Bring Ukrainian refugees the joy of board games

1000 Ukrainian retail copies of Hidden Leaders are stranded in China. Ukrainian ports are blocked and the warehouse of our partner in occupied Melitopol is not operational. Can you help us to get the games to Europe and distribute them to Ukrainian refugees for free?

What is Hidden Leaders? - a quick and light card game

We from BFF games have brought Hidden Leaders to Kickstarter last year and thanks to more than 12.000 backers it is currently being delivered in 13 languages. The game is a light and short game that plays well from 2-6 players. More about the game .

What is the situation? - Ukrainian games cannot be imported

Our Ukrainian partner Geekach Games  produced 1000 Ukrainian retail games in addition to the games of the Kickstarter backers. While we have been in contact with many backers and updated their delivery address in case of displacement, Geekach can at the moment not import or distribute the retail games in the Ukraine because their main warehouse in the occupied city of Melitopol is blocked and the Ukrainian ports are as well.

What do we want to do? - get the finished games to Europe and give them to refugees

The 1000 retail games are fully produced and still waiting in the factory in China. No one can say when they can be transported or sold in the Ukraine again. We would love to bring these games to Europe and to distribute it for free to refugees in Germany, Austria, Poland, France and many other countries. With your help we want to cover the costs to get the games to Europe and compensate Geekach so that they can continue bringing many amazing games to the Ukraine and maybe do another print run in more peaceful times.

Why Hidden Leaders? - a great travel companion

Hidden Leaders is a compact game that’s not a burden when changing locations. A high variability in player count from 2-6 players allows flexible groups to play the game. The game is strategic and yet easy to learn even for beginners. Finally the game features more than 80 unique heroes with humorous names that certainly will make people smile, especially when they can play a game in their first language. Overall, we are confident that this game is a great companion even when on the move and can be a source of joy especially in these worrisome times.

What is the timeline? - 6 to 8 weeks

As soon as we hit the funding goal, our experienced logistics partners will start shipping the games from China. Ruling in some COVID delays in China the games should arrive in Europe in 6 to 8 weeks.

What happens with the money? - bring joy to refugees and support a Ukrainian publisher

We need 2000€ to cover the basic shipping costs. For each 20€ above that we will buy one copy of the game from Geekach up to a total of the 1.000 already printed games. These games will be transported to Europe and distributed to refugees and charitable institutions for free. In case that the donations exceed the number of available games, remaining donations will go to help programs for Ukrainian refugees such as the UNHCR .

Update: 20.05.2022: We changed the goal from the maximum amount (1000 games x 20€ each) to the minimum viable amount (2000€ shipping + donating 150 games = 5000€)
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    • €30 
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  • Marek Hlaváček 
    • €20 
    • 16 d
  • Anonymous 
    • €20 
    • 17 d
  • Hidden Leaders Event Vienna Paradice Bar 
    • €45 
    • 20 d
  • Taisiya Reznichenko 
    • €20 
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