Catastrophic Break-In — Please Help!

Hello Everyone, our names are Brandon and Mallory Blackley and thankyou for making your way to our GoFundMe page.

On Sunday night, (8/21) we came home to find that we had suffered a Life Altering break-in. We returned back from vacation to see that our house was completely vandalized and all of our life’s possessions were stolen from us. All of our jewelry, shoes, and most of our clothes, gone. The safe which held our passports, social security cards, keys, titles to our vehicles and a considerable amount of cash were also stolen. Everything of value was taken, including 3 of our vehicles - the car, and both of Brandon’s bikes. Among other things; firearms, guitars, as well as all his tools and both of our work gear, computers and film equipment, all gone. On top of that, what wasn’t taken, was destroyed. Including the hard drives with our wedding photos and my wedding dress. Furniture sliced, all the food and trash thrown about with doors left wide open. Just totally ransacked our place. They even ripped down the smoke detectors from the ceilings. Photos were torn off the walls and destroyed with along with some of our most sentimental items. 

This is all so sudden. I am physically sick from the trauma of all this and we are trying our best to be positive and move forward. Our house is completely unrecognizable and uninhabitable as of now. It’s a danger zone at this point due to the amount of damage and destruction. Not to mention, it’s a place where we seriously do not feel safe living in. Even just being there is harrowing, for the both of us. 
The only good thing to come from this is the fact we are all okay and no one was hurt. Just our souls are completely crushed about having to basically start a new life from scratch acquiring new things and regain our sense of selves. Some of it can never be replaced.

Starting immediately, we have to find a new place to live. While all this is getting worked out, we are practically homeless and living out of our suitcases. We gotta start somewhere, and our families, dear friends and IATSE Local 479 have been an amazing support system during this time to help us recover and cope while we process this unmitigated disaster.

The photos below are the result of the malicious and hateful crime that was committed against us. To take such a huge loss so suddenly like this is unsettling, to say the least. We are asking for help from our community to help us prepare for this unprecedented circumstance, so we can sustain ourselves as we prepare to navigate into a totally new Beginning after the occurrence of this traumatic event. 

We were encouraged to start this GoFundMe page and just simply being in your thoughts and prayers is enough.  Any amount from the heart will be graciously appreciated, as we don’t have much insurance coverage on our items and need to find a permanent living arrangement….and also take the very inconvenient and painstaking steps to completely rebuild our livelihoods and a place to call home.

Please continue to send positive vibes and energy our way. It truly means the world.

Brandon & Mallory Blackley

“Fox 5 News ATL | Aug. 24, 2022”


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