Canyon urgently needs knee surgery

Canyon urgently needs knee surgery. He has torn the ligaments in his right back leg and the earlier the surgery can occur, the sooner he is out of pain and the more complete the recovery. I can save up the required money but it will take me months, months that he doesn’t have.

Canyon has supported me through so much in my life and it hurts knowing that I can't give him what he needs - so desperately - right now.

Approx three weeks ago Canyon tore the ligaments while on a nature hike. Since that time the tear has increased. It’s been a busy time in our household with a new full-time job and moving, and a couple of days ago he re-injured that knee.  Unfortunately, he is now in considerable pain which is being managed, but not fully controlled, by metacam.  Anybody who knows me, knows he's my baby and this is tough to watch. His movements are severely restricted and muscle is already wasting in the injured leg and the longer this goes on the more arthritis will develop. This is also causing increased strain to the ‘good’ back leg which is a huge concern.

I'm already doing what I can to help and support him including learning how to give him massages, taking him swimming for physiotherapy, etc.

Due to his size Canyon has to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon who will attach a small plate to the tibia and then attach bands around either side of the knee increasing stability and keeping mobility. This type of surgery has great outcomes and a much shorter healing process. There is no reason to believe he won’t go on to live several more healthy, happy, active years post surgery.

The estimated cost of the surgery is $3,500 and it is required up front. Frankly Canyon’s timing sucks. Had he done this six months from now I would be able to cover it on my own. Last fall into Christmas, Canyon got an eye injury which was mis-diagnosed and mis-treated by the vet. The drops I was told to give him literally prevented the eye from healing. The resulting mess had to be cleared up by a canine eye specialist and cost approx $2,000 all told, which cleaned me out. I’ve been building up a vet fund again but due to the new job, I require those funds for first and last and moving expenses. Due to my own relatively recent health concerns and re-entry into the work place I currently have a poor credit rating (which I am re-building) and don’t qualify for pet insurance.

To put it bluntly, I need money. I would prefer this to be a loan and to pay everybody back. I thank you on Canyon’s behalf.
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