See the below video we have recently received as a cry for help. (see below) The wells are dry, there is no water,  the children are thirsty and dirty.  The reason they have no water is because the water table has shifted drying up their wells. Their only alternative is to pay for water to be delivered to these communities which is expensive.  Argentina do not have a welfare system or support structure for their native people like Australia does, this is why they need our help. 

The Saint Francis of Assisi Mission is nestled in the Puna region of far-north Argentina. The Mission provides much-needed support to approximately 20,000 desperately poor individuals and families, of which half are children under 15. The region is extremely remote and impoverished, leading to many generations of the population being uneducated and unemployed for decades. This situation has severely impacted the entire community – especially the children, who have been left vulnerable to child trafficking, prostitution, drug abuse, and domestic violence.

Friar Martin has 500 volunteers that help feed and educate over 3,000 children every day, as well as assisting parents with drug rehabilitation and finding them reliable and safe work. This one amazing man, equipped with vision, extraordinary resilience, and determination, is the driving force. Now, he needs our help.

Your support is crucial to our efforts to support the St Francis of Assisi Mission!

Let’s get together and make a difference!

My name is Cameron Crowell and I have a beard. I am at one with my beard. My beard and I have become close … so close that we go everywhere together. You call it facial hair. I call it awesomeness escaping through my face. If you think I am crying, I am not – I am just watering my beard. My beard has inspired many like it, has brought friends closer together, has been through good times and bad. My beard is not just a beard. It is me, and I am the beard. Without my beard, I am but a lion without a mane. Some men build a legacy; I chose to grow one.

And with your help, I’m going to shave it off.

My grandson Tyde has never seen what I look like without the beard. He’s never known his Pop Pop without it; quite honestly, I don’t know how many chins it is hiding. So, I am going to show him. What will his first reaction be?!

But you don’t just shave a beard like this off. Doing it right requires more than a mere Woollies disposable razor! I need something or someone) sharper than a lumberjack’s axe to get the job done. It requires, nay deserves, a more ceremonial parting of the ways than would be expected for mere facial fuzz. This is man’s best friend, the disguiser of ugliness, the essence of man. As such, it should be treated with dignity and respect.

That’s when, in a moment of beard-e-full thinking, it hit me. I could unite a group of friends, family, my Snaffle work colleagues, and some anonymous internet strangers and use the impending debearding to raise money for a charity in desperate need. So, I am raising money for kids in Argentina with little or no water or food, who really need our help.

Let’s get together and make a difference!

My goal is to raise $2,000. Through GoFundMe, you can donate directly to Franciscan Province of the Holy Spirit Australia – you’ll even get a receipt for your tax deductions. Please, donate what you can. Even a single dollar – yes, just one dollar – will help us change a kid’s life (and debeard my face). (Please include your email address if you require a receipt.)

The big shave takes place on Tuesday 3 August. We will up load the video to Facebook and Instagram as soon as the de-bearding has been executed!

Please show your support for me in this campaign. Together, we can help Friar Martin make a difference to the lives of children in great need.

















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