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Please help support a young Thai couple who open their hearts and home to provide loving care for 44 unwanted and homeless cats.  Please read the detail of their story below.

(Campaign created by Suree Cates. Story and update provided  by Khooboon Family, webpage:

We are KHOOBOON family.

            Khooboon's family is a family of 44 cats and 2 humans (my husband, Chanuphut age 32,and myself, Ing-Ing, age 30).  We live in Bangkok,Thailand. We need your help. We are not a foundation or an organization which have been donated by the public. My husband and I rescued all of our cats from different places around our home and my husband's office. Some are formerly stray cats, some are previously owned cats but being abandoned by some reasons or others , some were adopted from shelter, one cat was seriously injured when we found her.  Some cats were born in our home because they were pregnant before we got them. Some are from cat's farm when they were unsold and the seller must leave them out of their farm.  We tried to advertise and hoped someone adopt them but there hasn't been anyone willing to. One cat (Fhu Fhu) has an abnormal immune system and a gastrointestinal disorder that requires special diets and constant medical attention. One cat(BaiThong) has feline AIDs. One recently rescued cat (Moon Lady) also has Leukemia.

            We do not seek all these cats, but even if we don't seek them, they came to us, by chance or by fate.  Then  we must rescue and adopt them to our home and provide food, shelter and medical care as best as we can. Now after a recent rescue of 8 more homeless cats, we have a large vet bills to pay, a threat from neighbors and a possibility of being evicted from our home.

            We need your help and support. Please help people like us stand and fight for the well being of these cats.




It took me a long time to write this because my English is not very good. So I must  gradually translate sentence by sentence. I hope that someone will read it from start to finish, and understand what I'm talking to you.
The first cat of Khooboon's home is MeeTang, he is a homeless cat from my husband's office. He  has a pterygium on his right eye, which makes his vision blurred and double vision. But the vet said if he can see and is healthy and the symptom does not progress further, we should give him a life without pain from surgery which would be best for him. That was ten years ago.  And now he is the Big Bro and super healthy and happy so much at our home. Since then, we have rescued or adopted 44 cats that are in need of home into our family. Furthermore, we also help feed and sterilize stray cats around our village, those that do not want to stay with human but still need food to survive.

Our urgent crisis started in early November of this year when we had to rescue 8 stray cats living within the compound of my husband's workplace. Among them are one mother cat with 4 recently born kittens, one tom and two pregnant cats. The management of the company issued an order to eliminate these cats by all means with deadline on November 8th. We tried to trap these cats and provided temporary cages and shelter at our home, again hoping that someone may adopt them later. However, despite our great effort, we were able to catch only one kitten and two pregnant cats. The rest, mother cat with 3 kittens, still elude our effort to rescue them, but we haven't given up hope yet. Nevertheless, one pregnant cat that we rescued has recently delivered 4 kittens at our home.

 We have a system to keep all cats healthy and not transmit diseases against each other. Our home has 3 floors and all rooms are for  cats, each group of cats are assigned to live in separate zones, We have no bed room for humans because every night we'll pick the mattress and put it in every room in rotation, to sleep with our cats so they don't feel lonely.

 In order to protect the healthy indoor cats, we cannot take new cats to live inside the house right away because they need to be quarantined and have the vet check for their clean  bill-of-health first. We always make sure that all of the cats that stay with us are healthy, get regular checkup and vaccination as well as get sterilization when the occasion arises.  As it turned out, one of the cats that we recently rescued is found to have leukemia, thus a special living arrangement has to be set up for her.

I always keep my house clean to ensure that no odor disturbs our neighbors and for the wellbeing of all cats in my home too. But the neighbors still complain because there are a lot of cat's cages in our home now, together with the dilapidated condition of the house.

 In the meantime, due to the preparation to accommodate these new cats i.e. setting up outdoor shelters and cages, our neighbors are displeased and have shown animosity toward us by trying to prevent us from building any new construction in the our house. They bullied us by various means. They are verbally abusive and vandalizing causing damages such as deflating/slashing the tires of our bikes, which are the only means for our transportation for riding to feed stray cats around the village.

 What worry us most is the fact that our present home is a rental property. We take the lease on a yearly basis. We are afraid that the lease on the house may not be renewed if our neighbors complain to the landlord. In that case we would face a difficulty of finding another home that can accommodate all of our cats.

 When we moved here we hope it was the last home to rent. We hope to save up to have a home of our own if and when we move from here. But now we can't do anything because it will take  time to reach this goal, for someone needs us to move out because they think someday this home will be a dirty foster home for cats.

 We leased the house and moved to live here since December 2012, when our partnership business in bakery shop failed.

 We had 30 cats then.  Although it was difficult to accept it, we had to choose between keeping the shop or 30 cats which we loved both. Baking was my happiness but the cats are all of my heart. And you can guess what we chose. We chose 30 cats to heal our heart.
Someday if our situation  improves, we'll get back to the bakery business again.

Since then, my husband had to work outside the home while I took care of our cats. I also try to DIY my handmade products for cats and sell them on FB ( to help my husband make money to pay the rent and the household expense. Although it is not much, we must helped each other.

 Over the past 2 years, we tried  not to take in any new member into our home. We know that we can't do the best thing for them. But often, people would bring cats to me or leave them out at the front door or some cats came to eat on their own as a last resource that we just can't ignore them or get rid of them. We cannot just abandon any life, we will take care of it.

 I think If we love cats and sacrifice for them, cats will be comfortable and have the long life. But many people did not understand why our cats get vaccinated and sterilized because our cats never go outside our home and they were  just former stray cats.  Some people think that is too much for us to pay for them when we're on a low income. Why not use the money to make happiness for ourselves? It is difficult to make people understand that  this is important for cats and this is a happiness for us to see that our cats are healthy and they can help other cats by donating their blood for many sick cats. But I hope someday everyone will agree with me and make the best thing for their cats.

 We have never asked for donations to feed the cats before, except for the case of a dog named Da Daa in last march, when many people have helped raise money to help us paid her vet bills though she died in the end. And in the recent case of rescued 8 cats in November, my friends and our fan page helped us by buying our handmade products which we made for sell to support our cats, as well as raising money through their own pages to a total of 320 USD. This was used to buy food, cat supply and vet bills. But there's not enough left for construction  material  to build cages for the new cats.

 Now, we are worried, unhappy and nervous with our neighbors. We can't make the cat cages for two new mothers and their kittens. We could not build cage successfully because we don't have money to buy construction materials for building larger cages. And most of all, we may not get a new lease on the house because our neighbors wants to make us to move out.  

As for our income and budget:

 Our income is 900 USD /month.

Pay for rent 217 USD /month.

Pay for utilities 68 USD /month.

Pay for Vet bills ( minor visits only, not include major treatment or sterilization which cost much more), Cat food, cat sand and medicines 340 USD / month.

Payment to the bank 125 USD /month (installments will end in December 2015.).

For my husband and I, 150 USD /month (We must have financial discipline to be able to do it every month). Every month we will have to pay this. And we could continue to do it up until before the recent rescue of the new cats. But not in this situation. We have no money even to complete building  2 cages for the cats.

  Now, we are afraid that the neighbors will hurt our cats as well as stray cats around the house. And if we move out of this house, we do not know where we can go and how we can move?

When we help these cats. We hope to improve their quality of life so they are not  stray cats anymore. Although in the eyes of others, they seem  to  think we feed many cats because we don't care about people. They don't understand. We just try to do the best thing for 44 cats plus 4 more (if we can catch them) and hope someone adopt some of them. But, for sure, Moon Lady may not have other home because she has leukemia.  I'll treat and take good care of her like our other cat with Aids named  Bai Thong, who is a healthy girl now weighing 7.2 kg.

Last Wednesday night. It rained heavily and there wasn't any canopy in front of our home. I took a cloth and plastic cover to protect the outdoor cats from the rain. And I slept on a red mattress near them. I cried when I saw them trembled by the sound of thunder and being scared of the rain falling on the roof. I told them all that I wished I could do something to make their lives better and have space to run and play and not be caged in like this. I cannot endure it anymore , it made my heart ache when I looked into their eyes. 

So I started to write this story of our family.  Hopefully there will be someone who can change our lives and help us to have a home of our own, and not be moved around like this.  I do not want to be chased away by the other people again.

We need a little space that we can move out from bad people for better quality of life. I know there are many cats around the world that need help. Without your help now, we may fail and have to give up too. And we cannot rescue other cats if they need help in the future. I know someone think this goal is too much for our family. And I understand that we should take responsibility for what we choose to do.  My husband and I have been trying to do it all by ourselves these past ten years. Every day we see many people but we always feel we stand and fight alone. Today we'll talk to you all and hope someone understand what are we talking about.

We always hope someday to have our own home. This dream may not be realized now.  We may not have time to do anything in a few months before moving out from this home if the owner doesn't renew the rent to us. And now we don't know where we go.

We need help from everyone because we must move out from here to new home to have a better space for cats and for me to start a job if I can (pet's taxi, for instant ) to support our cats. Presently,  my husband works outside and I live at home to take care of all cats and make something to sell on FB.

Please help us move away from unfriendly neighbors.

Please help us by giving donation to heal our hearts, we don't want to give up too soon.  We must fight for our cats.

 It's been so long that we feel we stand alone and try to do everything by ourselves and hope someone  hear our little voice.  When we rescued cats to our home we hoped we could provide them better life than living alone on the street. Today, even if we still stay here and are able to build them cages, it is not different from when they were stray cats because we leave them alone outside. Why do we have to keep Moon Lady (and perhaps her kittens) in a cage all through their lives just because she has leukemia, or Bai Thong, because she has feline AIDS? We need a place for our cats and to be able to take care of them all through their lives.  We all need a little permanent home, to not have to move around through life.

If we succeed in receiving fund from your  donations, this amount will be spent to improve 44 cats(+4 babies born last night) throughout of their lives. And it will heal 2 human's hearts to rise and fight again.

The first part of fund, will be spent on :

- Annual vaccination for all cats 

- tests for AIDS, leukemia on newly rescued cats.

- Neutering /spaying of our juvenile cats as well as the recently rescued mother cats and kittens (when they reach maturity), and also 6 stray cats around our home.

- Cat food, cat sand, vitamins and medicines for our cats and stray cats outside our home.
- Bills from the vet hospital for treatments of our cats, when occasion arises.

If there is enough donation, we will use part of it on a down payment to buy a small house on the outskirts of Bangkok that is not too far away from the Animals Hospital, where it will be convenient for taking our cats in for treatments or blood donation. This will provide a permanent home for our cats.

 If there is money left after we have a home, we'll  buy a used car to be used for rescue stray cats and take them to be neutered or send them to a permanent home, if there's someone ready to take care of them for a lifetime. The car could help me transport the cats to and from animal hospital by my own for the first time. At present, we don't have a car,  every time when we have to see the vet, we must put them in the basket and ride the bicycle to the front of the village to hail a taxi and find the one willing to take the animals. Not all taxis allow animals as passengers. And we trust, with a car of our own, we can start a pet's taxi service, a small business to provide extra income to use for support our cats.

 Today I got a chance to tell many people in the world about our story and our best efforts to feed all cats that we rescued and adopted them to our home. We give people to know how to be happy. You can do it, whether you are rich or poor. Anyone can help others like the way I help my cats and my cats help other cats by donating blood because all life is valuable whether it be human or animal. At least today I have to do something before it's too late for us.

 Please help us to do the good thing like this and you'll change 44 lives to the better. It matters a great deal if you can help and heal us so we can take care of cats like this forever.

 Please help people like us stand and fight again.

 We cannot talk about Khoo Boon story all in a day. If you want to know more about us you can go to visit us on IG or FB fanpage

Our Instagram : @catkhooboon @gangkhooboon

Our Fanpage :

The shop on FB for support KHOOBOON’s cats is

 Thank you so much for your donation. We'll update our progress to everyone . You can visit our fanpage :

(My English is not very good but I try to learn and talk to you.)
Hope you understand what I want to say to you all.)

Thank you so much to everyone.

KHOOBOON’s Family.


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