Cancer's not winning this race

Where to begin... In May this year my sister Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer. Up until this point she has kept everything fairly private, but it has come to a point where she is in need of some financial help & further support beyond what she and her family can achieve on their own which is why I’ve decided to step in. With her consent I have set up this page to help raise some funds through this challenging time in her life. The financial strain of not being able to work & support the family with her fiancé Stephen she explains has been just as hard as the treatment itself.
The aftermath is impacting heavily now & I’m reaching out to help her out further. My aim of this funding is to lessen the financial burden that Christine and her fiancé Stephen are currently under, following a rigorous treatment plan which has included a bilateral mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment (which she is currently going through & will continue to go through over the next 6 months)

Christine is so kind, caring & always there for others when they need. I know how much Christine and Stephen will appreciate every little bit that’s donated & I thank you in advance for your input to make life a little less challenging for them.

Christine’s story

 For those of you who don’t know me I’m Christine and I’m 27 years old. I have a caring partner and a nearly 2yo son.

Yep that’s right, 27 with breast cancer! The diagnosis was a huge shock itself, but what was left to come has been harder than I can even describe. For those who have the time to read on here is my story.

A lot of people know I have cancer, but many don’t know it wasn’t my first scare. At 8 months pregnant with my son I found a lump in my right breast close to under my armpit. My obstetrician sent me straight for an ultrasound, where it was explained to me that it looked very benign, but they couldn’t be sure without a biopsy. Off for a biopsy I went, the results were rushed due to my being so pregnant and all came back clear, benign, nothing to worry about. Few right?

So, when I started to feel some pain mainly in my left breast early this year and found another lump I thought maybe it’s another benign lump. But the previous lump I had felt nothing and this one was giving me sharp pains. I started getting some smaller pains in my right breast also, so I went to the doctor. I was brushed of as it being normal breast pain as somewomen feel breast pain as it can be hormonal.  After insisting for a referral, I had my second ultrasound. This one was different, they didn’t discuss the look of the lump with me. I remembered last time they explained to me exactly why it looked benign and how he could assume so. I knew then it didn’t look good and I wasn’t game enough to ask if in her opinion it looked suspicious.

Back to the GP to be given the diagnosis that yes, it was positive and I in fact had breast cancer at only 27 years old. I was sent straight to see the surgeon that afternoon. At this point I had to take a lot of time off work. The following week involved many tests and the first blow to the bank account. After all the further testing the plan of attack was a bilateral mastectomy (double mastectomy) followed by chemotherapy,

At this point everyone commented on how well I was handling it, yet it hadn’t sunk in at that point.

it was after my surgery when I was made redundant from my full-time position. Unfortunate timing and at this point I had no idea how long until I could return to work, I am unable to work due to my immunity being suppressed as a result of chemotherapy. my Fiancé Stephen has slowed down to help with our 2-year-old as chemotherapy has knocked me about a fair bit.

Chemo has been tough, I’m not going to lie, I am bald, Tired and feel awful but the financial strain that cancer has had on the family has been on par with the nausea. The medical bills are one thing, but the hardest thing now has been the loss of income that both Stephen and I have had to face. I don’t finish chemotherapy until the end of the year and then hopefully ill be able to return to work again. 


In Conclusion

Christine and Stephen are not ones to ask for help during times like this, in fact they have thought long and hard about allowing me to even set up this page and be so public and transparent about their financial situation. However, the overwhelming hardship Christine and her family are facing is extremely difficult and it’s having a huge impact on her and her family’s mental health. The reality of living with cancer and Christine’s lack of ability to take on her usual workload has seen their bank accounts drained with the expenses and is very quickly sucking out their resources. Needless to say, it all came so suddenly, it isn’t cheap & they are in need of our help.
If you can help in any small way I thank you, I know that Christine & Stephen will be endlessly grateful.

Please help by sharing Christine’s story!  

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