Canine surgery and phys therapy

Bacardi is an eight-year-old Labrador retriever her still acts like a puppy. She is my child, my best friend, and the light of many peoples lives. August 29 was a normal Wednesday. She was having a great time playing fetch and splashing in the backyard.

THURSDAY: Around 3 AM I woke up because she was breathing heavy enough to shake the bed. Realizing she was uncomfortable, I gave her some aspirin, thinking it was sore muscles, and tried to go back to bed.
FRIDAY: After 24 hours she was getting worse instead of better. I got some prescription tramadol, from my sister‘s late dog, and thought that would help. 

 SATURDAY morning she was losing control of her motor functions, not able to use her front legs to stand or walk. We went to the vet, I thought maybe she had a sports injury like a torn tendon that took a few days to present it self.  Upon the exam the vet noticed there was something wrong with her neck. We decided to do an x-ray that showed she had something very abnormal in her neck that was compressing her spinal cord and her nerves. (Photo included). $400
 By 11 AM she could no longer stand or support herself at all. 

We rushed to the emergency hospital where she could have an MRI ( $3,500) and give a clearer picture of what was happening. However, where they needed to see is where her microchip was so we still did not have any answers. The only option was “evaluate her quality of life” or exploratory surgery.
SUNDAY: the  Neurologist said it was either a ruptured disc, or a spinal tumor. If it was a tumor she would not be waking up from surgery. 
THANK THE LORD it was a disk that was repairable!!!!! (Another $3,200)

Today is Wednesday and she is still in the hospital recovering.  I just got word that she had nerve damage and will have to go through physical therapy to learn how to walk again.  

 I am hoping that somebody(  or a lot of somebodies)  has a little extra cash and not a clue how to spend their riches! So donate a little to Bacardi :-)
 She is the best dog ever. She watches TV, loves to swim, speaks English, she can find treats with her nose!

More importantly she gave ME a purpose in life. I’ve always suffered from depression and when things got really bad, I knew that I had to stay around to take care of her. If she wasn’t here I don’t think I would  be either .

 I will not list a dollar amount, but have donated a pretty penny to animal-related causes over the past several years. Hopefully karma will come back around.

 Please share our story if you can.  A donation doesn’t have to be monetary, you could even say a prayer or send some thoughtful vibes our way. We have a long and scary road ahead.

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