Buy a Veteran a Burger

That's right. Buy a Veteran a burger.

Your donation will feed our Veterans as we will honor their service to our country. Your donation will go first towards a memorial day BBQ/Picnic. They will celebrate this somber holiday with joy, while keeping in their hearts and minds the true meaning of this day. So let's feed a lot of Vets! As donations come in, we will continue to feed these vets throughout the year. 

Make you tax deductible donation. Be generous. These are OUR vets! If you arent comfortable donating online, you can visit John's Meat Market in Scotch Plains. They've been supporting this group of vets for years! If you go, pick up some great meat too!

People have asked "why update the goal?" We have updated the goal as we've increased the support for the Vets. The more we can donate, the more % of the effort we can take on. we can feed them.
The Mr. Local History Project 501c3 non-profit charity will pass 100% of your contribution directly to Johns Meat Market and the supporting vendors.
Special thanks to John's Meat Market who have been supporting these vets for over a decade.

John's Meat Market
389 Park Ave
Scotch Plains NJ 07076
Thank for supporting our veterans and God Bless America.