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The Vaxxed bus is on tour, spreading fear and disinformation about vaccines. I will be following their route, refuting them with facts and evidence and sometimes lulz at every stop. I will also be using this adventure as a fundraiser for a great organization, Voices for Vaccines. One third of all donations will be budgeted to go directly to V4V . Each goal will get me to another stop on the tour and a larger V4V donation. Here are the levels:


$150 – Bellingham, WA on June 25th and a $50 donation to V4V

$300 – Spokane, WA on June 28th and $100 donation to V4V

$1200 – Helena, MT on July 1st and $400 donation to V4V

$1800 – Idaho Falls, ID on July 5th and $600 donation to V4V

$2400 – Bozeman, MT on July 7th and $800 donation to V4V

$3000 – Billings, MT on July 9th and $1000 donation to V4V

 ADDED: $7200 Kansas threepack! Hays, KS, Lawrence, KS, and Kansas City, MO! And a $1400 donation to Voices for Vaccines!

(Budgeting is estimated. All proceeds after expenses of gas, lodging, food, and promotion materials will go to V4V.)

I made the news!

Update! Thank you all for the overwhelming support. This has blown up bigger than I could ever have imagined. Since everyone seems to still be on board, I'm going to stretch the goal just a little bit farther and give the whole tour an upgrade. We are adding two more stops! 8/23: Des Moines, IA and 8/25: Minneapolis, MN. Ending in Minnesota will be great for two reasons: It's the home of Voices for Vaccines, and also the home of a measles outbreak directly caused by Andrew Wakefield. Maybe we can present Karen with a huge check like Ed McMahon or something. We are also adding a cameraman to the tour to help document our mission. And we are making a small equipment purchase so we can give the best quality lulz that a few hundred bucks can buy! Also! We really want to interview people away from the Vaxxed bus, specifically pediatricians on our route who would like to talk about the safety, effectiveness, and importance of vaccinations. Let me know if anyone is interested. Namaste!


8/12 Update! The Vaxxed tour is falling apart!

The Vaxxed team just spent a few weeks in Australia, where their reception was less than friendly. It seems Australia doesn't fuck around when it comes to anti-vax nuts. The Vaxxed team was forced to keep the location of their events hidden until right before they started. Basically you had to buy a ticket in advance, then they would text you the location about an hour before it started. Why would they have to do that? Well, it turns out that they lied to the venue owners about what their agenda was. They didn't want protesters or anyone calling them out on their bullshit. But they were found out anyway, and the venue owners were less than happy. Also unhappy was the Australian government, who notified the Head Nut, Polly Tommey, that she is banned from returning to Australia for the next three years, and quite possibly indefinitely, because they consider her a threat to public health.

I'm sure their international issues are unrelated to them suddenly taking every US event off their website. The site currently says:




Fortunately, I have a team of spies in all the anti-vax groups. The tour is still on, but they are cancelling stops left and right. They are keeping the locations as quiet as possible. But I am going to show up to all of them, and as loud as possible. I think if we put the pressure on them now in their weakened state, we can shut this shit down.

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