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The Implications of Continued Evolution

Research on Consciousness

Once the idea is accepted, after clinical verification, there will occur an upheaval in every sphere of human activity and thought. The world will not then be what is now, and humankind will not continue to live in the same way.
In Order To Show The Way For Science To Verify The Phenomenon of Enlightenment  

Kundalini Experience (KE)

When awakened the brain activity will be increased and its effect will be found all over the body. There will be metabolic processes which can be measured. There will be physiological changes which can be measured.

When empirically proved, it is sure to galvanize the whole race into activity to find the methods and to create the environment by which the effort made to win the Glorious Prize can be greatly facilitated. The validation of the Kundalini hypothesis through a successful “awakening” in selected subjects within a scientifically monitored environment.



We believe that these objectives can be accomplished via the following avenues of investigation:

1. Literary research into the lives and writings of great mystics and geniuses and the written and oral traditions of ancient esoteric teachings.

2. The acquisition of statistical data from persons experiencing the symptoms of a Kundalini awakening.

3. The validation of the Kundalini hypothesis through a successful ?awakening? in selected subjects within a scientifically monitored environment.


Within a framework of remarkably similar characteristics, the mystic, the genius, the psychic and some of the mentally ill exhibit extraordinary states of consciousness. We propose to investigate whether one psycho-physiological process (Kundalini) is responsible for these phenomena.

" You are outlining a massive project. I send good wishes," - Roger Nelson - Global Consciousness Project - Princeton University

Tennyson: Then you admit Professor Darwin that there is a higher power behind evolution? “Certainly, I admit it; I am compelled to do so, because evolution has always gone onward and upward, from lower to higher forms of life. That could not be chance; it is unscientific to postulate such a hypothesis, because chance never moves in one direction.” - Charles Darwin

Institute for Consciousness Research Memorandum for Mind Research

"If you are seeking support because you are in a radical energy or consciousness shift you might check out the websites and awakening, or books written by Bonnie Greenwell Ph.D. that describe many of the phenomena that come with transformation, and offer guidance on how to live with a spiritual awakening process. Bonnie is a transpersonal psychologist and non-dual teacher in the lineage of Adyashanti,. She was an early director and founder of The Kundalini Research Network, and has been consulting with people in the awakening process for over 30 years."

Spiritual Emergence Service of Canada

Spirituality In Health-Care Network The Spirituality in Health Care Network (SHCN) is a network of professionals and spiritual leaders dedicated to integrating Spirituality with Psychotherapy and Health Care.
All that is necessary is for one awaken billionaire to finance a demonstration of how the brain is evolving. We are extremely frail instruments of human destiny. We can deliberately effect environments to beneficially produce an ideal world and self. - Cybergod


The extremely diversified accounts of religious experience are due to the variation in the mental level, ideas and cultural development of those who have it. For a thorough investigation of the phenomenon IT IS NECESSARY THAT A TEAM OF SCHOLARS AND SCIENTISTS, COMPRISING SKEPTICS AND BELIEVERS BOTH, SHOULD TAKE UP A COURSE OF EXERCISES FOR A SUFFICIENT PERIOD IN A SPIRIT OF DEDICATION, as is done for other scientific objectives, with due regard to the ethical standards necessary for it. And then they could evaluate the results.

Even one case of awakening would be sufficient to determine the biological nature of the phenomenon, and to observe the various changes and developments that occur. The metabolic processes of the body are highly accelerated, and an inner process of brain building and streamlining, somewhat akin to the processes occurring in an embryo in the womb, takes place until consciousness is completely transmogrified and a superior type of mind is born. What achievements are not possible with an awakened Kundalini, once the feasibility of the transformation is empirically demonstrated and the biological factors involved become known to the men of science? ...


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