Cheri's brain cancer healing

Cheri was diagnosed with brain cancer on April 13, 2016. The tumor, the size of a baseball, was removed two days later. Doctors told us the tumor may have been growing 5 - 10 years.

She began chemotherapy and radiation treatments within weeks. Her chemo meds alone cost over $12,000 per treatment, six per year. She has a MRI monthly, blood tests weekly and visits her oncology team every 4 to 6 weeks.

We have fair insurance, but the co-pay for docters, specialists, hospital and multiple prescriptions exceeds our annual income.

Prior to her diagnosis Cheri contributed a large portion of of the family income. The cancer and treatment has left her unable to work. We had to close our business in July 2016. That left her husband, Randy, unemployed.

He had been driving for Uber & Lyft to supplement income since 2015. Those "side hustles" became the family's main source of income. The freedom of schedule is important so he can drive Cheri to her various doctor & hospital appointments. Randy has also done some consulting with former clients and is currently looking for another flexible job.

In November 2016,
Randy had rotor cuff surgery. Besides being unable to work for two months, there were additional medical bills from his surgery and physical therapy.

The hospital has begun suing for past due medical bills. Of course they won. That was no doubt the first of many such lawsuits. Similarly, we cannot keep up with credit card payments so the credit score has been destroyed. Repairs and maintenance of our home has had to be delayed or ignored.

How is Cheri doing? The cure, meds, seem to give her more misery than anything. She progressed well until the spring of 2017. The cancer seemed to make a comeback. Shortly she was unable to walk, use her left hand, or speak normally. Swelling in her brain had affected those functions. Needless to say we were very disappointed (and afraid) of what that new MRI showed.
She missed an appointment at the hospital in June. By the time we were able to reschedule, she had four months without seeing her doctors, getting a MRI or taking chemo.

In August, 2017 the new MRI
was amazing, a marked improvement! Her oncologists said, "amazing," her primary physician and a friend who does medical imaging, said, "it's a miracle!"

We give thanks to our family, friends and church for their support. We have been donated food, help with upkeep if the house, cash contributions and remembering Cheri in prayer.

We thank in advance our NEW friends on GoFundMe. We appriciate anything you can contribute but if you are unable to help monetarily, we covet your prayers.

Sorry for the long story. Thank you again for your prayers and concern. Thank you also if you are able to help Cheri cover some of her medical expenses.

Randy & Cheri

This is what happens when you let a guy with a saw cut your skull open. Then let somebody nuke your brain with radiation. :-)

Our daughter's tennis team was so kind! This was on the way home from the hospital.

Comparison of April 2017 MRI (left) and August 2017 MRI (right). The top row is using contrast dye. Sugar water (tumors like sugar) used on the bottom row.

TL April contrast.
TR August contrast
BL April sugar
BR April sugar

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