Common Family Catapult- SPU2Beyond

The Common family is preparing to take a daring, death-defying leap into the Seattle rental market. 

Scene 1: Two heroes meet, fall in love, & marry within one year (Daniel & Lynnea, 2004).

Scene 2: One hero (DC) bravely gives up financial security and follows his love (LC) to the beaches of Malibu, CA within 6 months of being wed (2005).

Scene 3: This hero (DC) trades in the corporate banker look to wear shorts, t-shirt, and flip flop to work (Campus Rec), growing out his locks, and spending his days in the sun (and shade whenever possible).

Scene 4: The newly spotted (aka freckled) hero (DC) then rejoices in returning home (Seattle!) where the two loves nest in Hill Hall (SPU 2007).

Scene 5: Many moons, and many more homes pass, the two heroes give up on putting paint on the walls, or art for that matter. Not a picture is hung for well over a year (2008). But their time is spent staring at mini hero (Nolan 2008), then Finley (2010).

Scene 6: With rooms now full, the heroes take yet another leap, bring another mini hero (Maya, 2012) into the fold, and their hearts grew large.

Scene 7: A fateful day brought news that no one could return home due to an unforeseen villian poised to poison the family of heroes (facility issues, 2015).

Scene 8: The family of heroes relies on the friendly graces of the community and moves yet again, where they stay for 2 years (2015-2017) planting flowers, tending to an urban farm, and gifting those around them with assorted colors of eggs. During this time, the young, future heroes begin their training, led by a master-level cougar (#coecougar).

Scene 9: Another sudden, unexpected turn of events, stirs the now family of five superheroes to add flying to their talents. While many had crawled, wobbled, hopped, skipped, cartwheeled, and somersaulted through the air, none had ever dared beyond the wall.

Scene 10: A friendly giant visited one day, and declared the family of superheroes the FIRST to be considered for a new castle in a land called Ballard. 

Whether or not the family believed entirely that this castle could be their safe haven, it gave them courage to peek out of the warm, safe, comfort of their nest. Now all they need to do is JUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP!!!

The family of superheroes continued to explore the unknown, finding solace in the comfort of friends & family. Eventually, they decided to take a modern day risk of minimalism. Living only with the items needed for taking one step at a time! The result was an unburdening, a lightening of a load that could only aid them in their flight!

If you would like a ticket to this death-defying stunt, please consider donating:

Step 1: Pause & Pray, Think, Wonder
Step 2: Ask any partners in your own adventure, if they would be willing to join the cause
Step 3: Step forward and make a contribution
Step 4: Whether you use your earth name or hero name, please know in advance, the superheroes are grateful for any thoughts, well-wishes, and plan to share their good fortune!
Step 5: In lieu of a donation here, feel free to come pack/unpack! 

*Any donations made through Go Fund Me will incur a slight charge in support of the brilliant one who created this account. If only I had thought of that, I would be sending you my cash reserves instead!!

** An additional donation of 5% will be taken from the total gift and donated to Mary's Place (, a local shelter for those less fortunate but equally valuable heroes in our midst. Or give directly at your discretion and note in comments.

Our next attempt is this Wednesday, June 14th! Anything given above & beyond will go towards a 6 month lease, to provide a safe transition. Once that stage is complete, there may be yet another leap, but one must train in sequence and wait for the storyline to be revealed. If for some reason, we don't make the initial goal, we will not give up. The band of superheroes plans to survey the scene to the north.

Stay tuned for more details of a rip-roaring celebration later this summer!
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