Braxton's Spinal Operation

Braxton Schumann needs PSF T6-L3-4 spine correction surgery.

My son Braxton has Arthrodesis spinal deformity, which actually cannot be cured...only surgery can fix his spine at this point. He wore a back brace for over a year hoping that would correct his spine enough to avoid an operation, but it only progressed further. He has a curve that is currently 46°and twist 45° the other way forming an S in his spinal cord. This will continue to progress as he finishes growing. This curve is causing a multitude of problems in his body. His spine actually twists and rotates his ribs, hips, & causes much pain. This can cause problems with your internal organs. He is currently 13 years old. This affects everything he does on a daily basis... he can't do sports, or many things other kids take for granted daily.  He has problems sitting, standing, playing, even his sleep is difficult due to pain. His right shoulder is higher then the other, his left ribcage is protruding out.
His body is twisting more and more everyday he progresses. The longer we wait for surgery, the more he will twist. The standard treatment at this level has always been spinal fusion, requiring metal rods be placed along his spine with screws at 10-11 levels. Recovery for that is 3 months before going back to school, but will actually be completely healed after 1 1/2 years. It has been linked to a lot of long term complications as a spine is never meant to be fused straight. There is a huge amount of blood loss involved so they will recycle as much of his own blood as possible, he will have a huge scar down his back, but this will correct his now very stiff curved spine to 99% normal. He will spend five days in the hospital. We do have medical insurance, but the surgeon is in MN, and we live in WI.
We have expenses that were not planned. We hoped the brace would work (the brace alone was thousands of dollars to have it specifically tailored for his spine), so this operation was not expected.
He will be at the University of MN Masonic Childrens Hospital. I have heard good things about Dr. Polly, and he has no bad reviews. (Please let me know if you know something i don't.) He seems very capable, and not only has he done hundreds of these operations. He also teaches them at the University of MN. Im not sure what won't be covered, or what 3 months of home health care will cost. They told us to have a $10,000 cushion for everything else. Even if our insurance picks up more, they bill them $150,000 and anything extra goes back  to the surgeons. We are commited to anything not covered. This is happening September 18, 2017. We'll have missed work, travel to hotel rooms due to hospital being in a neighbor state, food and all that entails. We have already had a financial strain trying non surgical methods first. This all has happened in the last year and a half. No one could prepare enough for this. Please help us if you can. I've never asked for money from anyone ever in my life, but this is my child and I have to...we have no choice. He needs this surgery now. 

Thanks for taking the time to read his story, and any amount, no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. If your not able to help, can you please share this page.

~`We will be sharing updates of this journey'~

This photo is what his spine looked like at his last appointment July 12, 2017

This is a side by side of his spine between the last two appointments.

Braxton has wore a back brace for the last year hoping that would correct his spine but it's only gotten worse.

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