Chris and Milka's Medical Fund

This funding campaign is for my dear friends Chris Briggs and Milka Loranzana who were recently involved in a severe car accident. During the crash Chris sustained serious injuries that required him to be lifeflighted to IMC hospital in order to save his life. The damage includes a tramautic brain injury, skull fracture, intercranial bleeding and severe connective tissue injury in his right arm, shoulder and collarbone. Thankfully Milka's injuries are less severe. Her arm and wrist are badly broken and required surgery during which they implanted a metal plate with pins. 

The accident happened the first weekend in August on a remote road in the Uinta mountain range while returning from a weekend of camping with friends. Chris and Milka were the last to leave camp about  30 minutes after the rest of us had gone. It is not entirely clear what happened when the accident occured because Chris's memory of the day is gone due to his brain trauma, and Milka was looking out the window at the time of the crash. The evidence at the scene suggests that as they rounded a u-bend coming down the switch back road Chris likely was forced to swerve his truck in order to avoid on oncoming vehicle. This led to the truck rolling several times down the hill before coming to a stop in the road. They were stranded with no help for what must of been the longest thirty minutes of their lives. Chris had mostly lost consciencness and was  severely injured. They were both trapped in the truck, unable to open the doors of the smashed vehicle. They had no cell service and were unable to call for help.
Help finally did happen across them and it turned out to be the most fortunate kind. An emergeny room nurse and her firefighter husband responded heroically and decisively to save my friend's lives when they discovered the scene. They pryed open the doors on the truck and brought Chris and Milka down to the main road where Chris was lifeflighted via helicopter to IMC hospital in Murray. Milka was taken to the hospital in a regular ambulance as her injuries were not immediately life threatening. 

Chris stayed 2 days in the trama ICU after he was stabilized and then an additional 3 days in trama recovery. After his release his road to recovery had just begun. He has since had multiple visits with neurologists and other doctors to address his long term recovery. He is now three weeks post accident and is starting to feel more like himself as he recovers at home.

Milkas surgery was completed the day after the accident and she was released from the hospital shortly after and is recovering well. 

Unfortunately Chris recently lost his health insurance that he recieved through his employer after he was laid off at the beginning of summer. He had since been in the process of starting his own business as a consultant and project manager and had not yet built up the assets he needed to purchase health insurance. 

Milka's health insurance is a high deductible plan and she will need to cover the first $4000 dollars of her bills. 

The old truck had liability only insurance on it and wont be covering any medical expenses. 

We called the hospital this week they were able to estimate his medical bill at $56,000. This includes the life-flight ambulance, emergency room, ICU, and recovery with all attached doctor, nurse and equipment expenses. When we get an exact figure I will come and modify the goal up or down to reflect the actual amount. 

I am asking for your help to ease the already heavy burden this accident bears on the shoulders of my friends. Chris and Milka are some of the kindest, most thoughtful people I have ever met. They don't hesitate a second to help someone in a time of need. They work harder than most people I have ever met to build the life they want for their family. It breaks my heart to see them face financial ruin in the face of this accident. 

 Whatever you can afford to donate will be appreciated more than you know. I understand that not everyone has the means to donate right now, and that is totally ok. If you wouldn't mind sharing this story with your friends and family I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you and God bless,

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