we estimate that the future costs through the end of the year will approach $6,500-$7,000. After this he will have ongoing costs for medicine, lab work and follow up doctor visits.

Daniel’s situation at this time is very serious and his need for help is genuine.

To all potential donors:
Daniel's doctors are very positive about the overall potential for Daniel's full recovery so it is imperative that he be able to take advantage of the full extent of the treatment he needs.

This is a humble request for financial help for Daniel during this crisis time in his life. Your donations will help to remove a great burden from his shoulders as he makes his way toward healing and recovery. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help. Your prayers and your financial support are vital for Daniel as he literally fights for his life.
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