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The dating world is in disarray and singles feel lonelier than ever. There’s an epidemic of isolation in the gay community and something needs to shift. By reading the book CALLING IN THE “ONE,” by Katherine Woodward Thomas, I was given a gift: a fundamentally new understanding of my relationship with myself and others. I want to pay it forward and help other gay men to find the freedom I found, to give them the opportunity for love that I now enjoy. But, I need your help.  My goal is to raise all the money by March 31st.

 I am creating a workshop called CALLING IN THE “ONE” for GAY MEN. I want to share this gift and help others transform themselves into being the One for the “One.” My plan is two fold: (1) Putting on the CITO Workshop and (2) furthering my education in the lessons of CALLING IN THE “ONE.”

                                  The Workshop

The Workshop will consist of 12-20 men in an intimate setting. It will be an all day event, working through various exercises from the book lead by certified Senior CITO life coach Melissa Erin Monham with me as her Co-Host. Melissa was mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas and she is a licensed MA and LCAT (New York State Licensed Psychotherapist). In addition to the coaching, the event will also include a continental breakfast, a catered lunch break, a CITO book and personalized journal plus all day coffee and water and even a swag bag! My hope is to give these men powerful tools to transform themselves in order to bring in the one they long for.

 The CALLING IN THE “ONE” Coaching Training     Program.

 This book has profoundly changed my life that I applied for the CALLING IN THE “ONE” coaching training program and I was accepted. It’s an eight-month certified training program with the author herself, along with a hundred other participants. I’ll need to fly to Los Angeles for the first four days of class in June and the rest of the classes will be online here in New York. I have a coaching call once a week for the entire eight months with Katherine and I’ll receive my own coach and mentor toward the goal of creating my own a business as a CITO coach. The program will allow me to powerfully lead my own workshops and one-on-one opportunities for men and women in New York.

 My Calling in the “One” story.

 Before reading CALLING IN THE “ONE,” my dating life sucked. I fabricated a life story where everyone was wrong and I refused to look at myself as the common denominator in my failed relationships. I lived in a place of blame: my mother’s emotional unavailability, my partners’ personal inadequacies, and the world in general. All along I never realized that I was displacing my feelings about myself onto others. I would get so caught up in a man’s charms, his looks and his wit, that I would ignore all of the red flags and compromises I made to be with this person. After three long-term relationships and countless disappointing and frustrating dates, the universe presented me with this book.

After skimming over four hundred reviews on Amazon regarding the magic and power of CITO, I had to see for myself. According to the book, there’s a 70% chance that once you start working on yourself through the exercises within, you will meet someone… and I did! I dove in deeply and began to work on myself and the relationships in my life. I couldn’t believe it.

The man I met reflected back to me all the work I had been doing on myself. He mirrored everything I wanted in another person. I had never been in love like that and it was right in front of me. It was very empowering to be with him. When I got that magnetic pull, I started to see all the possibilities of what I can do with my life. Seeing him and who he was as a person inspired me to meet him at the same level and to be strong for myself. It elevated us both. It was so incredibly powerful and so overwhelming.

Yet, after six months of bliss, he revealed that he was emotionally unavailable and he wasn’t ready to have me in his life so we broke up. It was the biggest heartbreak of my life, but that breakup opened up a whole new perspective on my capacity to love someone so deeply. I am so grateful for him and time we shared.

I want other men to experience that level of love.

The total needed funding for fulfilling my plan is $13,500 and breaks down as follows:


·    The Workshop, including the above-mentioned activities and amenities, will cost $4500. This will take care of the CITO coach's fee, food, drinks, course materials and swag bag.


·      The Coaching Training Program will cost $5,500. It was originally $7,000 but they were so moved by the passion of my application and interview they gave me a $1,500 scholarship! $2000 will cover Plane ticket to Los Angeles for the first 5 days of class. The CITO conference, Airbnb, food, and rental.

In appreciation for your help and donations, I offer the
following incentives:

 $100 donation:

·      This will reduce the fee for a spot for one gentleman to participate workshop (Twenty person capacity).

 $300 donation will get you:

A gift certificate for two coaching calls with me after I finish the program

$500 donation will get you:

A gift certificate for four coaching calls with me after I finish the program
30-minute photography session with me

$1000 donation will get you:

·      A gift certificate for six coaching calls with me after I finish the program

·      One look/One hour photography session with me

·      A copy of the CALLING IN THE “ONE”


No amount is too small. Every little thing counts. If you can’t contribute, please share my campaign on your social media sites. I appreciate any and all help you have to offer and can’t wait to offer the gift of insight and love to men searching for themselves and searching for THE ONE.


Thank you!
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