CIDEC - A stand against corruption.

02/08/18 - Coordinated raids on business and residential sites across Melbourne and Shepparton!

Coordinated strike on tax agents facilitating suspected phoenix activity and avoidance of tax

28/06/18 - One of the biggest public examinations held by a liquidator in Australian history.

Dozens summoned to appear in public examinations over alleged tax evasion scheme 

17/11/17 - Director of Imagebuild Group suffering from Mental Conditions.

Imagebuild Group: Director of builder that went bust fails to provide records because of 'mental conditions'

11/10/17 - Governments comprehensive package to address illegal phoenixing.

Consultation on reforms to address illegal phoenixing

04/10/17 - Creditor debt climbs past $17 million dollars.

Current creditors listing - industry death and destruction!

12/09/17 - Minister for Revenue and Financial Services

The Addressing of illegal Phoenixing

30/08/17 - Phoenix Peddlers Under The Spotlight

Pre Liquidation gutting mortally wounded subcontractors.

22/08/17 - Subbies United Victoria.

Imagebuild Group – In Liquidation

18/08/17 - Latest ABC News Story.

ABC News report - Imagebuild Group: Angry tradies chase builder for millions!

Corruption and intimidation to fleece small people and small businesses.

Anyone who lives and breaths the industry knows the perils of the construction world and how it can be filed with risk.  We are a small business, just like many others hard working and committed. We are committed not only to our own business but consistently working along side each other, builders, trades and suppliers either completing a  project collectively or quietly. We set out to do the job at hand and do it well.

We are not here because of the above, we are not here because these simple values were abided by. We are here because some companies feel they are above the law, subject to their own rules and self-determinations whilst others pay for their lavish and carefree lifestyles whilst their company failings cause more devastation on a larger scale. 

We, like so many have been ripped off without rhyme or reason working at our capacity as a business then being at the fore front of litigation and fictitious claims of damages plus cost.  What company has the ability to survive while fighting in the court which is a process that costs more than what they are owed?

We took up that challenge.
Before we explain why we have created this message we'll leave you to read through some of what we have experienced in this horrific ordeal.

Click below:

ABC News report - Building company ripped off workers!

ABC News report - Hijacked website fails to be shut down!

The Website

Corie Gale - Call one 

Corie Gale - Call two 

Mick Gatto - Call three 

Sydney Insolvency News - Scam Syndicate

Subbies United - Subcontractors fight back

Ask yourselves the question:
Is this the industry we should accept and work under?

We have been contacted by countless companies who have been burnt over the years, many families and people has suffered through no fault of their own yet haven't has the resources to take on the "David and Goliath" battle that would confront them.

People have lost their companies, their homes, their self worth and value in an industry that continually suffers from the acts of a few.

Fighting at a loss.
CIDEC Pty Ltd has had to endure a unexpected and massive $436 thousand dollar financial hit without warning.  We are stretched to the limits with everything to survive and continue.

Imagine buying your first home then having it stripped away from you without reason whilst your left holding the debt.

To this we said "Enough." 
So far, we have not only had to survive from the damage caused by the actions of others, but now we are being chased in the courts as if we are to blame for bringing these previously hidden and illegal actions to light so people can be informed.

Cases of deception, falsehood, conspiracy and deceptive conduct are being brought upon us.

We need your support!
We have had to sustain the financial losses, the loss of employee's,  the loss of supplier relationships and the anguish of day to day life whilst others live in multi-million dollar properties, drive around in Ski-boats and a Lamborghini. 

We have been at the burden of all court costs against these companies who set out to deceive for personal gain.

As per the orders of the County Court we presented ourselves for a judicial resolution conference on the 17th July, which is a mediation between parties.  There was no resolve.

Support the company who let you to be informed.
We stood up for everyone who couldn't to make things right, we have done the right things for many but we wont make it through this without your support. We'll lose all the amazing people who work for this company all the years of hard work and sacrifice to get to this point, gone.

We never wanted this.  We only wanted to get paid for our work but we couldn't standby and let this type of behaviour go by.  

People have had their lives and businesses ruined and that is unacceptable.

Peter Stacey.

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