Chris Carpentier Heart Healing Fund

Our loved one, Chris Carpentier, suffered a serious heart attack in year 2000 which required open heart surgery. He was only 29 years old. This heart attack caused major damage to his heart.  His condition has steadily worsened over time and his doctors recommended he have a defibrillator implanted due to his low ejection fraction rate and two years ago he was diagnosed with heart failure which occurs when the heart muscle doesn’t pump blood as well as it should. It was also recommended that he get on the heart transplant list.   Heart transplants are difficult to acquire, could have possible dangerous side effects, and may not be successful at all. His current cardiologist has no other alternatives for him.

We have researched everything available to him and discovered an amazing opportunity to go to the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City to receive stem cell therapy. With respect to heart failure, stem cells have the ability to hone into the damaged areas and to initiate a cascade of biological events that can heal the heart muscle.  While nothing is guaranteed, there are people that have had increased infraction rates up to 45% improvement.

This is huge and could add years to Chris’ life. This treatment, however, is not covered by insurance and is very expensive.  We are asking for help to raise funds for Chris to have this procedure and for other medical expenses. We appreciate all the help you can offer and we ask that you share this GoFundme and pray for him and his family. 

Prayer for Chris Carpentier:

Beloved Spirit of Life, Spirit of Truth, One God of All – We Know your Wisdom, Wholeness and Life Energy are alive in Chris through every breath of the journey.  We hold the Truth of his healed and vibrant heart aligning with his highest physical expression as a vessel and presence for Divine Consciousness and God Awareness.  Every particle of his being is in harmony flowing forth in wonder and delight at the fullness of God’s healing grace as Grace guides him physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Every breath is a reminder of the Divine Intelligence expressing as an abundance of health, wholeness, vitality, and prosperity within and through Chris as every need is fulfilled with ease.  Chris and all of his family are feeling deep peace, gratitude and joy as they revel in the experience of complete love and support.  Love is the healing balm of harmony and wholeness in every step of this journey and all are blessed who participate in bringing forth Divine goodness through their gifts of prayer, love and financial support.  Every hand, every heart, every contributor, every prayer partner, doctor, nurse, energy healer and health practitioner and all holding the light for Chris and the family is a co-creator in  union with our One God for a wonderful outcome.   All are guided and nurtured as is Chris and his family.  In Oneness we know it is so.  Amen and Alleluia!

A little background on Chris...

He was born and grew up in Lewiston, Maine. He attended Norwich University, served several years in the military and was an active hockey and soccer player through high school and college.  He is an avid golfer and loves Nascar racing. He moved to Texas and met his wife, Rebecca, and has a young son, Joshua. He worked in cable TV installation and repair.  As a result of the heart attack, he began a journey of awakening around alternative healing, spiritual growth, intuition, mediumship, and human behavior. Chris attributes his greatest shifts in awareness and enlightenment to meditating with Amma Sri Karunamayi, a Hindu leader who travels internationally promoting global peace and meditation; studying the teachings of the Oneness University, a sacred school for enlightenment in India; working with crystals and becoming a Crystal Light Table Practitioner. One of his main passions is to help those in the military recover from their physical and emotional traumas, especially those with PTSD. He is also very dedicated to helping people with addictions, those needing to overcome and process grief, those who are seeking their life’s purpose and/or career, and those who are having health challenges.

His goal is to open a holistic wellness center with a crystal store that embraces alternative healing methods and will offer numerous self-improvement workshops for spiritual growth and healing.  He works as an energy healer, medium, and crystal light table practitioner.  

Chris has many special gifts and has so much to offer the world to truly help others... and his loving family needs him most of all.  Please help us.
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