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Building Bridges, Changing Lives

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Our Story:

Once hidden in the depths of a humble basement, a beacon of faith emerged—a church that defied conventional beginnings and embraced the uncharted. With unwavering determination, our community gathered to worship, our spirits ignited by the flickering light of candles and an unyielding devotion. As the years unfolded, our numbers multiplied, and the church expanded its horizons, finding solace within the walls of a local storefront.

But the world had other plans, and an unforeseen enemy named COVID-19 cast a long shadow over our vibrant sanctuary. The church faced unprecedented challenges as the pandemic raged on, and eventually, the store-front doors closed, leaving a void in the hearts of its faithful congregation.

Yet, even in the face of adversity, hope persevered. Guided by the Holy Spirit, our unwavering faith in God and a steadfast belief in our purpose, our church sought a fresh start, a new chapter in a city known for its vibrant tapestry of cultures and beliefs. Albany, New York became our new home, a place where our resilience would be celebrated and our voices would find resonance.

In a bold move that mirrored our indomitable spirit, our church embarked on a unique endeavor—we found inspiration in an unexpected venue. A grand movie theater, once a portal to dreams and narratives, would now be transformed into a sanctuary where souls would be nourished and hearts would be uplifted. Amidst the lingering aroma of popcorn and the echoes of silver screens, God through our church would create a space where love and reverence would intertwine with art and storytelling.

As the marquee lights illuminate the night sky, our church's doors swung open, inviting both old and new believers to gather under the roof. The congregation, weathered but undeterred is rediscovering the joy of communal worship, finding solace in the harmonious melodies that resonate within the theater's hallowed walls.

Our church, CGM, born from the depths of a basement, transplanted from one community to another, continues to write our tale of faith, resilience, and unity. A testament to the unyielding power of faith in Christ Jesus, we stand as a beacon of hope, ready to embrace the future and illuminate the lives of those who seek solace within our embrace.

Why We Are Fundraising:

At CGM, we believe in the transformative power of faith in God through Jesus, and community. We have witnessed firsthand the profound impact a house of worship can have on individuals and the collective spirit of a city. That is why we are embarking on an ambitious fundraising campaign—to provide a home for worship and to revitalize the very essence of Albany, NY.

Imagine a space where barriers crumble, and everyone is welcomed with open arms. A place where the spirit of unity and growth thrives, untainted by cliques or divisions. This is our vision for Albany—a vibrant community, bound together by the shared values of love, compassion, and a desire for spiritual connection. By supporting our fundraising efforts, you become an architect of this vision, helping us shape a brighter future for all.

We started from humble beginnings, understanding the challenges of being just one fish in a large congregation. But we have grown, and with your generous contributions, we aim to create a genuine family within our church and ministry—a place where every individual feels seen, heard, and valued. Together, we can cultivate a community that fosters personal growth, celebrates diversity, and embraces the unique journeys of each member.

Your Impact:

Your donations will be truly impactful. They will enable us to keep the doors of our house of worship open, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life have access to a spiritual haven. We believe that a place of worship should be a sanctuary for all, a refuge where hearts find solace and souls find renewal.

But the impact doesn't end within our walls. With your support, we can continue organizing and hosting meaningful community events. Last year alone, we provided nourishing meals to nearly 200 families during Thanksgiving and Christmas, spreading warmth and joy during challenging times. Through your contributions, we can extend our reach, making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Our commitment to making a global impact is unwavering. By funding our ministry, you enable us to donate essential resources, including Bibles and school supplies, to communities in need across the globe. Together, we can empower individuals, foster education, and uplift communities far beyond our own borders.

However, our journey doesn't end here. We dream of expanding our reach, of acquiring a dedicated building that will serve as a beacon of hope and a testament to the strength of our community. Your support brings us one step closer to turning this dream into reality—a place that will anchor our mission and provide an enduring legacy of faith, compassion, and service.

Join us in our mission to build bridges, change lives, and revitalize the spirit of Albany, NY. Your contribution will not only shape our community but leave a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals, near and far. Together, let's create a space where the love of Christ, spiritual growth, and genuine connection thrive—at a centrally located house of worship (Regal Crossgates, Theater 3) that welcomes all, with no barriers, no divisions, and endless room for transformation.

For more about our service times, who we are, and what we believe, please visit our website !
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Give $20 and be a founding donor

Your donation is the start of the journey to success for Cynthia Garris Ministries Inc. Your early support inspires others to donate.

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