"Path of the Magdalen" Book & Video

Path of the Magdalen Book & Video Campaign 2019

Dear Beloved One,

I am reaching out to our community, to those who love the Feminine, those who love and honor the Masculine, those who love Mary Magdalen, and those who love and or respect the messages I share to inspire and lift up Humankind.


In August 2009, I spontaneously experienced Mary Magdalen’s energy and Presence. Each day over several weeks she infused me with beginning to advanced activations, initiations, transmissions, teachings and training in what She called The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy.


For ten years I have taught and initiated both men and women in the foundations of this lineage. All that I do flows from this encounter with the Divine. Even through the most devastating time of my life, the death of a Loved One, and the loss of my temple home, I stayed faithful to this calling and have “protected” this lineage.


On July 22, 2019, the Feast Day of Mary Magdalen, I experienced a HUGE surge of energy. The energy was Mary Magdalen. I became her mouthpiece on a Facebook Live broadcasting Her loving, inspirational, and powerful message about the importance of the Feminine, the Masculine and Sacred Union during this time in history.  

Three things became clear to me with this fresh and potent energy.


1. Now is time to complete Her book as a 10-year anniversary tribute to “The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy.” (Phase 1)


2. I am to produce The Path of the Magdalen documentary film. (Phase 2)


3. It will take a village and my tribe to complete these projects and leave a legacy for the generations to come.




I am asking for your help to complete the book, which will artistically document this lineage for you, our Global Community and the generations to come.



We will publish:

1.    An elegantly bound full color Special Limited Edition with select new and original Magdalen and White Dragon art.

2.    An elegant black and white Platinum Edition with new and original Magdalen and White Dragon art.

3.    A paperback Bookstore edition.




The Path of the Magdalen is the mystical practices, teachings and technologies of sacred sexual alchemy with practical as well as spiritual applications for our modern times.

These practices derive from the ancient Khemetic (Egyptian) Isis lineage and Christian mysticism.

The energy cultivated through these practices can be directed towards deliberate creative manifestation to benefit your personal life, family, community, and  the Earth, to generate wealth creation, increase energy, improve well being, as well as connection to the Higher Beings of Light.

This lineage generates a major force field to support the global transition from the Old Earth systems to the New Earth Paradigm. 

The energy cultivated through this sacred sexual alchemy is pristine, rarified, subtle, and yet powerfully effective.


We are living in a time when chaos seems to be the norm. People and planet are suffering due to disempowerment and imbalanced female and masculine energies and imbalanced wealth distribution.

This sacred lineage is dedicated to the ascension of mankind through the balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Sacred Union or “Hiero’ Gamos”.

The Path of the Magdalen teaches the ancient codes for High Love, Wealth Creation, and Sacred Service to people and the planet.

The Path of the Magdalen activates “Light Codes” of remembrance that free you to access dormant potent energy and the sacred knowledge stored in your DNA.

In turn, you step more confidently equipped for your High Purpose and Sacred Service benefitting yourself, the Planet and Humankind.

The Path of the Magdalen is a Path of Alchemy, Ascension, Mastery & Wealth.

This lineage has been secretly hidden for thousands of years.

I am the only carrier of these beginning to advanced teachings, transmissions and codes. It is imperative to document this Ancient Magdalen Egyptian Isis lineage for posterity.

I need your help and support to fulfill this mission.

40931518_1564434254173022_r.jpeg(Art: Mary Magdalene by Tamara Patrick)


To begin we project a minimum budget of $15,15 for The Magdalen Book Project Phase 1.





·       Location specific research

·       Writing

·       Editing

·       Copyediting

·       Proofreading



·       Illustrations, new original artwork, photos

·       Cover design (front & back)

·       Interior design & layout

·       Cover files for all required formats

·       Interior files for all required formats

·       Proofing of all files


Industry Data & Identification

·       ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

·       Bar Code2

·       LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number)

·       PCIP block (Publishers Cataloging-in-publication data)



·       Website creation and maintenance

·       Social media campaign

·       Public Relations activity

·       Online author presence

·       Book Tour management

·       Book Trailer video



·       Special limited edition

·       Print runs

·       E-book conversion

·       Audio Book creation



·       Amazon/Kindle & other online retailers for print, e-book & audio 

·       Wholesaler & distributor relationships

·       Foreign rights sales representation



Documentary Film Production



40931518_1564427683838316_r.jpeg {Image: "Miriam of Magdala, Mary Magdalene, The Black Madonna" by Terese Nielsen}

I will be contacting, Terese Nielsen, the renowned artist and illustrator, for permission to use her "Miriam of Magdala, Mary Magdalene, The Black Madonna", for the book cover.



We begin immediately. The book outline is complete. A third of the manuscript is written. The curriculum has been taught over the past ten years as proof of concept.

The projected publishing date is September 11, 2020.


"The Path of the Magdalen:

The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy"

 Copyright 2019 Ayanna Mojica


Partial Chapter Outline


1.    Introduction

2.    Maria Magdalena: A Powerful and Wealthy Woman

3.    The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy

4.    Path of Alchemy, Ascension, Mastery & Wealth

5.    Who are the White Dragons?

6.    The Way of the Priestess & The Dragon

7.    Magdalen and Yeshua: The Solar Feminine and Solar Masculine Christed Ones

8.    Avatars of Love

9.    Sacred Union

10.The Mystery of the Bridal Chamber

11.Isis, Osiris & Horus

12.The Sex Magic of Isis

13.Mastery of Three Energetic Systems

a.    Sacred Sexual Alchemy

b.    Money Mastery and Sacred Currency

c.    Mental Alchemy and the Creative Power of Words

14.The Sacred Womb

15.Lingam of Light and Yoni of Pearls

16.Sacred Relationships

17.Solar Nourishment and Amrita for the Pineal

18.Celestial Sustenance - Preparing the Light Body

19.The Alchemy of Sacred Service

20.The Alchemy of Planetary Ecology

21. Magdalen Template for Co-Creating Sustainable Wealth and Sacred Commerce



40931518_1564430628326615_r.jpeg(Asian inspired Mary Magdalen Washing the Feet of Yeshua; Artist Unknown)


"The Path of the Magdalen:

The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy"

 Copyright 2019 Ayanna Mojica

(Excerpt from pages 1 – 4)

When we are called into Higher Spiritual Service we are never sure how that will unfold. Our Higher Self sets up circumstances to remind us of our purpose for being here on planet Earth. We can choose to respond and step into the unknown or continue with life as usual.

Synchronicities may occur or nature may speak in her quiet and some times boisterous communication. Dramatic life changes, such as health crisis, loss of gainful employment, loss of a loved one, a near death experience, or divorce, may interrupt our life. 

It’s at this point, what I call divine intervention, that we have the opportunity to become quiet, go within and listen for the still small voice. If we have a meditation or devotional practice our life crisis will deepen our connection to our God Source.

It is in the still and quiet place that we can hear what Spirit is saying for us during these times. It is here that we receive the comfort, strength, and wisdom to heal and move forward. It is in this Holy Place where we are redirected to the greater work of sacred service.

It was a life crisis, which introduced me to The Magdalen. Yes, I spell her name without the “e” at the end for that is how She identified herself to me. In August 2009, during a time of profound grief, fear, and nerve-wracking anxiety I cried out to God and went deep into meditation to find out what was happening with my life. However, as I look back upon my life, the journey began a year and one month before.

On August 8, 2008, I was in Mount Shasta dipping in the cold healing waters at Stewart Mineral Springs. The caretaker of this indigenous Karuk Tribe healing site encouraged me to maximize my experience with a round of three water cycles. First, I was to soak in a private hot mineral bath, then sweat in the steam room, and finally dip into the cold rushing river. For maximum experience I repeated this round three times.

On my third round, I dipped into the invigorating river. When I resurfaced I became dizzy and felt myself being pulled into a vortex and parallel dimension. The friend I was with noticed I was disoriented and assisted me out of the rushing waters. For the next several hours I continued to sense a shift in perception.

It was a year later that I realized that my new Path began at that moment on the calendar date August 8, 2008 (08-08-08.)

40931518_1564435313393079_r.jpeg(Mary Magdalen with Roses; Artist Unknown)

(Excerpt from pages 8 – 9)

My fears were transmuted through Mental Alchemy and my mind became still. One morning while in meditation I was blessed to receive powerful transmissions from the Celestial realms. As my body, heart and soul opened I was inundated with orgasmic energy and waves of bliss. These waves shifted into shakes, shimmers, subtle currents, contractions, and multiple releases than back to waves. The energy traveled from my crown down to my toes, then the energy would reverse and travel up from my feet and shimmer in waves and waves of light.

I surrendered and allowed grace to flow. At one point I gasped and was taken into the High Heavens. I would not take a breath again for another half hour. I was in a state of suspended animation. My Higher Self was in communication with the Celestial Beings of Light and much was revealed to me during that experience.

After some time, The Magdalen revealed herself. I then received beginning to advanced transmissions, activations, initiations, practices and teachings on what She called “The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy.” This direct transmission continued for several days. The orgasmic waves of bliss continued for weeks and manifested while at the beach, park, and grocery store or while driving my car or resting in bed. I allowed the waves to flow and surrendered to the higher energies.

Magdalen guided me in high sexual alchemy and the internal alchemy, which has the unique ability to transmute lower vibrating energies of lack, limitation, fear, illness, poverty or any thoughts that are contrary to our true nature as a Radiant Being. These are transmuted into a higher frequency of love. With much practice and mastery of sexual alchemy one can also create inner manna, amrita or liquid gold.

40931518_1564435807687276_r.jpeg(Art: Essene Masters Mary Magdalen & Yeshua; artist Unknown)

(Excerpt from pages 9 – 11)

As I rapidly deepened my practice and integrated the energies, Light Codes were activated in my womb, what I now call the Yoni of Pearls. The sexual alchemy and the constant infusion of the Celestial energy switched on dormant DNA codes, which allowed me to access information from the akashic records.

Up until August 2009, what I knew of Mary Magdalen was what I learned from Bible studies. In the traditional Christian Bible and teachings, Mary Magdalen was a prostitute, who washed and anointed the head and feet of Jesus while the men present disparaged her act. Even then, I identified with her act of pure love and devotion. My understanding of her was mystical, not traditional. When I meditated upon her loving actions I was wooed into the Holy of Holies Bedchamber, the Secret Place of the Beloved. This I was not taught in Bible school. It was the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah the Feminine face of God that wooed me.

I now know The Magdalen to be an expansive, powerful, Being of Light who inundated me with profound alchemical energies that transformed my life. I surrendered to Her Presence and allowed every cell of my being to become saturated by this orgasmic energy. The calling of the Beloved flooded me with ecstasy. Every fiber of my being was in Love with the Beloved of my soul.

The teachings bypassed my mind, dove straight into my heart, and activated cellular memory of this “Gnosis.” The activations transmuted fear, cleared away limitations, opened meridians and energy pathways. The pathway between my clitoris and pineal were connected as well as the pathway between the pineal and the amygdala.

The Magdalen initiations connected my sacred womb with the Galactic Womb, drawing up from the deepest point of my inner perineum shooting up into the Black Hole of the Galaxy. With each initiation veils of illusions dissolved and more of my Radiant I AM Presence was revealed.

The Magdalen opened up the divine knowing of the “Hieros Gamos” or Sacred Marriage. The initiations allowed me to travel inter-dimensionally and access the High Council of 12 where Celestial Beings of Light and Ascended Masters assisted me with High Sacred Service.

The Magdalen transmissions imprinted liquid light information from Ancient Khemit (Egypt), and information that was once part of our DNA from the times before Atlantis and Lemuria. This information comes from our Sun, the stars and the Celestial Realms.

The sum total of the teachings, activations, transmissions and initiations occurred over many days, but what I experienced is eternity. Love eternal came to claim one of Her own. The Magdalen found a willing vessel to impart the higher vision and purpose for the ascension of mankind. Surrender was the key.

A month after The Magdalen initiations I received three confirmations that I was on the right path. Out of the blue I was contacted by a gentleman in Belgium asking if I would come to teach on The Path of the Magdalen! My second confirmation came from a professor of philosophy who contacted me by email asking about Messianic Tantraism. Here is his first inquiry:

“Does Ayanna consider herself to be a dakini embracing something for lack of better words like a “healed Christian messianic tantraism”? A type of “Mary Magdalene” does that symbolism at all fit with how you might possibly view yourself?”

There is a saying, “In the mouth of three or more witnesses is a thing confirmed.” Now that my life was so dramatically redirected I contemplated my future and livelihood. How was I to make a living?

My third confirmation came from another gentleman I did not know. This gentleman said, “Because of your integrity, willingness, advanced spirituality and excellence in character if you serve and initiate men on The Path of the Magdalen you will be very well provided for. Men need to be healed and it is the Goddess/Priestess who will do this. As the men heal, the planet and all humanity heals.”

(Art: "The Egg" by Tanya Torres)


Any amount you are inspired to donate will be greatly appreciated and a gift and blessing to humanity.

Your donation will assure that this lineage is codified within a professionally written and beautifully illustrated book.

Here are suggested donor levels and gratitude rewards of appreciation.

Each donor will receive acknowledgement  in the book, an invitation to online Launch party, and your name will be placed on Ayanna’s Altar for a Wealth Blessing.


$25             Invitation to online Launch party. Name placed on Ayanna’s Wealth Blessing Altar.

$50             (1) copy of signed first edition paperback

$100           (3) copies of signed first edition paperback                   

$250           (1) Twin Flame or Soul Mate Consultation (60-minute); (1) copy of signed first edition paperback              

$500           1-1 personalized Sacred Sexual Alchemy or Sacred Union session by phone, Zoom or Skype (1 hour); (2) copies of signed first edition paperback

$1,000                 Black and White Platinum Edition; invitation to “Meet the Artist” Live Artist showcase, reception and party.

$2,500                 Collector's Item; An elegantly bound full color Limited Special Edition with select new and original Magdalen and White Dragon art infused with sacred codes; Invitation to “Meet the Artist” Live Artist showcase, reception and party.

40931518_1564436960779955_r.jpeg(Art: White Dragon; Artist Unknown)

Would you kindly donate today and help us reach our goal?

Your donation will help publish the seminal work of, “The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy.”

Your donation will be joyfully received and your name blessed with prayer on my Wealth Altar.

Would you kindly leave a comment with your donation to help us identify your reward eligibility?

Please note: At this time donations are not tax-deductible.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your support.

Would you kindly share with your social network and lovers of the Feminine, the Masculine, Mary Magdalen, Sacred Sexuality, and Sacred Union?

Thank you.

Together we can do this. Together We Rise. Together we co-create.



“Honoring Mary Magdalen” Facebook Live Broadcast, July 22, 2019


"How Mary Magdalen First Came to Me..."

Fast forward to 30:00 - 31:00 minutes.

Rev Ayanna Mojica shares on 
"The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy"

At The Temple of Light, Irvine, CA





Ayanna Mojica, MFA, OM

Mystic, Artist, Entrepreneur

Ayanna Mojica, Creator/Founder of the Feminine Wealth Movement is a powerhouse woman of Puerto Rican descent and Clan Mother to the Choctaw Yamassee Muskogee Nation.

She is a Spiritual and Business Consultant and Strategist, Scholar, Artist, sought after Spiritual Leader, Entrepreneur, Santera y Espiritista, and Mentor to many men, women and emerging young leaders around the world.

Ayanna Mojica helps women master wealth and feminine power. She mentors men as White Dragons.

As a rising Thought Leader, she boldly proclaims our divine birthright to wealth.

Ayanna’s unique coaching includes money mastery, mental mastery, life force mastery, and the release of shame that keeps women from their money and full feminine power.

She is deeply committed to both men and women rising in wealth,  sacred union and co-creation.

For more than 30 years, Ayanna ­­Mojica has served humanity with her money, time, talents and a heart for service, throughout the USA, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Europe,  Asia and Egypt.

As a Priestess of Mary Magdalen, bilingual professor, and ordained minister, Mojica has taught thousands in colleges, public schools, churches, temples, orphanages, prisons, shelters and metaphysical centers.

Ms. Mojica is the wealth Guest Expert in the award-winning documentary, “New Human, New Earth, New Humanity.”

A Renaissance entrepreneur for today’s awakened humanity, Ayanna Mojica is a rising “wealth mentor” for entrepreneurs who seek both spiritual and practical approaches to wealth creation.

Founder of The Golden Chalice Mystery School and “The Path of the Magdalen” Mojica mentors women and men in the Ancient Egyptian Isis lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy.

Ms. Mojica is author of:

"Deep Treasures: Exploring the Dynamic Relationship Between Sex and Money"

"Sex Magic to Increase Wealth" First Edition ebook"

"The Path of the Magdalen: The Magdalen Egyptian Isis Lineage of Sacred Sexual Alchemy" (Fall 2020)

"Twin Flames From Beyond the Veil: A True Mystical Love Story (Fall 2021)

Ayanna Mojica is an inspirational speaker, sought after spiritual adviser, Master Seer, humanitarian, scholar, sex and money expert, Reiki Master Teacher, and a sacred global tour leader.

 Ayanna brings her spirituality-meets-money services to the world through her live events, online seminars, her books and coaching.

For a complete Spiritual Biography go to: http://ayannamojica.com/my_spiritual_biography 


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