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My name is Kevin Blair Bowie. I’ve been without a job since February 2016. My family, Wife Jeannette, daughters Alenya (8 years old) and Callie (18 months old) have not had a source of income since August 2016. We lost out home of 12 years to foreclosure, October 2017. Our HOA foreclosed on our home, not our lender. My family currently reside in a 25 foot RV, The State of Texas considers us “homeless”. We’ve had to make several repairs to the RV to make it livable. Friends, family, churches and other organizations have paid our lot rent and utilities for us. Again, we have no source of income. My family is in dire need!

May I start from the beginning?

April 2012, I’m entering my 8th year with my employer, NCR. Our daughter Alenya is 2½ years old. We have a mortgage on a nice 4-2-2 house, 2 cars, 401k, savings, you know living the American dream, right?

Oh, I almost forgot, April 10th is our wedding anniversary. We didn’t celebrate our 14th year anniversary.

April 2012, my sister Desni Bowie-Green died. The day of her funeral, my wife Jeannette gets a phone call, ovarian cancer has been diagnosed. Let me tell you, Jeannette is one tough…let’s just say she has brass ovaries. Like the soldier she is, she battled and beat ovarian cancer. Jeannette has been in remission since August 2015.

From 2012 to 2015, we exhausted all of my 401k and our savings. We used those assets to purchase medication that wasn’t covered by insurance for Jeannette. We had to choose between paying our mortgage or purchasing medication. The medication was purchased, and we would do it again.

February 2016, my employer of now 12 years NCR eliminates my position in America and gives it someone in Cebu, Philippines. I received a severance package, and was wished well on my future endeavors.

March 2016, I starting to get ill. It had all the signs of being allergies. I went through the hundreds of pins/needles boards pricked into my back to determine exactly what I was allergic to. From there a special shot was formulated for me to handle this “allergy” flare up. My issue was not allergies. By April 2016 a very large cyst developed on my back. It was lanced and drained by late April 2016.

June 2016, I’m starting to have issues with my eyes. They are watering and I’m only getting relief by sitting in front of a fan with my eyes wide open. I’m starting to sleep 12, 18, 24, even 36 hours at a time. Only getting up to use the bathroom or eat.

Our second daughter, Callie Desni Bowie was born August 9, 2016. At this time, I have no source of income.

My sickness worsens, I land in the hospital mid-September 2016. I spent two weeks in a clean room environment in the hospital. Below are my diagnoses as of February 1, 2018:


Congenital anomaly of eye

Candida infection

Positive ANA (antinuclear antibody)

Maxillary sinus mass

Sinus pain

Dental cavities

Chronic maxillary sinusitis

Corneal ulcer of both eyes

High risk medication use

Vitamin D deficiency

Inflammation of sweat glands

Mood disorder due to medical condition

Mood problem

Anxiety problem

High blood pressure


My family is in dire need! Please help us,

Kevin Blair Bowie
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Kevin Bowie 
Crowley, TX