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Hello everyone. My name is Brittani Lee, I am 24 years old, & I am from Texas. The fashion industry, as a whole, is something that I am beyond passionate about. I am applying to the University of the Arts (London College of Fashion) to become a Menswear designer. I am trying to get to NYC in order to build my portfolio which will be due at the end of September. I also have a blog that I started in order to showcase how truly passionate I am ( 

I attended a great University for 3 yrs (Huston-Tillotson University). I was a Business Marketing major with a minor in English. Freshman year was good for me, my GPA wasn't too shabby & i was making friends. Sophomore year, i was flipping through Teen Vogue & stumbled upon an ad for "Fashion U" i had no idea what it was but i was in need of an atmophere change, i needed something new. So i applied, & a few weeks later, i was accepted. I will never forget that feeling.....3 am bathroom break....decided to check my email....saw the acceptance letter...SCREAAAAAMMMMED AND CRIED. I had never been more proud of myself. I had a job so i saved some money & i recieved help from my family & friends. The second i got off of the plane & that NYC wind hit my face, my life changed. I was instanly inspired. I'd never seen so many different people, so much culture. I'd never felt so much energy. Fashion U was an amazing experience. There was so much about the fashion industry that i did not know. I'd wanted to go to design school right after high school, but i made another choice so ,all of the things that i knew about the indutry at that point, was research based. I came back to Texas, then, nothing. No insipration, no energy, no life (as far as fashion goes). I was so empty & all i had to keep me going was my memoires, my diploma from Fashion U, & my passion. I stopped going to class, i was only showing up for major exams & my grades slipped. I was forcing a dream that was not mine to begin with. A couple of years later, i dropped out & decided to go back to NYC for Fashion Week. I was working at ULTA & Anthropologie. I'd made plans to stay in NYC for good BUT my fear & lack of confidence got the absolute best of me. Once again, i went to NYC, had an amazing experience, came back to Texas, & felt empty. Remember i'd dropped out, i had nothing to come back to. Nothing to be proud of, nothing. Life hit me HARD & fast in the worst ways. I stopped paying attention to my passion, i stopped listening to my heart, i stopped living. I couldn't blame anyone but myself & i did; i tortured myself for about a year. I moved to Chicago in that time, i didn't work out. I moved back to Houston with my Mother, that didn't work out, i moved to Dallas to stay with my Father, that didn't work out. I created my blog to keep myself current, to remind myself of my goals. I created my blog becuase, i had no other way to connect myself to the industry.

Now, i am sitting on my bed, in Texas. I have not been inspired, my blog is lacking vibrancy, my heart is lacking the connection, & my spirit is lacking the space to roam freely. I don't have any ties here. I have no children, no relationship, no obligations. I own about enough stuff to fit in a small car at this point. I don't want to come back this time. I would like to remain in NYC until I relocate to London. My passion is on the line. I don't want that emptiness. My passion has carried me through some of the toughest times in my life. My passion has shown me, how awesome i am. My passion slapped me in the face & told said "GET ME OUT OF HERE....". I believe in myself, i have confidence, i have RAW passion & talent. I have drive, i work hard, i know what i want. I know what i need. I know what my heart desires. I want the fashion industry;every inch of it. I want the marketing, i want the advertising, i want the runway, i want the fabric, i want the sheers....I WANT IT ALLLLLLLLLLL. I know fashion, I know menswear, I know style, I know people. I can do this, i know i have had set backs, i know i drove some ppl crazy. But i am not a quitter. I am a fighter. 

Believe in me, as much as i believe in myself....allow my passion to resonate within your hearts. Give me a chance to follow my dreams & allow them the chance to follow me back. Anything helps truly. I LOVE TEXAS....but its no longer my home. I cannot settle. I want this more than i have wanted anything in my entire life. London is my final destination. Being in NYC will give me the tools & the knowlege that i need in order to truly make a name for myself. I am not just another "wanna be designer". I don't have the "look" but i have the passion. Beauty fades but my passion will love me until the very last breath that i take. With your help i can truly make something of myself. Anything helps. Thank you for your time. 

Peace & love
Brittani Lee.


Brittani Dashai

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