Bring Love Peace Harmony to Romania

The Dream: Bring a Master Sha Tao Chang to Romania

Tao Chang means Source Healing Field. To learn more about Master Sha Tao Chang Centres (currently only 8 in the world), please visit 

We are honoured to be Soul Wellness Teachers and Practitioners certified by world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer and humanitarian, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha and his Tao Academy.

As we and our ancestors come from Romania, one of our greatest wishes is to bring this greatest Source Healing Field, treasures and wellness centre to the people of Romania. 

Master Sha has touched hundreds of thousands, and actually millions, of lives with profound ancient and new Tao soul wisdom and practical techniques for self-healing and transformation of every aspect of life.

We are honoured to share this wisdom of self-empowerment with as many people as possible.
We are honoured to offer soul blessing services to as many people, animals and more as possible.

The first step for the Dream to manifest is for us (and other Soul Wellness Teachers) to be able to travel from Canada to Romania to teach and offer soul wellness services to Romanians in person. 

So far, 3 personally funded trips have been very successful with very little resources and preparation. Our very first Love Peace Harmony introductory class was organized within 48 hours of the event itself with 11 participants in attendance at an independent book store in June 2017. This event had no formal promotion - only word of mouth. We extend a very special thanks to Maria Constantinescu and our grandmother/mother-in-law, Letitia Badoi, for their unconditional support and efforts.

A Spontaneous Photo of Our First Love Peace Harmony Introductory Class in Bucharest, Romania - June 8, 2017

This first trip of only a week was just the beginning. In November 2017, we returned to Bucharest for 3 weeks. Over the course of six 2-4 hour free events (with optional love offering), over 50 unique people were delighted to receive Master Sha's Tao soul wisdom teachings, practical techniques and blessings.
We had to be moved into the hallway of our venue, but that did not stop anyone from keenly learning and receiving with open hearts!

Our long awaited third trip took place in June 2019. With the great help of our lovely Carmen, Dragos and Ileana, 16 participants joined us for a powerful 4-hour free class at a delightful teahouse.

We are currently a small but mighty and growing core team of 12 amazing people (3 teachers, 3 healers, 5 students & 1 grandmother) who wish to bring Love, Peace and Harmony as well as the profound Tao soul wisdom, practical techniques and blessings Master Sha has brought to the world, to Romanians worldwide, starting with Romania's capital city, Bucharest.

With more support, both financially and with volunteer work, we know we will be extremely successful!

(We hope to make the next trip happen June 2020!)

Romanians are kind, intelligent, hard-working people who care about the world. Mostly Christian with a deep reverence for God and Heaven, Romanians understand the profound universal truth and light that Master Sha is bringing to everyone. 

Also, like many cultures and people around the world, Romanians have endured a painful history.
We believe it's time to bring deep healing, transformation, love, forgiveness, peace and harmony to Romanians through everything Master Sha has brought to the world. 

A universal goal of bringing world love, peace and harmony starts at home. 
For us, Romania is one of our homes. 

Thank you from our entire hearts and souls for your support, in whatever form it may be.

Your service does not go unnoticed by the Universe. 

Any contribution - including sharing this campaign! - is deeply, deeply appreciated, and will be helping to make a huge impact in more people's lives than you might imagine. 

We welcome private donations via e-transfer or mailed cheque in order to eliminate transaction fees, especially for larger amounts. Please use [email redacted] to connect with us.

As a heartfelt thank you for your support, please see the gifts we are honoured to offer for your generous contributions.

All Contributions, including Sharing this Campaign: Our Deepest Love and Gratitude
Contributions of $100 or more: Tao Hands Blessing
Contributions of $250 or more: Tao Hands Blessing x 3
Contributions of $500 or more: Soul Wellness Practitioner Blessing
Contributions of $1000 or more: Tao Song Tao Dance Practitioner Blessing
Contributions of $2500 or more: Tao Song Singer Blessing
Contributions of $5000 or more: Guan Yin Lineage Blessing
Contributions of $10,000 or more: Tao Star Light Blessing
Contributions of $25,000 or more: Master Sha Original Tao Calligraphy Ling Guang Pu Zhao (Shining Soul Light) Tracing Blessing
Contributions of $50,000 or more: Master Sha Original Tao Calligraphy Da Ai (Greatest Love) Tracing Blessing
Contributions of $100,000 or more: Combination Special Blessing

These are blessings and services we offer as Soul Wellness Practitioners, among other certifications we are honoured to have received from Master Sha and his Tao Academy.

Please know these are not small gifts.
They are most sincerely offered through us, not from us.

Honour fees from our Soul Wellness and Life Transformation Services offered through  go towards continuing to support our service as a Soul Wellness Teachers and Practitioners, including expanding our service in Romania and worldwide. 

All proceeds from this campaign here, however, will specifically go towards making the Dream for Romania a reality as soon as possible. 

This includes:

1. Basic living expenses in Bucharest during each organized trip
(A huge thank you to our grandparents/parents-in-law for hosting us!)

1.5. Until one of us is able to replace our current day-job (small) income with our Soul Wellness Services through Open Heart and Soul, we will humbly need support to take unpaid time off in order to serve on each trip.

2. Basic travel expenses between Toronto, Canada & Bucharest, Romania. (We deeply appreciate economy flights with layovers!)

3. Event organization expenses including rental space to start, promotion, educational materials (books, handouts, flipcharts, etc.), etc.

4. As soon as practically possible, we will purchase a commercial space in Bucharest's city centre.

5. The long term goal is to purchase a larger property and open a Love Peace Harmony Centre, also in Bucharest's city centre. 

Once this Centre will serve many people well, we sincerely wish to have the honour and blessing to receive a Master Sha Tao Chang!

We wish to move fast. The initial funding goal is only for the beginning steps; we will increase it as we make more progress.

6. Honouring for priceless Tao Soul Treasures offered through Master Sha to further serve Romania and Romanians worldwide.

This may include Original Master Sha Tao Source Calligraphies, as well as other empowerments so that we and our team can serve better and better.

We will let you know specifically which treasures your contributions helped to honour!

7. Essential: 25% of all proceeds will go towards honouring Heaven in a very special way (known as Yuan Bao ceremony) in order to return some of the huge virtue that has been and continues to be given through all the Tao Soul Wellness Services offered to Romanians, as well as the gifts to all campaign supporters.

This is an ongoing necessity in order for all the Tao Soul Wellness Services to continue to offer the extraordinary results they have been offering thus far. This is key spiritual wisdom.

This is especially important since so much service in Romania will be given so freely and generously.

We wish to be as transparent as possible with where your generous contributions will serve, therefore, we will provide updates as we reach and accomplish new milestones.

Our successes are your successes!

You are a key member of our Love Peace Harmony Family, and on behalf of everyone you have or are going to support with your contribution, whether monetary, in time, other resources, or simply by sharing this campaign, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
With all our hearts and souls, we thank you most sincerely!

With Greatest Love and Gratitude,

Ioana & Carmen Badoi

Honoured to serve together with our Team 

Left to right: Adina, Ioana & Carmen Singing Love, Peace and Harmony in Romanian with Tao Chang Tao Calligraphies in the Background. Toronto, Canada - March 2018

Left to right: Ileana, Magda, Carmen C., Ioana, Carmen B. & Adina enjoying a snack together at Master Sha Tao Centre Toronto, Canada - August 2019
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